• It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Season 9 cast photo, you guys. -ItsAlwaysSunny
  • Lindsay Lohan did a good job with her monologue on Chelsea Lately last night. The end. #factsonly -Vulture
  • Jesse Eisenberg has another edition of Bream Gives Me Hiccups up over at McSweeney’s. It’s great, they are always great. -McSweeneys
  • Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the guys who wrote the last two Star Trek movies, are currently in negotiations to write the third Star Trek movie. Good news if you liked the last two movies, bad news if you were really banking on getting that job!! -THR
  • A new Breaking Bad trailer was released, but it comprises only scenes from seasons we’ve already seen. Sooo. -AMC
  • Seth Meyers appeared on Late Night last night and talked with Jimmy about preparing to take over Jimmy’s job. -LateNight
  • This is actually great news: Sam Rockwell is in early talks for a role in the remake of Poltergeist. Have you ever seen Joshua? Sam Rockwell is in it. It’s a spooky movie about a kid, anyway, Sam Rockwell in Poltergeist would be great! -/Film
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  1. Charlie Day will be mine one day.

    • He’s totally worth it. You will need to fight the actress who plays the Waitress for him though. And by “you,” I mean mean, “we.” After which we can figure something out, if you’re willing. There’s a dingy karaoke bar in town that has specials certain nights, and I really just want to ply him with drinks until he’s comfy enough to sing Dayman to me on repeat. Sooo can I call thursdays? Think it over, no rush.

      • I always forget that that’s his wife. Mostly because I don’t like competition. However, you may be my best shot to get to him. I don’t mind sharing with you as long as we’re even Steven/square.

  2. Will Sam Rockwell be playing the poltergeist? That’s a good choice. I’d let poltergeist Sam Rockwell terrorize my home any day.

  3. Lindsay Lohan brings out my inner Tyra Banks. WE BELIEVED IN YOU! I BELIEVED IN YOU.

    Hopefully she’s on the road towards healthytown!

  4. Anyone else in kind of a Breaking Bad blackout? I am all caught up, but I refuse to actively watch any of the trailers. I want to start the final season with a clean slate. Does this make me strange?

    • I am on a blackout as much as a person who spends many hours of the day on the internet can be, but that’s just because I’m still five episodes away from being caught up.

  5. I feel very pretentious liking that Jesse Eisenberg piece in McSweeney’s but I do. I like that series quite a bit!

    • I do too! It’s touching and very nicely written.

    • Me too! I went through and read almost all of them one day and I kept bracing myself to start hating them but I never got there! I think it might have something to do with the ratings always popping up at the end in the way that a 9 year old would really write them.

  6. Only on FXX.

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