• Breaking Bad thanks you, Albuquerque. -Vulture
  • Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke, and The Roots performed “Blurred Lines” with children’s instruments, and it was delightful. (Even though that song is not good.) (We deserve a better song of the summer!) -LateNight
  • In a reddit AMA yesterday, Paul Scheer revealed that he and Rob Huebel are going to do a Comedy Central standup special based on their LA show Crash Test. OoOooOo. -Splitsider
  • Denzel Washington was offered a role in Fast & Furious 7 and turned it down. What?! Whyyyyyyyyyyjk. -/Film
  • Fox’s upcoming sitcom Dads,  executive produced by Seth MacFarlane, sounds like a racist nightmare! Who would’ve ever guessed that all of the words in that sentence would go together, I don’t kow, but this morning they do! -DailyMail
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  1. Oh Kelly, thank you. Thank you for understanding how bad “Blurred Lines” is. It’s like people act as though Solange’s “Losing You” didn’t even happen last year.

    • Ugh I fucking hate “Blurred Lines.” Aside from the rather problematic lyrical content, it isn’t even that special musically? Why are people losing their shit over this song? Also, Robin Thicke looks like what David Foster Wallace would look like if he was the World’s Number One Douchebag. Observe:

      but if he were an asshole….

    • I HATE THE LYRICS TO BLURRED LINES. I kind of like the beat and the little “tink tink tink ta tink” (I don’t know what instrument that is?) but THE REST OF THE SONG CAN GET STUFFED.

    • Blurred Lines is so fun. It’s like Robert Palmer and Fat Albert’s Junkyard Band had a baby.

      Problematic lyrical content/imagery? Completely. But, if I’m being honest with myself, 85% of the hip hop I own doesn’t conform to my worldview, nor the feminist ideals with which I was raised. That’s the devil’s pact one makes in the pop music world. I am not what I listen to. I’m an adult who can parse my media choices and put things in proper context. #notoriousbig #jayz #basicallyeverything

      • I agree wholeheartedly. Because I enjoy Kanye’s music. But to me, “Blurred Lines” is to “Losing You,” as “Fireflies” is to “Such Great Heights”/every Postal Service song. Just be original, radio-tune makers!

      • very good point. the lyrical content aside, it’s like disco was reborn and pharrell is bringing it back. thicke is problematic from a feminist standpoint, but also from a macklemore standpoint as well. it’s like these white dudes have appointed themselves representatives of genres that they do not dominate…although it is less problematic with thicke than it is with macklemore.

        • Yeah okay this is Gabe’s last day so I am not gonna try to start shit, but this attitude bothers me so I feel like I need to say something, so I will say this and not respond afterwards to anything.

          Fuck that re: white dudes in hip hop being problematic. I have more of a problem with Macklemore and Mac Miller because they are really boring rappers than I do with the fact that they are white. I am a white dude who produces hip hop beats in my spare time, something that came about out of love and respect for the genre and especially a couple of hip hop producers who inspired me to try it out myself (J Dilla being the main one). I have gained a large appreciation for soul music as a result, as well as a much wider knowledge of music in general. Does that make me racist? I understand the reasoning behind it, white people misappropriating black culture for themselves, which happened to absurd degrees in music in the 50′s and 60′s. But I don’t see a problem with white dudes in hip hop today, as long as they aren’t dropping the N word or mock black/hip hop culture in some way. If it’s out of love for the genre and culture and displays a reverence for it, I don’t see the problem. El-P, Eminem, and Diplo are three examples of white dudes in hip hop who do exactly that. I don’t think this is a case of white people trying to steal from black culture as much as it is be a part of that culture, because hip hop is great.

          I don’t pay much attention to Macklemore because, like I said before, I think he’s really boring, so if he is making a mockery of hip hop or dropping the N word then definitely fuck him, but white dudes (and white girls too, duh) in hip hop should not be labelled as racist just for making hip hop music. That is some bullshit that creates a whole Us V Them mentality that isn’t going to help the whole progression of overall acceptance among all races and cultures that I think (or hope) is what everyone wants in the first place.

      • HA I’m not the only one seeing Fat Albert in my head every time I hear that “heyheyhey.”

    • Thank you! I kept reading/hearing “It’s a gross song, but so catchy!” But then I heard it, and fneh. FNEH I SAY.

  2. Kelly, a better song of the summer does exist, and it is called ‘White Noise” by Disclosure. It is the song of the summer we deserve AND the one we need right now.

  3. I have nothing to say about the Paul Scheer news, but that link reminds me that there is a musician out there called “oOoOO”. Good stuff.

  4. My favorite thing yesterday was seeing the two TV critics I follow (AV Club’s Todd VanDerWerff and NPR’s Linda Holmes) on Twitter live-tweet the Dads’ TCA panel. Apparently, it did not go well.

  5. If Albuquerque had a billboard to Breaking Bad it would just be this:

  6. Safe to assume that Denzel did all of this when that offer came his way: http://www.vulture.com/2013/08/watch-a-supercut-of-denzel-washingtons-laugh.html

    As for summer jams, this. Dance like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STz5dlEJ6ZI

  7. I don’t really mind “Blurred Lines” yet, but I probably will hate it soon. This stupid Fallon skit that he already did with “Call Me Maybe” & some lame Mariah Carey Christmas song, has put me on the right path.

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