I understand that every day more and more people switch from human sit-down desks to nonsense standing desks, for either their health or for the ability to then take a picture of their new garbage desk and post it on Instagram and try to convince other people to do the same, as if life isn’t hard enough, but for those of you with standing desks I’m going to need to ask you to find a normal desk and PLEASE SIT DOWN. Take a deep breath. Breathe in and out. One more time. Now: DOES KRISTEN STEWART HAVE A NEW DOG?! From Us Magazine:

Did Robert Pattinson get custody of the dogs? More than two months after breaking up with boyfriend Pattinson, Kristen Stewart was spotted out walking what appeared to be a new dog.

The 23-year-old Twilight actress was photographed out in L.A. on Sunday, July 28, with some female friends and a beautiful black puppy. Stewart showed some skin in a cut-out tank top with a black bra underneath while holding the dog’s leash and going for a stroll.

Stewart and Pattinson, 27, adopted dogs Bear and Bearnie together during their four-year relationship, PopSugar reports. After calling it quits in May, Pattinson was photographed leaving Stewart’s L.A. home in his pickup truck with the two dogs riding up front. It’s unknown how the exes decided to split custody of their pets.

O. M. F. D. He got both of the dogs?! When you’re in a relationship and you get a dog you should for sure expect to at some point either lose that dog and have to clean up after that dog 100%, but if you’re in a relationship and you have two dogs, you should definitely at some point have a playful discussion about which of you gets which of the dogs if you ever break up! IT CAN BE A JOKE UNTIL IT ISN’T! And now we have to deal with this?! A new dog, maybe? What even is its name?! Ugh. Sometimes I just don’t know. (Thanks for the tip, Huckabeast!)

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  1. That dog’s name is definitely Romper.

  2. I want a new dog! Or an old dog. Any dog, really.

  3. FUCK standing DESKS. WE are truly a society OF PEOPLE looking for FUCKING problems.

    “OH man, YOU HAD to work on your FEET ALL day doing ACTUAL labor to FEED your starving FAMILY on an UNDERPAID wage in this shitty economy? I know EXACTLY what you mean! I have TO SIT DOWN at work sOoOoOo much AND IT’S TERRIBLE! That’s why I GOT A DESK where I can stand all DAY! LIKE a nurse! I’m so JEALOUS OF the “ACTIVE LIFESTYLE!” THEY get to live.” – those FUCKING guys

    • to be fair though, working as a server always guaranteed a slimmer ashleigh. sitting at a desk is totes boring and also has led me to gain weight…

      • It’s very bad for your health. Like as bad as smoking if you sit still for a long period of time? I considered it until I realized that I do a shit ton of typing and my dog makes me walk him or play with him at least once an hour and I could just go for a run or join the gym near me. Or garden. Gardening is good for upper body strength and your hamstrings (if pulling blocks of lemon balm is considered gardening). Of course, standing for a long time gives you varicose veins or makes you more susceptible. I guess the trick is to not age.

        • i try and work out as much as possible, running and whatnot, walking a mile on my fifteen minute breaks. i have had to alter my diet significantly since i stopped serving. when i was serving my diet consisted of 711 taquitos and flaming hot utz chips. i really just ate whatever crap i could squeeze in between shifts, and i was still thinner than i am today (i realize, also, that i am older than when i was serving, but that was a year ago so i don’t feel like my body should have changed this much). it’s hard to work in exercise from a desk. i don’t like the idea of standing desks because eww, but i really would like to burn more calories while working.

          • ooh, and i just discovered (although i might have been late?) trx, which is quite awesome and fun and not as tedious as weight lifting.

        • Yeah, I try to get up and walk around my office every 15-20 minutes at work, because that’s supposed to counteract all the sitting badness, but do you know how hard it is to keep getting up when you’re as lazy as me? Very hard! (Not hard at all, but I still forget sometimes.) I do yoga and Pilates (“That’s great, GWYNETH” -you guys), but I definitely feel yuck on Monday evenings after being so sedentary at work as opposed to the weekend, when I’m more active.

  4. Yesterday I learned that the name for a baby puffin is a ‘puffling’.

    Today I learn that Kristen Stewart might have a new dog because Robert Pattinson got custody of Bear and Bearnie.

    I dread to think what Thursday will bring.

    • FALLEN sparks. FRAGMENTS of vessels BROKEN AT THE Creation. AND SOMEDAY, somehow, BEFORE THE end, a gathering back TO HOME. A MESSENGER from the Kingdom, ARRIVING at the last moment. BUT I TELL you there is NO SUCH message, NO SUCH home–ONLY the millions OF LAST moments… nothing MORE. Our history IS AN aggregate OF last MOMENTS.

  5. That’s a really cute dog.

  6. K-Stew sounds like it could be the name of a dog food.

  7. I really hate when the paparazzi (puparazzi?) hit your dog with their freeze ray guns, so rude.

    • I was gonna find a picture to illustrate why I thought this was kinda funny, but I got sidetracked/bored and found a coupon for $2 Jamba Juice instead.

