Does your significant other love baseball? Is baseball a mutual hobby or interest or otherwise something that you and your significant other share? Is it a mutual hobby or interest or otherwise something that you and your significant other share that has reached a significantly high level of meaning in your relationship? That is, it’s not just something you both kind of like, rather it is something you both grew up loving, something that has brought each of you comfort in times of sadness, and something that has subsequently brought you closer together as a couple? Have you been together long enough that you are reasonably sure that your significant other will say “yes” when you propose to him or her? Have you talked to your significant other about the idea of proposing to him or her at a baseball game? Have you at least talked to your significant other about the idea of other people proposing to their significant others at baseball games? Did your significant other react well to this idea, saying something along the lines of, “Yes, I love it when people get publicly engaged at baseball games. Being put on the spot in front of a stadium full of people, plus the people who are possibly watching at home if this is a game that is on TV, plus the people who might later watch it on the Internet, about one of the biggest decisions I will make in my life, a decision that you have thought about, planned, and prepared for, has always been a dream of mine. I would love to get publicly engaged at a baseball game.” Has your significant other been reasonably honest about their ability to handle pressure in the past, and are you sure you know when they are and are not being sarcastic? Are you sure you want to marry this person?! If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of the above questions: DO NOT PROPOSE TO YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER ON THE FIELD OF A BASEBALL GAME, YOU DUMMY.

There is of course a possibility that this is fake, but it would still serve as a good warning. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. DO NOT. (Via NYDaily.)

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  1. Whoa. In the middle of rewatching SATC for the millionth time and just saw that episode last night!

  2. Sorry to ruin everyone’s fun, but I’m pretty sure almost all of these “nos” are fake. I’m guessing almost any woman in that spot would say yes just to get it over with. It’s not like it’s a binding commitment.

    Anyway, true story. Buddy and me were at a White Sox vs. Angels game a couple years ago in Chicago, in the really fancy seats behind home plate where all your food and beer is free. It was very cold and rainy and the game was delayed 2.5 hours, but we stayed anyway because Angels and free beer (even though they made last call in the 3rd inning). In the 7th inning there were about a hundred people still at the game, when they flashed a marriage proposal on the jumbotron (not a video, just “will you marry me, _____?). My friend and I are cracking jokes about how the girl probably forced her boyfriend to leave a long time ago, and how if they were still there, man, she was probably really pissed that they were sitting in the cold for hours for a game between two crappy teams that had long since been decided. All of the sudden we hear people start to applaud. Turns out they were sitting right behind us the whole time. I’d have bought them beers if a) we had to pay for them and b) they hadn’t stopped serving about an hour earlier. But boy were our faces red! Mostly from the bitterly cold weather and free beer though.

    • This looked like bad acting to me.

    • Yeah, I think this one looks fake but I’m not sure why. Maybe because that guy is clearly lame and I don’t blame her for saying no! He just stands there and says it in such a boring way.

      I saw one once where the lady said no and threw her drink on the guy and ran away. They kept replaying it and it was hilarious!! I thought it must’ve been fake but there was a thing in the paper the next day about it and I guess it was very real.

    • Happened to a friend of a friend at a football game – they put it on the big screen, and she’s all, “ha look, isn’t it funny there’s ANOTHER couple called Sarah and Bob and he wants to marry her? What a coincidence!” etc etc. Till she realised he’d gone a whiter shade of pale…

  3. “She looks excited”

  4. I started to watch this, and three seconds in clicked the video off in a spasm of anxiety. I cannot watch something like this. I don’t have it in me.

  5. I have been waiting so long for one of these, and it was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be (most especially the announcer guy laughing in the proposing guy’s face).

    • Oh man, there is a basketball one somewhere and it is awesome. The guy gets consoled by a mascot, and someone hands him a beer as he walks off. I watch it to cheer myself up.

    • “I don’t think we’ve ever had this happen before.” Yes! Milk it, announcer guy!

      • Announcer guy is the besssttt. 1. He seems to actually think that what she needs is a little encouragement, not an escape. 2. Even without that, unable to read social cues at all, he thinks she is going to say yes. 3. The laughter. Oh the laughter.

        • I know, he’s so oblivious! “She looks uncomfortable, what could this mean? I’ll just go ask her directly with the microphone!” Also, “So that’s a definite no? That’s a hard no, is that correct? Just wanting to get confirmation on the no.”

  6. Jessica, you probably made the right decision*.

    *Not marrying someone that would propose to you like that.

    I’m sorry, but if anyone wants to propose or be proposed to in a public situation like this, I probably don’t want to know you.

  7. Seems like he struck out with her.

  8. I took a class in “The Anthropology of Basball” (prospective employerzzzz) in college and I really wish I had known about baseball game proposals at the time, I totally would have done my final paper on them. Instead I did it on concessions.

    • This class sounds awesome and I’m very jealous of it! I got a minor in American Studies so I had a bunch of these types…one about food (seriously), one called Fairs & Amusement Parks…that kind of stuff. So so awesome.

    • I want to take that class so badly!

    • Let me get this straight: you are IN college and still unaware of the phenomenon of proposals-at-sporting games? How did you eventually come across these types of events?

  9. This just pisses me off because I hate most of the crap they do between innings at minor league ballparks. I just want to see some baseball, not watch kids dance to “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

  10. Is there an exit through the dugout or did he just run straight to the nearest dark corner?

  11. Oh God that post-it note was such a nightmare! In this woman’s defense she was totally justified, UNLIKE THAT JERK BERGER.

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