• Sherlock Season 3 teaser trailer! Twenty-six of the vaguest and most exciting seconds on the web this morning. -/Film
  • Might Michael Cera be the most interesting actor of his generation? Noah Gittell thinks so! -TheAtlantic
  • Breaking Bad won “Program of the Year” at this past weekend’s Television Critics Association Awards. Please give my condolences to the program at your nicece’s dance recital (hahaha) (LOL) (I’m LOLing) and click through for the full list of winners! -HitFix
  • Speaking of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston appared on Late Night last Friday and played with someone’s look. -LateNight
  • Billy Eichner has been cast brilliantly in the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation. His character is kind of a spoiler, so click through ONLY if you dare, but rest assured that it will be gr8. -TVLine
  • I guess this is a picture of Jennifer Aniston without makeup? She looks great! I bet she’s wearing a little bit of makeup, though. The amount you put on when you want people to think you’re not wearing any and just have a perfect complexion. Right? Ladies?! Anyone!?! -Dlisted
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  1. Might Michael Cera be the most interesting actor of his generation? Noah Gittell thinks so

    I agree completely, if we replace ‘most interesting’ with the exact opposite.

  2. This was really my most important BBC breaking news of the weekend!! I’m so excited!! Swoon! Although the mustache? Really, John Watson?

  3. That Michael Cera articles is essentially saying that to be the most interesting actor you have to leave your type-casted self at the door. Great article just kidding.

  4. The cultural disconnect between “no makeup” and “natural makeup” is one of those things that drives me bonkers. Once I went to a party right after I had been at the spa for a “facial” and so I didn’t have any makeup on and my friend literally said, “are you okay?” just from looking at my face. Guys, it’s* not that bad, just be aware that “no makeup” and “looks like you’re not wearing any makeup” are often two different things.

    *the “it” in this sentence is my face.

    • Truck, I’m with ya. For me, whenever my girlfriends past would put on make-up, I’d not be into it. I’m all about the natural look. I don’t know why I dislike the use of make-up. I guess it stems from growing up with a mom who would spend half-an-hour putting on make-up to go to Wal-Mart to buy milk.

      • Yes, but be aware that what you consider “no makeup” might actually be “natural makeup” and that for me (and many other women) to achieve the “natural look” takes a little bit (or a lot bit for some women!) of makeup…but I think we all agree that “way too much makeup” (especially on weekends!) is kinda gross.

    • Yep! I always get “are you sick?” and “You look so tired!” and have to be like, no, this is just my face. I remember shocking a male friend once when he said something about how I never wore makeup–I burst out laughing, then told him everything I’d applied that morning (to his credit, I do prefer the natural look, but, also, I was wearing metallic bronze eyeshadow that day. Come on, dude). I love makeup, but still.

      I also remember my brother asking me to put concealer on his zits when we were in high school–he was terrified everyone would be able to tell, because a DUDE? Wearing MAKEUP??!? OH NOEZ, but he was also desperate, because the poor thing’s acne was really bad then. When I’d finish, he was amazed at the results–I don’t know how he thought makeup worked, but he couldn’t believe that it actually did what it was supposed to.

      • That’s exactly my thought. If I have to see a guy with blemishes and still find him attractive, he should be able to handle seeing my real face in all its icky complexioned glory. So I wear little to no makeup all the time. But also I am single, so maybe don’t follow my lead if you want a boyfriend.

        • Agree–and like I said, I love makeup–I’m a huge product junkie, and applying it is my favorite part of my morning routine (I find it soothing, weirdly–I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube for the same reason) but it sucks that women are pressured to wear it (Only in acceptable amounts, though! Cover your hideous natural features, ladies, but not TOO much, or then you look trashy! Barf.)


            There is a very upsetting hypocrisy out there when it comes to makeup. Don’t wear too much or else you look like a dumb tramp who’s trying too hard!! Nevermind that you might actually LIKE wearing makeup FOR YOURSELF. And then we have the “I like the natural look” crowd, who don’t even realize that “the natural look” is not really all that “natural” and takes makeup to achieve.

