• Oooh, another first look! One day and two first looks, who could’ve guessed. This time your first look is at Parkland, the JFK assasination movie featuring Paul Giamatti, Colin Hanks, Zac Efron, and more. -/Film
  • Haha, this is good. Sometimes supercuts are not good, almost all the time, but this one is good: Denzel Washington saying “I guarantee you…” over and over again. -FilmDrunk
  • The next move for The Canyons director Paul Schrader is a movie called The Dying of the Light, which formerly had Nicolas Winding Refn attached to direct, starring Nicolas Cage. A+. -Indiewire
  • Slate also wrote about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. I’m not going to read it myself, because I just cannot, but maybe you’d be interested? -Slate
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  1. Wait can we talk about the fact that the Bachelorette’s name is Desiree Hartsock????

  2. Kelly, did you just confuse Ben Affleck and Benedict Cumberbatch? Do you need an intervention? A famous male actor intervention?

  3. I think that’s a different “Ben” they’re talking about

  4. I saw that picture of Zac yesterday and I immediately retumblred it and then I sat down in front of the mirror and took a good hard look at myself and reassessed some choices I’ve made.

  5. Sigh…why doesn’t Ben ever want MY number….it’s not like I’m playing hard to get at this point….

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