Happy tenth anniversary to you, happy tenth anniversary to you, happy tenth anniversary dear The O.C., happy tenth anniversary to you! And many mooooore (tenth anniversaries)! Did you know it was The O.C.‘s tenth anniversary today?! Uh-oh. I hope you got The O.C. a gift! If you’re about to say that you didn’t but that it’s okay because The O.C. didn’t get you a gift either, and that your love for each other is gift enough, I’d like to remind you that The O.C. DID get you a gift, and that gift is its legacy. (PS: How dare you.) Seth Cohen is still out there listening to Modest Mouse and sailing and kissing Summer on top of a table and doing whatever else it is that Seth Cohen does, and that is ALL FOR YOU. Truly the greatest gift of all. Luckily you have all day to plan your anniversary party for tonight! (Though you better send out the Facebook invites now. There is probably a lot of party competition and you are almost as late as you possibly could be to the game.) So what are you going to do? Pin the death on the Marissa? Spiked bagel punch? Are The Shins going to come over and play a song for you and your pals? Seth Cohen sailboat appetizer platter? (Admittedly, The O.C. was never really one of my “shows,” so my knowledge of it is a bit thin.) I do know that you will have to say, “WELCOME TO THE O.C. ANNIVERSARY PARTY, BITCH!” when you guests enter — I do know that. To get our own party started, I’ve gathered a collection of The O.C. YouTube clips. And here you probably thought I didn’t know how to throw a good party. Ugh. You are 0 for 2. #california #california #herewecome

BAGELS! (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!)

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  1. At the time that The O.C. started I was very into Adam Brody because of how he played Dave Rygalski on Gilmore Girls, and Phantom Planet was my favorite band so it obviously was destined to be my favorite show (until that Oliver thing happened and it got awful). I will celebrate the anniversary by watching my favorite episode: the one where they go to the Rooney concert.

    • I still cannot believe the Oliver storyline was halfway through the first season! So much happened in those first episodes! And while I hated the Oliver storyline while it was happening, now, looking back, I just love it so much. So cheezy and perfect.

    • Also, GIFs:

    • My only connection to the OC is Adam Brody, because of that joke they made on Gilmore Girls that Dave “moved out to California.” Pretty good joke, Amy Sherman Palladino!

      • Dave was the best boyfriend ever. I was not a fan of Lane’s next bf/husband. He bothered me.

        Dave stayed up all night and read the Bible to find that quote! (because apparently the internet did not exist yet)

        • Dave made me swoon all over the place and “BIBLE KISS BIBLE” is one of my favorite GG moments. I liked Zack too because he was funny, but he was no Dave.

        • Mrs. Kim would have sussed out an Internet look up, she wants Dave to go through the pain of reading the bible that many times… It’s like the Malcolm in the Middle joke where Lois has to make that 45-layer desert that doesn’t taste good — it’s not about making a good desert, it is about making a hard-to-make desert.

    • fun fact: the rooney message board was one of the first I joined on the interwebs, the only one to come before it was for Harry Potter.

      Oh Rooney and Phantom Planet, how I loved you in my youth.

    • I watched that Oliver plot unfold with my dog Oliver and it was really hard to hear all these people say “ugh, Oliver is the worst” because my boy was just a puppy! Then I remembered it was a reference to that weirdo Oliver on the O.C. and I was like hahahah I also hate Oliver so much… not you little puppy, the bad Oliver on TV. No, not the jinx Cousin Oliver (for whom you were named), the one who has guns and Marissa. Then I just hated Marissa. Always liked the Surf Nazi, though. Probably because he killed Marissa and got Ryan into cage fighting.

  2. I guess I’ll bust out my Seth Cohen starter pack, read some Kavalier & Clay, drink some wine (ala Kirsten Cohen), and then call my friends from college and cry because we are too old.

  3. the o.c. introduced me to a song by dios malos, who were an band out of texas that i became obsessed with for about three months. i even bought a t-shirt off of their myspace because of it…i am totally blanking on the name of the song or the album that i bought of theirs…i could google it, but the laziness is overwhelming.

  4. I’m celebrating by starting a kickstarter to make an O.C. Movie.

  5. I’m celebrating the 10th Anniversary like I did the season premiere by not watching it.

  6. I am mostly celebrating the tenth anniversary by feeling so old. Guys, I graduated college that year. I was writing my thesis while watching the madcap adventures of Cohen and Atwood. I am made of dust and death.

  7. Knocking it out of the park, Kelly. Doctor Who AND The O.C.?

    i love you love is forever fan i love you.


  9. Cancelling my brow threading appointment. I am reminded of the man who gave us the confidence to leave ‘em thick on this day.

  10. I also feel the need to share that in my early twenties I played a lot of Who-Would-You-Rather with my friends. And my one friend in particular, had a big crush on Sandy Cohen. Sandy! And even though we would put him up for grabs in WWYR, she would never choose him, because she respected the relationship he had with Kirsten too much and wouldn’t want to split them apart.

  11. Fun facts about the O.C.:

    In the first season, when stupid Marissa is in the hospital, a nurse passes and says that [some name I forget] can’t stop throwing up. What was that name? The name of a TV critic that gave the show a terrible review. He was referenced in the 4th or 5th episode.

    Sandy Cohen is seen teaching law at Berkeley in the final episode montage. Berkeley Law had a Sandy Cohen scholarship enacted for law students that were going on to do public service after graduation.

    Marissa sucks.

    • Conspiracy theory time:
      Luke’s dad moves to Portland… and later, so does Luke. And then Seth. Also: the half-brother from Gossip Girl’s fake parents that he thought were real were supposed to live there and not be Rufus and Lily. Ivy’s exboyfriend is always about to move there to work at Beast to cook with his friend.

      EVERY show Josh Schwartz has done has his lost souls moving to Portland. So who will go there from Hart of Dixie??? And why won’t he answer my questions about this?

    • Another fun fact: When Kirsten’s little sister left to do North Shore with Khal Drogo, she came back for one or two episodes at the end of that season and said she moved to the north shore of Hawaii.

      • Oh and the constant joke about the TV show The Valley and then the reality show Sherman Oaks: The Real Valley were both perfect.

        And when Andy Samberg and friends did a reoccurring show called The ‘Bu about Malibu, The O.C. referenced that as well. And Gossip Girl make that joke a few times too when that actress lady that was dating Dan Humphrey was trying to be obnoxious in front of Rufus and Lily at NYU parents’ weekend.

        I watch a lot of television, you guys. A lot.

  12. I’m shooting people while humming that “Mmm, whatcha say” song to myself. That’s what they did, right? I never actually watched that show.

  13. I don’t know if this is annoying to point out, but THERE WERE NO IPHONES IN THE OC WORLD!

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