            I wear makeup because I think it’s really fun and also HEY BOYS WE GET TO COVER UP THE THINGS WE DON’T LIKE ABOUT OUR COMPLEXION WHEREAS YOU JUST HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH IT. Haha. Like for serious, I love that makeup can cover up dark eyes circles (with which I am grievously afflicted) and acne and what not. It’s amazing! And I think that more guys would do it too, if there wasn’t such weird cultural stigmas around who gets to wear makeup and how much makeup those people can wear.

          • youtube tutorials for hair and makeup are the best thing that youtube ever did. instead of asking someone in real life who will make fun of my lack of girl knowledge, i can just go on the internet and a really pretty girl with a soft voice will tell me how to do everything. thank you internet.

          • Totally–I’ve had male friends (and my aforementioned brother) straight-up tell me that they wished they could wear makeup to cover blemishes–to which my answer was always, uh, you can! Who’s stopping you? I’ll teach you how to apply it! But they never would, because, I don’t know, they were afraid someone would see them buying it and their testicles would fall off instantly, or something. TL;DR, gender roles are a big bag of garbage. Tinted moisturizer for everyone (who wants it)!

          • Youtube tutorials for hair and makeup are amazing. That’s how I learned to braid hair.

          • I legit love doing cateye make-up. I’m so proud of myself for figuring it out and getting both eyes even. I could care less what dudes think, I just think it’s fun to put on.

            But then I also have those days where all I don’t want to wear any but still feel the need to put it on because zits and dark circles. ugh.

      • totally! “You look so tired” is pretty standard for my no-makeup face. Cause of the dark circles.

        • One time I was really, really tired and thus my dark circles were pretty bad, and it was probably like halfway through the day so my makeup was uh, not so fresh, and my boss was like, “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve been crying!”

      • Yeah. I rarely wear makeup (out of sheer laziness rather than moral aversion. Sleep is so nice! Waking up sucks! Why you gotta be terrible, mornings), but when I do you’d think that I suddenly turned into Kiera Knightly or something. That, or normally I rub my face with dirt and leaves before going into the office.

        Which might be accurate, actually. I am not responsible for my actions before coffee.

        • Some salon is stealing your “dirt and leaves” facial right now and they’re gonna charge like 200 bucks for it.

        • this is my life. everyone i know has makeup/hair routines that take an incredibly short amount of time and then they are flawless. i have to take a good three hours to get girl ready before i look somewhat passable. it takes so much time to actually put the stuff on and once i’ve got it on i have to re-do it three or four times and make sure i don’t look like a clownface. most of the time i put lotion on my eyelids and my hair in a bun (it doesn’t qualify as a top knot because i don’t really brush it before i put it up…). my laziness will not let me be that pretty.

      • I think more men should wear no-make up make up if they want. You know Jon Hamm wears some bobbi brown peachy corrector under his eyes and get’s subtley contoured before they put him on TV, get to it guys! Be your best self!

    • It’s the same if I dress up a little. I start to get compliments, and then I start to think, “well how bad did I look before?”

      • “artdork, looking hot today. Did you do something different?”

        “Nope, same old canvas dress.”

        “Aah, but today’s canvas has an O’Keeffe. Nicely done. So hot.”

      • I’m always very careful about the compliments I give people who are more done up than usual for that exact reason. I usually say something specific like “That’s a great dress!” instead of implying that they look better in general than they normally do.

        • On the man’s side of this (I’m not wholly a man, but for the sake of the story and its cocky nature), I dress pretty much in a button down every day. On hot days, I wear shorts and roll up my sleeves. On Fridays I go caj, and wear a t-shirt or a sweatshirt (depending on the weather) and only then do people comment, usually saying, “Yeesh, you look like shit.” or “You, uh, you couldn’t wear anything else?” And I take that as a reverse compliment.

      • I agree that it’s risky, but at the same time, when I put a little more effort in, it’s nice to know that it’s visible. I mean, you’d hate for people to think you look the same whether you are trying or not (this is for both men & women and applies to makeup and clothes and hair, etc).

    • if this in any way helps: Men sometimes wear beards simply to hide as much of their face as they can. Me? Beard, glasses, and up till last week, long hair. It was great, people could just assume I am decent looking because they really couldn’t see anything.

    • I don’t wear makeup because I don’t like the idea of wearing things all over my face for hours at a time, but on the off chance I do wear makeup, it’s eyeliner or eyeshadow.

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