• In honor of Andy Warhol’s birthday, which is today, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is broadcasting a livestream of his grave. As he said, “Every livestream gets its fifteen minutes of buffering ugh this is a terrible joke. -ArtsBeat
  • Action Bronson was featured for a moment in a commercial for tampons that ran a couple of years ago. Can you imagine? A COMMERCIAL for TAMPONS? -Uproxx
  • Here’s some footage of Adam Scott, Seth Rogen, Bob Odenkirk, an more, auditioning for The Office about one million years ago. -YouTube
  • It seems as though Oprah has convinced Lindsay Lohan to put off the three-week European post-rehab vacation she was planning in order to stay home and focus on sobriety. That is good! Uh, is the vacation stuff still all planned? Would it be cool if, I don’t know, just so it didn’t go to waste, you put it all in my name and I went instead? Just so it didn’t go to waste!! -Dlisted
  • BIG LEGO NEWS: LEGO has announced that at some point in 2014 they will release some sort of LEGO line that has something to do with The Simpsons! -LaughingSquid
  • And finally, Josh Gad has been chosen to portray Sam Kinison in the upcoming biopic Kinison. -FilmDrunk
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  1. I love this Andy Warhol video. It’s exactly what Warhol would do, and it’s superficial and annoying and I just love it.

  2. I’ve bought tampons for a woman before.

    Where’s my medal?

    • I love tampon commercials.

    • All I know is that I just spent a good three minutes scrolling through the results of a “tampon necklace” image search, and I am very disappointed in the results.

    • This isn’t a medal. Instead, it’s an adorable gif of a raccoon licking a cat, accidentally hurting said cat, and apologizing by petting that cat. I hope that’s enough.

    • There’s a new service that will send you tampons in the mail. I was mildly excited until I saw it was like $15-20 a month. Those tampons better be made out of gold for me to pay that much for them.

      • I wouldn’t waste a bunch of gold on something that’s just going to be covered in blood. Except for maybe a sword.

        • Every once in a while It occurs to me that tampon commercials for an alternate universe where men get their period would make a great Funny or Die sketch series. One opens on a WWII battle field, and a dude gets shot, the medic hands him a tampon that he jams in the bullet wound, then thumbs up the camera. The other has Michael Phelps is butterflying through a pool with red water, and at the end, he leaps out of the water and plugs a giant hose that is pouring blood into the pool with a tampon, and then he thumbs-up the camera.

    • The lady Goose often sends me to pick them up during regular drug store visits, but we’re kinda “get it on sale” nuts, so I’m kneeling there, picking them all up, studying the boxes and the item-count to try to figure out which ones are the ones on sale. I try to stave off the thought that the women around me think I have a weird fetish, and are trying to figure out what my criteria are…

  3. In the future everyone will be retweeted by a Kardashian.

  4. John Cho as Jim! (Also my heart, Adam Scott, but this is Asian steph talking now.) That would’ve been cute! Let’s put John Cho in more things generally, especially things where he gets to make out with people.

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