UGH, DON’T REMIND ME! (JK.) (This is great.) (DO remind me!) (Via RatsOff!)

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  1. Man, I WISH I had snow to appreciate. It’s been bitter, snowless winters here the past 3 years.

  2. Kelly, you are doing a fantastic rendition of “Kelly Can Do Blog All By Herself.”

  3. “Winter is Coming” -that guy

  4. I was just out cutting the bushes thinking “I’m sick of cutting the bushes.” This reminded me that shoveling is next.

  5. I just ate two bags of taco loco doritos.

  6. Aw, as a lifelong Floridian, I am very sad to say I can’t relate at all to this video. I didn’t know you guys turned into different people when I snows! How fascinating. Is this like, a changeling type situation?

  7. Reese Witherspoon: Hey, you check out the new Matarese?
    Friend: What’s a Matarese?
    Reese Witherspoon: Nothing, WHAT’S A MATTER WITH YOU?!? Na, just playin. It’s a short web vid.

  8. “Snow good.” -James Franco Pie

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