  8. I don’t know, but I did! And she takes a lot of selfies, ugh how annoying JUST KIDDING SHE IS THE BEST!

  9. that dog looks like my dog but less fluffy (aka less cute)

  10. Honest question: Do real people actually wear those clothes? In public? And WHY? Can they not find anything else? It just doesn’t look good. On anyone. My friend (whose dog looks a lot like K-Stew’s new dog) and I went shopping for jeans over the weekend and the amount of spandex added to denim is terrifying. All jeans have become jeggings and the jegging ones are now denim tights? Except the “boyfriend jeans” that look like ugly farmer / raver jeans? (Not to mention that the spandex has made the already insane vanity sizing even more insane.)

    And while I think what she is wearing is a terrible, unflattering look on anyone (actually K-Stew’s jeans look okay minus the stupid pegroll of 1988 but she’s a tiny actress with a trainer)… what in the holy hell is with that cut out tank top? This weird 80s throwback fashion reminds me of being a middle schooler in suburban Milwaukee and I felt pretty lucky that my embarrassing idiot clothing choices were isolated to that time. Watching them come back and knowing full well that there are so many MANY other options makes me nervous.

    I saw a woman wearing high-waisted black acid-washed denim cutoffs on Friday and it scared me. It scared me a lot. She was some hip web designer living in Brooklyn, which is funny because 13 years ago — when I did that living in Brooklyn — the incredibly unfashionable people were still wearing that very same outfit.

    And I hate how whenever I’m looking for trail running shoes, they all are black with bright neon or pink/purple/blue. I look like a gross 6th grade bully.


    • That outfit is pretty conservative compared to what I see in Manhattan and Brooklyn on most summer days.

      Also, lots of rolled pants whether jeans, chinos, etc.

    • I agree that the tank/bra is a dumb choice, but I think she looks good. (Back me up here, Winwood!)

    • Here in L.A. I see girls wearing those ratty cut up shirts all the time. As a red-blooded male, I suppose it’s nice getting a clear view of a young lady’s underwear. That sounds creepy, but they’ve removed a third of the fabric from their top, so it’s not my fault. On the other hand, it looks stupid and not edgy when everyone’s doing it.

    • i find that people wear anything deemed “hip.” there is a re-emergence of tennis shoes with dress pants, a trend i hoped would die with my childhood, occurring that bothers me. i also do not understand high-waisted denim as i am a woman with hips and a rather large backside…these things should be avoided. if you want to wear something high-waisted trouser pants are coming back (a trend i can support) and they actually make you look decent if you have a small waist and a big behind. i like the ninties throwback fashion. the eighties throwback fashion is kind of awful.

      • I had a gorgeous pair of high-waisted flare trousers that I have kept in perfect condition since 1999 (though they were styled as mid-40s to early 50s throwback ala Katherine Hepburn) that I just gave to my same friend because the waist to hip ratio was too uncomfortable to wear anywhere but interviews.

        Are the ones you’ve seen like these?

        I was surprised when the business clothing people stopped making them as they look amazing on basically anyone. I miss those pants I gave away.

        I work from home, so I mostly just rock pajamas and a housecoat.

    • I like when my jeans have 1-2% spandex for a couple of difference reasons, but mostly just cause it makes them more comfortable/softer.

      • agreed, the spandex in jeans things is a good thing. either the jeans will be too small for my hips and fit my waist just right, or they will fit my hips and then be way too large for my waist. a little bit of spandex makes it so they actually fit. i feel like jeans were the bane of my fashion existence before they added spandex to them.

        on the negative side, spandex jeans tend to wear out in the crotch faster and they get holes because my thighs touch…so…

      • You know my secret (well, one of my non-dark ones)? Maternity jeans. Not the full belly ones, but the ones for early trimesters, with an elastic panel, like this: I buy them in my regular size and they fit perfectly, feel like yoga pants, and look totally smooth under my shirts (no zipper penis!) No one has every noticed. I can now never go back to wearing regular jeans.

      • Some spandex is great, but the stuff I tried on over the weekend got wrinkly at the knee like old yoga pants and the sales lady told me that was the style. Super tight jeans with balloon knees? Nope. I actually might try to find raw denim and do the European thing of shrinking it to fit you. I might. I won’t, because that involves work, but it’s a nice thought either way.

    • I think it’s the hat/glasses combo that’s killing me. She looks like a 90s child star. And I’m not sure that actually qualifies as a shirt.

      • The shirt reminds me of metal head power lifters. Or the panning of the rows of teen girls in a Motley Crue concert video. It is not flattering. If she was hiking or going for a run, it could sort of make sense but I doubt her jeggings and Keds are meant for more than a block or two of walking.

    • Honest answer: I like her outfit. For real! I saw this post and actually thought “She looks nice!” I can’t really get behind the hat but other than that I think it suits her personal style well. If I could pull it off I would wear a shirt like that on a hot day.

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