Benedict Cumberbatch may or may not be dating a Russian model named Katia Elizarova, but one thing that he IS giving her is acting lessons in preparation for her London stage debut. So either way, I am so sorry, ladies. You poor ladies! From BBC America:

“I have just got my script and began rehearsals. Ben has been a great help, but he is very strict. He asks me all about what my character wears, and even how she dresses her daughter. I said, ‘Well, in a dress,’ and he said, ‘No, that isn’t good enough, what dress?’

“So I explained that my character is trying not to draw attention to her daughter because she is planning an affair, but he just said, ‘Nevertheless, you ought to know how your character would dress her daughter’.”

Yes. The very FIRST rule of good acting is “always know how your character would dress her daughter.” This guy knows what he’s talking about. Obviously, this is a very good description of the depth of thought that Benedict Cumberbatch puts into his roles, and it’s exactly this kind of attention to character detail that makes him such a great actor, and make no mistake, flip flops and capri pants aside, he’s a great actor! And hopefully some of his lessons rub off on Katia Elizarova and she knocks them all dead in her London stage debut. No, yeah, totally, I’m actually sure the student has already become the master. “Forsooth! My character would dress her daughter in a yellow cotton dress, Mr. Dead Salesman!” BRAVISSIMAAAAAAAA!

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  1. WHOA. Don’t GOOGLE image HER UNLESS you have save search UP. LIKE second photo IS TITS OUT.

  2. I would like to imagine taking acting lessons from BC as a glorious and wonderful experience because, well, I would be in the presence of BC … but I get the feeling he is one of those actors who takes EVERYTHING really SERIOUSLY and I would wind up running out of the room in tears or wanting to punch him in the face after only a few minutes of instruction.

    I am in the middle of rewatching Sherlock, though = good times!

    (I am also starting to develop a crush on Martin Freeman so, you know, that, too!)

  3. Am I the only one that finds him completely unattractive?

  4. The fact that this has nothing to do with peeing tells me he doesn’t know to let the actor take over.

  5. Anatomy of a Cumberpost’s comment section:

    1 comment asking for smelling salts/a fainting couch

    1 comment declaring undying love, followed by 7 replies agreeing vehemently

    3 separate comments about not getting why people think he’s attractive, each with several replies of agreement

    1 comment from a B.Cumbs impostor saying something weird

    12 comments of people making puns on/funny versions of his name

    3 comments about how good Sherlock is

    2-3 GIFs of B.Cumbs winking or crying

  6. “Benedict, think about what your character would wear if he was a wealthy and successful actor with millions of adoring fans. No, not flip flops! Listen, let’s say you were being considered to play James Bond. How would he dress? Now, in order to prepare for this role, you must go out and purchase this outfit. Go!” – Benedict’s publicist

  7. BEN? It never occurred to me once that Benedict could be shortened.

  8. Can I just say how much I appreciate how much Videogum has become Videocumberbatch lately?

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