In a scene from a UK science show called Weird Nature, a group of cats is allowed to frolic in a meadow full of catnip (and ancient ruins, for some reason). The resulting orgy of cat-drool, hypnotic gyrations, and imaginary-mouse-chasing is like a cat rave. All it needs is techno and pacifiers:

My favorite cat is the psychedelic purring-while-drooling cat. This is his salvia video. Catnip: Legalize It! (Via Laughing Squid.)

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  1. After filming completed, the cats went to a Phish concert.

  2. This video revealed much about myself.

  3. I’d like to think that there’s nothing wrong with spending part of a perfectly good Wednesday afternoon watching a video of cats tripping balls, but I know there is. I just know it.

  4. d-w  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 +6

    “chasing imaginary mice” might be a bit of a stretch. But I’m with marcus, i too learned much about myself.

  5. You can’t do this to me at work. You just can’t do this. I am losing my shit laughing so hard. cat rave!!!

  6. I lots of loved the drooling cat.

  7. Parry Gripp, write us a song for this one!

  8. Sadly, THIS will be the end of Keyboard Cat. Strung out, playing county fairs, trying to scrape up enough cash for his next nip fix. Telling bored teenagers all about his glory days playing with Hall & Oates. Until he’s found face down in a bowl of Tender Vittles, choked to death on a hairball.

  9. Elizabeth  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 +2

    Big deal. My cat rubs, sniffs, and chews everything. Everything!

  10. Where’s Jeff Van Vonderen when you need him?

  11. I saw this video yesterday and got so excited that this happened:

    I also bought a hedgehog because of that video of the hedgehog eating the carrot. I’m a man who lets viral videos influence his life discussions. Don’t judge me.

  12. fratboy  |   Posted on Jun 17th, 2009 +1

    this is the best video ever made.

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  14. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Catnip is for losers. Maru Cat gets high on life.

  15. You ever have sex on catnip? Amazing.

  16. Cats Be Tripping.

  17. Completely unrelated:

    What’s with this sudden Deschanel/Gordon-Levitt lovefest? Is this Targeteddemogum?

  18. i think it’s advertising income for videogum!
    i was getting kinda worried about the fact that all the ads on this site were for either stereogum or videogum. shit doesn’t pay the bills bills bills.
    so this is excellent.
    if advertising means this place can be profitable and not get shut down, then targetdemogum away.
    i’m going to watch this sponsored video a whole bunch b/c i think that’s how internet income works maybe!!!

    • after 45 minute trailer bender there is increasing difficulty in feigning excitement about corporategum

  19. Quadruple x  |   Posted on Jun 18th, 2009 +3


  20. oh, ummm….it seems strange to me that you already have footage of the state of my yard 20 years from now. i would say it’s embarrassing, but my loved ones won’t be surprised.

  21. So catnip makes male cats gay?

  22. God, cats are like the worst college roommates. When they’re not writhing over and over in mysterious gardens, they’re noodling around with keyboards while you’re trying to sleep.

  23. catnip makes you drool bubbles.

  24. cyberghandi  |   Posted on Jun 18th, 2009 +4

    Ewan McGregor’s voice, guys. Makes it even better.

  25. mr.meat  |   Posted on Jun 18th, 2009 0

    I am horny.

  26. 1:02 cat fight!

  27. rick  |   Posted on Jun 25th, 2009 0

    i have had 15 cats. only 3 were non cat nip fanciers. they totally ignored it.

  28. Anastasia Beaverhausen  |   Posted on Jun 26th, 2009 0

    Both a salvia video and a saliva video.

  29. Judy  |   Posted on Sep 29th, 2009 0

    Is this real life?

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