• The BBC will reveal the new Doctor Who from Doctor Who in a live special this Sunday night. Doctor Whom do you think it’s going to be? I think it’s going to be Gabe Delahaye. -BleedingCool
  • Simon Cowell is pregnant with his friend’s baby? I think that’s it! PRINT! START THE PRESSES! -Dlisted
  • James Cameron is going to shoot three Avatar sequels simultaneously. Whatever you want, James Cameron. You do you, man. -FilmDrunk
  • NextMovie has put together their fifteen favorite movie rants. Is your favorite included on their list?! Spoiler: There are zero rants from the movie Empire Records included, so DO NOT get your hopes up for that. -NextMovie
  • What?! David Yates is in talks to remake Scarface?! -/Film
  • New York did a Q&A with the real Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black. She says she did not drink prison hooch. “What else did she say?” Uh, read it yourself. -NYMag
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  1. “You know that me, the TARDIS, The Daleks and all of this nonsense isn’t real, right? Use your noodle.” – Gabe Delahaye, The 12th Doctor

    • “Daleks, we all have to put food on our families, but you need to leave the earth alone.”–Gabe as the 12th Doctor.

    • Gabe would basically just use the TARDIS to rewatch his favorite trampoline accidents live and in person and discover new intergalactic trampoline accidents. Though with all of time at his fingertips he could definitely make some headway on The Hunt for the Worst Movie of all Time.

  2. I’ve been looking for excuses all day to post these gifs so now here they are with no excuse.

  3. The Netowrk rant is great, it should have ranked higher on the list. And the “Greed is good” speech from Wall Street should have been there somewhere, too. Also the scene from The Weatherman where Nicolas Cage is ranting to his wife and refers to their daughter as “Cameltoe,” because come on.

    • And maybe, for variety’s sake, they could have included a lady in the best of rant list? “No more wire hangers” is an epic rant.

      • Oh man, I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that one. That should FOR SURE be on the list. I also forgot to mention Mickey Rourke’s rant about pornography in Spun.

        I can’t really think of any other ladyrants that would qualify, though. Maybe the speech the sheriff gives at the end of Fargo, but I’m not sure that counts as a rant.

      • RIGHT? No more wire hangers is the definitive in movie rants.

    • agreed. the rant in first place isn’t even from a real movie? i have never heard of it, therefore it doesn’t really exist.

      • Nah, it’s solid. Coffee is for closers, yo. But it’s FAR from the best. If we can add tv shows to the list, there were a number of rants in Coupling that would rank VERY high on the list.

  4. That Piper Kerman Q&A is insufferable. Mostly because of the stupid, stupid questions, and the overall attitude of being from New York as some sort of profound experience that us outsiders can never understand.

  5. having seen Scarface for the first time only recently, it’s kind of a bad movie, right? or like, at the very best, an extremely problematic movie whose best quality is its legacy and movies/music it inspired (<3 you coke rap <3 is forever fan).

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