After spending almost a decade in captivity, Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry made her first public appearance on stage at a morning zoo radio summer festival, obviously. She was surrounded by an entourage on stage who threw their hands into the air like they certainly didn’t care quite as much as one might think that they should. Said hip hop performer Nelly, who was in attendance, “I wanna make sure we get a chance to thank you cause I know it’s a long time. I can’t even imagine the type of courage and strength it took to keep it going so, I commend you and thank you.” Despite all her rage, just kidding, I can’t do it. I don’t know, guys! This feels deeply problematic to me but no matter what I wish everyone–Amanda Berry, and her family, and Nelly, and you, and everyone–the very best. Stay safe out there!

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  1. “Thanks for being locked up! The past decade of your life was one long nightmurr.”

  2. this video was really hard to watch (surprising?). but i feel like the most awkward aspect of it was the dude who was basically groping her he entire time?

  3. I’m with you, Gabe, I just don’t know what to feel. It seems unlikely she’d've done something she didn’t want to do… but… I mean, Natascha Kampusch has her own TV show. So it could be worse? Or better? Or worse?

  4. Their shirts said, “Cummin’”! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

  5. Not to change the subject (and I’m certainly glad that Amanda Berry is able to get up on stage with her family at a concert after years of physical and mental anguish and for a moment just enjoy something stupid, because there were probably times over the past decade when she thought all she had left in her life was to be some pervert’s sex slave), but did those guys ever find that party everyone is talkin’ about?

  6. Roverfest totally ripped their font from DuckTales.

  7. I appreciate how this is an “addition” rather then an “edition.” We are adding to a previous edition with this addition. And that’s awesome.

    RIP Gabe. Rock In the Park.

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