Blake Lively is on the cover of this month’s Lucky magazine, which first off: shout out to Lucky magazine. It’s kind of amazing that Lucky magazine even still exists, right? I have not looked at it in many years, but I once dated a girl who subscribed to it and it was basically just a gigantic advertisement but with pages of stickers and you could put stickers on your favorite parts of the advertisement? This was before 9/11, when the world was a simpler place. And yet here Lucky still stands screaming fuck the free world. Anyway, Blake Lively is on the cover like I said, and she has some VERY moving self-reflections to share with all of us (via Celebitchy):

“Work is important, but my greatest passion is my personal life.”

Powerful stuff. WORK IS IMPORTANT, BUT MY GREATEST PASSION IS MY PERSONAL LIFE. You know that you can only say that if you don’t have a real job, right? That means you don’t actually “work.” Not in any meaningful sense of the term. Also what does that even mean?! Your personal life is your PASSION? Like, that’s what you REALLY want to do when you grow up? Is have a personal life? I’m legit confused by this quote. “Work is important, but my greatest passion is everything outside of work.” YEAH, WE KNOW, DUDE. #factsonly, dude. At the same time, considering what’s going on this week, I also find it deeply touching and I will carry it in my heart forever. So actually thank you, Blake Lively. Namaste.

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  1. My greatest passion is sandwiches. Pretty sure I have you beat, Lively.

  2. Next time I don’t want to do something at work, this is what I’m saying.

  3. Food is important, but my greatest passion is breathing.

  4. “Wow, what an asshole!” -Gwenyth Paltrow

  5. Work can’t be that important, because there is literally nothing on her IMDB page from 2012 onward. Why the lies, Blake? WHY THE LIES?

  6. I’ve been rewatching Gossip Girl on Netflix, knowing full well who Gossip Girl is, and it’s kind of like watching The Sixth Sense a second time, but you start off loathing Serena from the minute she gets off the train at Grand Central Station.

    • This is very true. The twist is that she was an asshole the whole time!

      • I love her dad, mostly because it’s about time someone exposed the humanitarian doctors that work in Nepal and other places without borders for being the skeevy, fake-cancer-giving hacks that they are. Also everyone just refers to it as fake cancer which is endlessly entertaining. “I just wish Serena had fake cancer, instead of her mom,” – me.

        And he just showed up to “circle the wagons” because Lily is probably going to go to jail because she forged S’s name to put S’s former teacher/crush/boyfriend in jail in the halcyon pre-Gossip Girl days so S could get back into Constance. You know, normal family drama.

        • The former teacher/crush that orchestrated her takedown at Columbia because he was in jail, but then fell in love with her when he got out because she was drugged with ether in a motel in Queens by his sister and he felt bad???

          • Best show ever. My favorite moment of Serena being a horrible person was when she was moonlighting as Gossip Girl and decided she didn’t want to be the It Girl anymore so she used her new blogging powers to set up her long lost sister/cousin Lola to be the new It Girl but then got jealous when everybody started loving Lola and purposely sabotaged her.

          • I love how IMMEDIATELY after she dated her ex teacher (after his sister drugged her in Queens) and less than a year after her dad gave her mom fake cancer, she’s giving family heirlooms and her credit card to her cousin. Serena is so much worse than Georgina because at least Georgina takes credit for creating awfulness and insanity, which is why Georgina is my favorite. Georgina and fake cancer giving doctor dad, Stephen Baldwin.

            “But it’s not my fault. I’m nice to people.” – Serena. She could let in a serial arsonist holding a lit match “because it was raining and I didn’t want him to burn his fingers with that match” into her mom’s building and it would then burn to the ground and somehow, even though everyone is surrounded by ash and smoke and rubble, everyone else would bend over backwards to let her know that she was in the right having no common sense and letting in an arsonist because she meant well.

            Even Kelly Taylor made better decisions and she ended up having a kid with Dylan after she got shot in the stomach and was rendered infertile! (I read this, I did not watch the reboot.) Also Kelly DID step away from marrying Brandon, so maybe she’s never been that stupid… except all the times that she was. But I guess it makes sense that you’d drop out of college to hang out with an art guy and do drugs if you just recently got over being stalked by the lesbian that got burned in the fire that you were also burned in (but not on your face) at the KEG Halloween party. Like Georgina, Valerie was my #1 favorite. I basically quit watching Bev after she left and Donna’s secret half-sister showed up and started dating Donna’s exes. Valerie’s speech to the group on her final day of never fitting in was so moving (for Bev), and then the camera pans to Kelly’s dumb boyfriend of all of two weeks who was totally accepted and he’s nodding that Valerie really SHOULD go away because Kelly didn’t like her.

          • My point is that if I played Serena for six years, I’d want to quit acting too.

  7. Something something Millennials something something. I dunno, call Time, they have that joke down.


    • Once one of my students, who I was only a five or six years old than, told me that his passion was “social media, especially Twitter.” Which confused me. It would be like me saying, “My passion is pens! I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, but as long as I am putting pen to paper, I’m going to be happy.” But what are you going to say with the pens? What the message you’re going to put out there on Twitter? AND TWITTER IS YOUR PASSION? Like the actual platform? Just refreshing your Twitter feed? The idea of sending tweets is what makes you get up in the morning? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY IN THESE TWEETS? I dunno, I didn’t get it.

