From Variety: “FilmEngine and Benderspink are teaming to reboot 2004′s “The Butterfly Effect” with original writer-director Eric Bress on board to pen the new script. Producers are A.J. Dix, Anthony Rhulen, Chris Bender and JC Spink, as they did on the original, along with Film Engine president Navid McIllhargey. No director is yet attached.”

Ashton Kutcher wakes up in his college dorm room* from the original The Butterfly Effect. “Here we go again!” he says, which cues the opening title sequence. (The characters are all played by the original characters, so the title sequence features shots from the original film set against a Mighty Mighty Bosstones song.) Although this plot differs from the original, some attention is paid to the original sequence of events that Ashton Kutcher wished to alter in the original — his dog being buried alive, various sexual abuses, etc., — by flipping through images of those events on his iPhone. “Man, I’m glad I was able to change all of this stuff by going back in time and making sure that Amy Smart and I never became friends,” Ashton Kutcher thinks. (I know at this point it seems like this is a sequel, but rest assured that it is a reboot.)

As he flips through the photos on his iPhone, he is noticeably disturbed. Uh-oh! Is he just sad because he’s remembering all of those awful things that actually never ended up happening, because of how he fixed it, but he’s still sad because they did happen once just in a different past? A wink is given to the almost-similarities of this moment to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by playing Beck’s “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes.” Because the similarities are slight at best and pretty much non-existant, the song is quickly cut off with a record scratch and we are given a look at his iPhone — uh-oh, HE’S GETTING A DIVORCE?! Uh-oh, HE’S LOSING HIS JOB AND HIS HOME?!? Uh-oh, HE HAS TO GO BACK AND TEACH GYM AT HIS OLD HIGH-SCHOOL!??!

Yes, what Ashton Kutcher is looking at is his future. But, wait, what? He grabs his iPad. “Suri, show me my future.” This makes no sense in a lot of ways, so nothing happens. “Hmmm. Well, I guess it’s only on my iPhone, sooo.” He grabs his iPhone again and checks to see if any of his friends had Vined anything lately. But wait, what? There’s a Vine of him…falling down the steps? –UH-OH, OOPS, OW, EEK, OW! He falls down the steps while looking at the Vine! What’s going on?!

Ashton Kutcher takes all of his Apple products to the Apple Store. “Hey guys, I think my products are defective,” he says. “Okay, do you have Apple Care?” they ask. “Oh brother,” he says. He remembers his ability to go into the past, so he goes into the past and buys Apple Care, then he goes into the future…But in this future iPads don’t exist?! Oh no, my head is spinning!

So he goes back into the past, doesn’t buy Apple Care, goes back into the future and just pays for all new products. “I just want to put this behind me…or is it in front of me?” he thinks to himself. After he gets home and sets up his webcam to make an “unboxing” YouTube video, he stops cold. The iPhone…still has all the photos of his future on it?!


*There are two possible endings to the original The Butterfly Effect. This reboot is choosing the ending where he goes back in time and is mean to Amy Smart in order to fix everything, rather than the ending where he goes back and time and kills himself in order to fix everything. Smoother transition, less to explain.
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  1. Can we Butterfly Effect it so that this movie was never made?

  2. “Hey this Steve Jobs fellow looks like me” Ashton Kutcher watching Jobs in The Butterfly Effect remake

  3. If I never see the word “reboot” again, I’ll probably be dead because reboots are never going away because Hollywood is terrible, ugggh.

    • Rebooting movies that came out ten years ago makes no sense to me. I get that filmmakers want to use the technology of today to capture something they weren’t able to then, but those filmmakers are dumb. Be creative, Hollywood!

  4. Butterfly Boogie-Woogie. Okay, I’m done.

  5. Top 5 Personal Favorite Producers:
    1. AJ Dix
    2. JC Spink
    3. TJ Dang
    4. RC Bran
    5. TK Balls

  6. cue another day of myself reading through all of the worst movie of all time section…i.e. the best days at work ever.

    • That is literally what I did at work yesterday. The last one I read last night was the one for The Butterfly Effect. I think my subconscious traveled to the future and wanted me to enjoy this article as much as possible and remind me that this exists:

      • the image of ashton kutcher strangling himself as a fetus was second only to this gif. also, the review for le divorce is one of my favorites.

        • I haven’t read that one since it was new! Looks like I have another busy day ahead of adjusting myself so no one can see my computer screen at work.

  7. The Butterfly Effect reboot is the butterfly effect of so many crappy reboots.

  8. Which Mighty Mighty Bosstones song?

  9. You’re holding it wrong.

  10. This movie doesn’t have nearly enough product placement for the audiences of today

  11. Did anyone watch this when they were 18 and not hate it? Can we be honest, just for a second here? Asking for a friend.

    • You know, I don’t remember liking it, but I really wanted it to be great.

      I saw Run Lola Run in the theater, and that was really the first time I learned about or really considered the “butterfly effect,” and I thought it was fascinating. Of course I was excited for the Butterfly Effect. But then it wasn’t that great, but I guess I didn’t hate it because it dealt with a topic I find very interesting.

  12. I knew it was only a matter of time before my avatar became relevant again!

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