More like Follow Wednesday, am I right you guys?! Vanilla Ice is OUR generation’s On Cinema. (P.S. How good is On Cinema this season though? A: Very good! Watch On Cinema‘s review of Grown Ups 2 here. SPOILER ALERT: they love it just as much as Ice does!)

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  1. sometimes i think about getting a twitter account…and then i am reminded why i shouldn’t.

  2. I give On Cinema 5 bags of popcorn, and 1 extra soda with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it.

  3. I think he’s like, in the movie, which is why he posted that. I think.

  4. I should follow vanilla ice. I bet he tweets some great recipes!

  5. what movie MC Hammer want to watch? Green lantern?

  6. vanilla ice has over eight thousand times as many twitter followers as i do and grown ups 2 made fifty-six billion dollars at the box office so it’s like what’s the point of anything even.

  7. He’s getting the message out.

  8. I’ve really been enjoying Tim’s hats, and Gregg looks dashing in his custom On Cinema uniform.

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