We are so starved for a decent summer jam this summer that I will gladly, AT LEAST for today, take Cookie Monster’s self control-focused parody of summer jam contender Icona Pop’s “I Love It” (which, if you ask any Stereogum commenter, you’ll know uh-actually came out in the spring of 2012). Am I going to put Cookie Monster’s “Me Want It (But Me Wait)” on the playlist for my next BBQ? Of course not. I’m not a DORK. My playlist is very strictly limited Kanye West, Disclosure, and songs Hep Alien played on Gilmore Girls. Am I going to watch the video probably one or two times today, whenever I need a smile? Uh-doy! (Yes.) Good job, Mr. Monster.

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  1. Sesame Street is so great! I sometimes forget that, being super old and joyless as I am, but it’s great!

  2. I attended an outdoor movie screening last night and I ate a burrito and 6 peanut butter cookies. Piss off, Cookie Monster.

  3. OMG this had so much potential. Now it’s about a stupid diet. The whole point of the cookie monster is that he’s an uncontrollable meth, I mean cookie, head.

    • Umm, it’s OBVIOUSLY about the Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup in the related articles up there. This is about their forbidden love.

  4. That sounds like a very good BBQ playlist, although I have no idea what kind of music Hep Alien played on Gilmore Girls, so if Hep Alien songs are like, death metal covers of sweet polka jams from the 80s then count me out.

  5. When is he going to do a cover of Lordi’s “Would You Love A Monsterman?”


  6. Remember when Cookie Monster covered Call Me Maybe? That was great.

  7. I feel that Hep Alien is often overlooked in the pantheon of bands from TV shows. They were way better than Dingoes Ate My Baby and Frozen Embryos! God bless Kelly for keeping their name alive.

    • Not as good a Mystik Spiral, though.

    • My friend was the drummer for Hep Alien. She actually learned drums just for the show. She still talks to Sebastian Bach occasionally. Evidently he would often sneak off to smoke weed around the corner in the fake alleyway in the fake Gilmore Girls town which is really a sound stage, so he would essentially just be on the other side of a thin wall thinking no one would notice.

  8. After reading only the headline I was mildly horrified, mostly because my mind automatically went to a somewhat inappropriate place. Then I watched the video. Annnd now I’m finally ready for summer!!

    (Spring only came here in May. This is just the push I needed. Thanks to Sesame Street, Kelly, and an underlying desire to view adorable parodies instead of working.)

  9. All I could think watching this was, yeah! if clubs were full of fun-loving furry barn animals and bowls of cookies, I might actually GO OUT! Soooo, either I am a child, an old man, or a closeted furry. But maybe there’s no real difference, and let’s all just accept each other. #pbscares

  10. I thought the song of the summer was Get Lucky by Daft Punk. I only say this because I never listen to the radio and it’s the song I’ve heard far more than anything else, in fact it’s literally the only current pop song I could name right now.

    Okay guys, truth time. #confessiongum I know it’s the song of the summer because I’ve made up words to it about my cat. A song isn’t a real song until it’s rewritten about my cat and/or dog.

  11. Has the Tim Heidecker / Yellow River Boys song “Hot Piss” been featured on Videogum? Because that’s definitely a song of the summer.

  12. This is a MONSTER jam. Get it?


  13. muppet rave on the holodeck

  14. This really should be the theme song for almost everyone I encountered at Starbucks this morning. Something about light rain seems to make everyone extra grumpy during rush hour. Yes?

  15. So far today I have dealt with: four sick people, one miscarriage and one death. And I am neither a doctor, nor a nurse, nor any other form of healthcare professional. Putting it simply, me want cookie.

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