• This is totally none of our business, but Matt Saracen got IRL married in December and Landry was there and it was insanely beautiful. I love this wedding! I can’t wait until time machines are built and allow you to go to whatever past weddings you want to! -JonasPeterson
  • Vulture spoke with Dr. Donna Nelson, Breaking Bad‘s science advisor, about her role in crafting Walt’s science-speak. It’s neat. The show is coming back so soon! -Vulture
  • Beyonce was in an Austin Powers movie one time, so that means that technically we can talk about THIS HAIRCUT. -Dlisted
  • Amber Tamblyn is going to play the role of Charlie Harper’s lesbian daughter on Two and a Half Men. Just FYI! -Deadline
  • “Selections from my Breaking Bad fan fiction.” -ShoutsAndMurmurs
  • Jemima Kirke reportedly was ejected from the set of Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” music video for being too “Picasso crazy.” Ahahha. LOL. -Gawker
  • Here’s a peek at The Birthday Boys, a sketch show coming (by way of Bob Odenkirk) to IFC this fall. -IFC
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  1. There’s nothing that puts a smile on my face like photos of beautiful drunk people dancing at a classy wedding.

  2. Kelly! This is not links-related but I am home sick from work and watching the awful final season of Gilmore Girls and I had TOTALLY forgotten that Logan proposes to Rory in public and she rejects him. It is the one beautiful shining moment in a sea of garbage.

  3. Links-related: Beyonce’s hair is so beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Matt Saracen’s wedding!

  4. How does Todd find the time for wedding gigs when he has to cook all that meth?

  5. Anybody notice in the wedding photos the photo of the dove with the red mark on it? Like did they release a dove and then shoot it? Did a fox get at it?

  6. Wow, looks like there’s more to weddings than free cake samples. Beautiful photos.

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