Well, gosh. What a bittersweet week it has been. Let’s look back on and savor our last few days together as a family the only way we know how. (Or at least the only way we do how.) As they say, if you can’t read ‘em on one specific blog forever, GIF ‘em. (I know they don’t say that! This is hard for all of us!)

Gabe let us know what the worst movie of all time is!

We all saw The Wolverine together as a family!

Benedict Cumberbatch is a sex god!

Gerard Butler hit one million Facebook fans!

Kristen Stewart might have a new dog!

We found out that Ann and Chris are leaving Parks and Recreation!

Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, and Jeff Dunham destroyed the Internet.

And finally, we said so long and good luck to Gabe.

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  1. It took forever to scroll down. I’m glad I took my time.

  2. What’s up with all the things ending this year T_T ?

  3. haha I made that Gabe gif over a year ago for this:
    …and it was the BEST I COULD DO


    love you funny smart man

  5. Upvotes for everyone!

  6. If you scroll down through the Gabe gifs really fast it’s like watching your Videogum life flash before your eyes.

  7. Who else thought they’d find Gabe’s crotch for the last gif?

  8. This post broke my phone browser. And my heart.

  9. Why did you pair the series of bittersweet Gabe gifs with the wonderful Ben gifs?? It’s been a rollercoaster of a week.

  10. Stiffling the urge to cry and just being crabby instead.

  11. good now i hate gabe

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