These are photos of Danica McKellar, perhaps best known as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, on the set of an Avril Lavigne music video. It’s funny, you know. There’s a psychological study that I am pretty sure I have already referenced on this website, but it basically explains how if you ask anyone to think back on their life, they can easily explain to you the many ways in which they have grown and changed as a person and the ways in which their circumstances have ebbed and flowed and led them to this particular incarnation. But if you then ask them to project where they think their life will take them in the next five, 10, 20, however many years, and what they think they will be like as a person in the future (in terms of taste, temperament, interests, desires, goals, beliefs, etc) they will tell you that they expect to be pretty much exactly the same as they are now. It’s a combination of a lack of imagination when it comes to our own development, as well as an inability to predict the future. But who knows?! Right now we’re all sitting here in our Uniqlo gray jeans that have way too much stretch in the fabric because we wanted the Uniqlo jeans with less stretch but when we went to the Uniqlo in San Francisco on a visit with our family, they didn’t have the ones we wanted but we were determined to get some jeans and so now we have to deal with these overly stretchy jeans that you practically have to wash after every time you wear them, such is the degree to which they get stretched out, and we’re all reading the Internet and thinking about the pie that is in the refrigerator that a friend gave us this week because she recently had a birthday party and too many people brought desserts and she couldn’t eat all of the leftover desserts and so she gave us all this pie and we had plans to eat the pie last night with a couple of friends after dinner but dinner got pushed back because the organizing friend had to work later than she had expected and so now we are all actually facing the same dilemma as the birthday girl because now we have this entire pie all to ourselves which is so much pie, but if you try and extrapolate out from there to who and where we will be in 10 years who knows?! Maybe on the set of a Silverchair video wearing what looks to be a Prostitute in Waterworld costume who also happens to be friends with Tank Girl, and will do “whatever” for a handful of lettuce seeds and some filtered pee wine. It’s life, man, you just gotta ride this wave until it crashes you up on the rocks of heaven.

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  1. She created a famous math theorem, so I guess she knows the Pythagorean Theorem entails.

  2. Winnie Cooper was my first crush. She is also still very very pretty. She is ALSO a math genius who writes books and stuff. So she can dress however she wants.

    • As a kid I was jealous of her hair.

    • She was my first crush, too. Then once in my 20s I had to babysit her on a movie set where I was a PA, and she was super mean and acted really entitled and it totally crushed me. I thought maybe that’s just how actresses treat people on sets, but then another day I got to hang out with Darlene from Roseanne and she was super nice and fun and we had great conversation. I still to this day harbor resentment towards Winnie Cooper for ruining my childhood Wonder Years fantasy.

  3. High heeled work boots are the funniest

  4. I hope I’m on the set of a Silverchair video in 10 years because that would mean Silverchair got back together. RIP Silverchair, love is forever fan love you :(

  5. i don’t know if i can support this post because equating tank girl with anything to do with avril lavine seems kind of a bad idea. tank girl was a wonderfully drawn comic that i love turned into a pretty awesomely camp movie that is also good. avril lavine is married to the dude from nickelback.

  6. Dear Danica McKellar, you will forever be my round-faced, brainy girl idol. I love you so much, even if your tights make you look like an extra from Avatar who got stuck in the rain and most of her blue paint rubbed off.

  7. I predicted four years ago I would not still be trapped on this blog commentator web zone like Zod in the floating mirror prison in space in Superman the movie part II.

  8. I just want to say that I love Uniqlo. I got this really nice button down shirt there last week for $30. That’s a friggin steal!

  9. My rebuttal:

    Have a neat summer.

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