You never do know what life is like for other people. Even the expression to “walk a mile in someone’s shoes” doesn’t come close to describing the difficulty of genuine, meaningful empathy. Because what happens when the mile is done? You get back into your own shoes? Well, right, you can’t just walk around in someone else’s shoes all day, they need those shoes! They’ve got places to be! Families to disappoint! Fortunes to squander! Beanie Babies to hoard! All I’m saying is forget it, Jakes, the whole world is Beanie Baby Town. (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. well that’s just depressing.

  2. What was wrong with all of us in the 90s though? Beanie Babies, Pogs, other pointless cheap crap that people collected like crazy because WHY? Why did we do that?

    • And look how far we’ve come!

    • the other night my sister and her friends played beer pogs. it was a great success. plus it gave us the chance to whip out the old gold kitty kat slammer that always owned everyone else.

    • Now it’s Minecraft, Snuggies, and other pointless riff raff.

      • True, but at least those things have a function other than just sitting there, being owned. “Collectibility” (…that may not be a real word) in particular seemed to be a huge thing in the 90s, outside of the usual nerd circles.

    • I currently have custody of Kelly’s extensive beanie baby collection. All have doubled their weight in dust at this point.

    • My professor told my class he made $$ off of beanie babies, specifically one that was replaced (quickly becoming a collectible). The key was not to buy a million of them, and like stocks, know when it was a good time to sell.

    • I think we would still be doing that if there were no Antiques Roadshow though. We used to buy stuff to appreciate value (that never would) now we just steal stuff from our senile grandparents to sell for big money (but it never will).

  3. My father in law has all of them.

    • wooooaaahhh…that would be an interesting revelation upon meeting the parents. methinks that story would be worthy of a ben stiller romantic comedy.

  4. We were literally talking about this the other day in chat! About how we all were duped by ty beanie babies and expected them to pay for our children’s college someday! What suckers we all are!

  5. You’d think they’d learn their lesson, because first they collected Beanie Babies and now they’re collecting dust.

  6. “Dad’s a smart guy.” Yeah…Is he though?

  7. People will collect ANYTHING. Did you know that there are people who collect pennies? Not like coin collectors with specific years and features and whatnot, but just straight up penny hoarding. They think that the government will get rid of pennies one day, and they’ll be able to sell them for the metal, which is worth more than an actual penny. Even if that happens, you would need a storage unit just to have room for enough to make a reasonable profit!

  8. We talked about this in chat yesterday! My mom sold one of my brothers back when they were hot for 300$!

  9. Before they switched it to crystal meth, I think this is how Walter White was going to provide for his family.

  10. Who would have ever thought that Beanie Babies would be worthless one day?

  11. The math is troubling me. So they’re saying the Beanie Babies are only worth $6 now? And they have between 15-20,000. So if they sold all of them now they’d get $90-120 K. But instead, they propose to wait another 20 years. Whaaaaa?

  12. Do you get a sense that this family has completely broken up at this point? Like that marriage is definitely over and the kids never talk to their dad?

  13. Plush Life

  14. You guys, you guys, no one said “My Beanie Babies are worth a million dollars!” — did we forget Gabe and Max’s 100 seconds so quickly?
    Three years is pretty quick, right?

  15. I really liked James Caan as the father

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