You guys think critics didn’t like your movie because they had it out for you based on your problems in production, your budget, and the fact that you made an original film (TO BE FAIR, Gore Verbinski deserves tremendous props for creating the Lone Ranger character), and not because of the intense cultural insensitivity combined with the fact that you made a straight-up garbage movie? Okay, my men! We all have to get through our days, and we certainly all have to promote our movies. The only thing we can do is wish for a future in which film critics use their power of having a large amount of control over public opinion FOR GOOD and not evil. (Though, did they even take these critics into consideration?) (Via /Film.)

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  1. Native Americans are usually very happy to have non-Native American actors portray them on screen. There are just TOO many of them in Hollywood soaking up all the jobs. Strange!

  2. Well, the one thing we have in common is that we also didn’t have any expectations.

  3. I would like to give Jerry Bruckheimer some of this. (Shout out to the chat peeps.)

  4. Is Johnny Depp wearing a track suit? Also, settle down Armie “if you’re not as smart as Plato, you’re stupid” Hammer. I hated Plato. Burn the republic! Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes, motherfuckers!

  5. Yeah, because as we all know blockbusters are only successful if they are critically acclaimed.

    • Who would’ve guessed that a group of people who didn’t have any problem with one of America’s biggest movie star playing a racial caricature would have denial issues.

  6. Do I have an imperfect understanding of their arguments, or are they implying that all movies about giant robots get good reviews?

  7. “You know what? After hearing their points, I now change my mind. This is one of the greatest movies ever made, and should be preserved in the National Film Registry for all of infinity. It’s almost ridiculous how effective and airtight their case was about this timeless classic film.” – No film critic ever.

  8. Someone might call this a failure, but nope, they’d be wrong. It’s a fiasco (there’s a difference).

    • Someone’s been reading Nathan Rabin’s columns!

      • Ha, is it me? Did he say this? Did he say the original quote?!?

        • When he was still a writer for the AV Club, he had a monthly column called “My Year of Flops,” where he would discuss flops and determine if they were a failure, a fiasco, or a secret success. So failures, if I recall, had at least some aspirations of being better, whereas a fiasco is an out and out disaster. I’m so happy he’s found a home on the Dissolve. I missed my AV Club writers.

  9. I love that you picked up on the “this movie is very original and creative and a new idea” comment because when I watched this that made me IRL LOL.

    • The thing about this is, the film does not present a straight reboot of the Lone Ranger character. It is actually highly critical of that character and takes great pains to disparage it as a regressive token of a racist past that has no business being revamped without a very heavy dose of irony.

      I realize that The Lone Ranger is a punchline, but I think that’s a shame; it’s really not a bad film, just a messy one with a glaring casting issue that distracted everyone long before the premiere (which I don’t disagree with—the casting is problematic, obviously, but Tonto is also a character with a peculiar backstory in this movie, and all the other Native Americans are played by Native Americans, and their portrayal seems progressive to me…I digress).

      But then there’s the bird hat so maybe everyone else is right. Anyway, I recommend Eileen Jones’s review at Jacobin.

      • I’m sure that’s true, but for all the things he could praise about the film (compared to other summer films), that’s a silly thing to latch onto. (especially to those who haven’t seen the movie)

      • To elaborate without totally spoiling the movie, the Tonto of this film is a meta-textual character very explicitly created by genocidal white racism. I’m not reaching for interpretation, either—it’s made very clear. So you can’t say the film isn’t at least aware of the racism thing.

        • Yuck I hate that I wrote “the racism thing.” Please downvote that.

        • I mean sure, I’m going to take your word for this, but also, it sounds like another example of Hollywood bending over backwards to justify casting a white person over a non-white one.

          This is a very good article on white men cast in originally/naturally/logically Asian roles, where all the other characters are Asian and the white man gets to be the persecuted outsider:

          • I don’t disagree, and that Keanu role sounds like a debacle. I just think that the overarching vision of the movie works with Johnny Depp playing Johnny Depp playing Tonto. He’s playing a caricature who subverts his own position as a caricature, and the performance is consistent with the persona he has been crafting for a while. I guess my point is that this wouldn’t be a problematic casting if there wasn’t industry-wide discrimination, but there is, so, yeah…probably should have just made Rango 2.

  10. here’s my question about this: do you think they all actually believe this (probably started when one person was like “why isn’t this movie more successful” and another was like “cause of the critics” and everyone was like “oh yeah, the CRITICS!”) or is this the company line that they’re all selling (like the PR person said, okay, when people ask you about this in interviews, make sure to blame the critics)?

    • A little of both I suspect. I liked at the end when Armie Hammer (lol) kind of undercuts their whole theory with his WWZ statement.

  11. Tell you what, I would feel bad for Armie Hammer for his leading-man career imploding like so many Taylor Kitsches. That is, if it weren’t for this racist shit and the fact that he’s alreadly quite wealthy.

  12. I’m sorry – did I hear the word “prejudice”? I didn’t, did I?

  13. So what’s going on with Johnny Depp’s manner of speaking these days? I think he’s finally developed a Pure Depp accent. He probably lives outside of time at this point.

  14. Look Kelly, I don’t want to criticize your criticizing of the cast of the Lone Ranger criticizing their criticizing critics, but…

    Well, it turns out that’s all I came here to say.

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