I like Action Bronson very much, and I am sure he was nice to these old folks, and this video is “funny,” but it’s also kind of a bummer to think about surviving all of the things life throws at you only to have to then suffer through the indignity of being a prop in a fucking VICE stunt video. #factsonly

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  1. RELAX, Gabe. WE ALL know that OLD PEOPLE aren’t REALLY people. They’re JUST WEIRD! AND FUNNY! Definitely NOT mortal human BEINGS with their own wants AND REGRETS who are AT THEIR very end, GRAPPLING every day WITH THEIR own mortality AND IMPENDING deaths–TRYING to slow DOWN A propulsive MARCH that will LEAVE them as dust–so LET’S JUST all AGREE to LOTS OF LOVE along WITH THAT video!

  2. well the elderly love nothing more than that “hip hop” music so I’m sure they were just thrilled anyways

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