Hahah, ahh, this is just classic you. Sleeping right through us drawing a guitar on you in lotion, only to “play” the guitar at our will. Cah-lassic. Aw, now, don’t get mad. You know, we don’t play these pranks on you because we don’t like you, or because we don’t respect you, or because we just want to make a fool of you (even though, I think we can agree, if that were our intention it would have been a cah-lassic slam dunk). We play these pranks on you because they are hilarious. See:

Hilarious prank. That’s it, bro! Hahah, aww, man they way you are getting mad is just so you. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. The great thing about this prank is that you can just rub the lotion in and you’re left with a baby-smooth and moisturized chest and stomach. I think this is a win-win.

    • Yeah, as far as pranks go, it’s definitely one of the nicer ones. Except for putting an unflattering video of you on the internets. If it was just to show me after, I wouldn’t even be mad!

      • Yeah I have to pay people to rub lotion on me since my lazy ass boyfriend won’t every give me a massage. Prank away, but NO Stairway to Heaven plz.

  2. “It puts the lotion on the guitar or else it gets the Youtube again.”

  3. This is the work of a prankster Prince.

  4. Thank God the prankster went for the guitar instead of the trombone.

  5. These guys must have been pretty Earl Slick to pull this off. In fact, you could say they’re the B.B. Kings of Pranks.

  6. The motion of the lotion is causing a Youtube commotion.

  7. Guitar Prank Hero

  8. I’d be OK with a Fender, but a lute? What am I your squire? Get real, bad prank.

  9. As part of my boycott against all things Russian I will not ‘like’ this balalaika prank.


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