• This is a beautiful collection of “Fake Criterion Covers” which I originally thought would be Criterion-style covers for movies like The Love Guru, but is instead just Criterion-style covers for normal good movies. I won’t say whether or not I was disappointed! -Film
  • Fox just bought a single-camera comedy from Ken Marino and his wife/writing partner Erica Oyama, in which Ken Marino will star, about the husband and wife owners of Dogfish Head Brewery. Ooh! -Deadline
  • In response to losing almost $200 million dollars on The Lone Ranger, Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger said that the company plans to look over and re-think its tentpole strateg– oh, wait, what? They’re just going to keep doing exactly the same kind of thing? Oh nvmd. -FilmDrunk
  • Marvel President Kevin Feige says that Marvel has movies planned through, basically, the next 1000 years. -/Film
  • Here is a supercut of a bunch of t-shirts from movies. You logged on today! You asked for this! -FoundItemClothing
  • And, finally, here is Tara Reid on the Discover Channel’s late-night live Shark Week talk show Shark After Dark. She, um, ahhhh. Well, she did some research before the show and she explains the research she did, if that gives you an idea. -Dlisted
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  1. Guys! Guess what!!! Marky Mark* explained what happened with The Lone Ranger! Be aware: he did not ACTUALLY say the phrase “If I had been in The Lone Ranger, it wouldn’ta gone down like that” but he did explain that no one wants to see a dumb horse movie! Pretty insightful, actually.

    *Mark Wahlberg

  2. http://www.boston.com/news/local/connecticut/2013/08/07/minor-league-team-acknowledges-proposal-was-fake/jr3yfTRyazvzCChQ5hu2bI/story.html

    Boston.com confirmed that the proposal vid from yesterday was fake BUT the best part of the link is their marketing person sounding like a caricature of a marketing person:

    ‘We worked with two of our staff on the skit and executed a digital strategy to set the video on a viral path.”

  3. I am also disappointed that the Criterion posters weren’t for bad movies so I made my own for The Love Guru:

  4. I’m not telling you how long I spent on this.

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