      • There are some really cool pens in this world. Pens would be a much much better thing to be passionate about. There are some really neat pens and pen-related activities — crazy old timey pens, twisty pens, fancy Mount Blanc pens, commemorative pens, using pens made from of feather quills and using a dipping well of ink to create beautiful calligraphy on homemade paper. I’d totally support someone whose passion was pens. Not financially, but just in general. But if I met someone who told me their passion was Twitter, I’d back away slowly out of that room, while still maintaining eye contact so that I do not startle them too much.

      • Let me guess: this guy also thinks he is on the cutting edge of the universe. I have met people who claim their passion is “social media,” and they always have this misguided, dad-rapping-to-connect-with-the-young-people belief that being “passionate about social media” (whatever that even means) makes them totally ahead of the curve. SPOILER ALERT it just kind of makes you an ass.

        • I think flanny has a typo or two in there, which makes me unsure if this person who’s LIFE PASSION was twitter, was a 5 or 6 year old….or they were 5 or 6 years older than flanny..

          Important distinction, because are we calling children asses these days? If so, I’m great with that, but then also, 5/6 is pretty young to be passionate about twitter, so maybe they’re our next poet laureate?! I need a lot more facts so I can go back to graduate school and write a dissertation about this.

          • OMG, so many typos! Just filthy with typos! My passion is pens, not computer keyboards!
            The student had just finished his senior year of college and I was in my mid-to-late twenties and already oh so broken by the world.

        • I mean, my job is social media and marketing, but I wouldn’t call it a passion, per se.

          Actually, my work is important, but my greatest passion is my personal life.

          • My personal life consists of drinking mimosas, listening to the entire Glee catalog of music on Spotify while in Private Mode, and cuddling a 6 lb pomeranian.

    • The joke is that Joel Stein has always been an insufferable douchebag and now my younger cousins know this as well.

      • Reading his articles is like being locked in a room with everyone who was once that student who kept asking questions at the very end of class.

        • Did I ever tell you I was interviewed by Joel Stein? Sort of? I was knocking on doors for Obama in the primary in 2008 and one of the doors was Joel Stein’s. He did not identify himself so we didn’t know right away. He was tall and droll and interested in us. Us was me and a very cute girl. He asked lots of questions, and then wrote a column about it. He did not mention us by name but characterized us as so friendly that we appeared to be on ecstasy, and said the whole time we were there talking politics he was afraid he was about to get hugged. This was accurate.

          He gave us his email, and later we both wrote. He replied only to the one who was a cute girl.

          Because of that double standard, I don’t mind adding this: it was actually the second time I’d met him. The first was in 2000, when he interviewed my boss. Back then he was a tiny, hunched over, wormy-looking little specimen, who was visibly afraid of and flinching from all his surroundings. Dude gave himself a real makeover.

          This is my Joel Stein story. It has two acts.

  8. getting lucky is important, but my greatest passion is staying up all night

  9. My friends nutty mom was talking to her in the market for 30 min whilst RR did the shopping and his mom didn’t know who she or he was. I guess she is V nice IRL.

  10. “Sometimes I like to do things I need to do, but I really like doing things I like to do”- Blake Lively’s Hierarchy of Needs.

  11. personal life involving banging ryan reynolds > any type of work

  12. Has Gabe been Gossip Girl this whole time?

  13. awww gabe, imma miss this.

  14. Faces are important, but my greatest passion is kneeing them.

  15. Acting is important, but my greatest passion is peeing my pants.

    • Ack! He was on Top Gear last night and I kept waiting for him to pee on the car. I was so disappointed when it didn’t happen.

  16. Telling Lotto that his shirt don’t fit him is important, but my greatest passion is pointing out that Cranbrook is a private school.

  17. Listen, people are still getting excited about who’s posing on the cover of MAXIM. So this is just gravy.

  18. I hope Gwyneth Paltrow knows she only has three days to say something really really stupid. I mean I’m assuming she wants to give back to the monster community?

  19. Live every day like it’s your last before tomorrow!

  20. OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb is important, but my greatest passion is Earth.

  21. Who even decides what their “passion” is and then tells other people? That’s weird.

    It reminds me of third grade when we had to do some project about our “hero.” We had to tell the class who our “hero” was. I remember A) not understanding the question and B) feeling shocked that everyone else had one ready to go.

    By the way, all the guys just picked athletes, except one kid who picked “the police who are real-life heroes because they risk their lives to keep us safe,” a second kid who then immediately changed his hero from an athlete to the police, and a third kid who said “my dad,” which even at age 9 I knew was just a cheesy attempt to curry favor at home. (Although possibly his dad was a cop.)

    Anyway who sits around and thinks up what their passion is and who their hero is, especially if they think a passion is “everything except work” and a hero is “a guy who can throw”? Ugh. People. Such a disappointment.

  22. Ooooh, Gabe had a girlfriend!

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