I’m not entirely clear on why John Travolta is wearing less and less clothing from one encounter to the next, and it seems fairly obvious that if you drink this cachaca you will black out between dancing on the beach to dancing in the restaurant, but maybe you like blacking out. Maybe you ONLY drink cachacas that make you black out. I don’t know! I don’t know your bag, man! But so what do you think? Does this ad make you SOOOOOOOO thirsty? On a scale of 1 to 100000000 how thirsty does this John Travolta ad for cachaca make you? (Via Dlisted.)

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  1. Just the fact that it’s called “cachaca” makes me want some cachaca.

  2. Serious question. I realize his face has been slowly morphing for awhile now, but really, what is happening to his face?? Is it melting? Did someone replace his head with a Ken Doll’s, complete with painted on hair? Did Xenu eat his face and they had to give him a new one? Is this the sequel to Face/Off?

  3. That Cumberland Farms ad is a little more appealing in comparison to this.

  4. “When you drink cachaca, it will become impossible to predict whether you will have a gross patch of hair on your chin or not.”

  5. this is cool and whatnot, but i have a question for the new york gummers, are you going to vote for carlos danger? is he a viable candidate? i feel like he would fer sure get elected in my city, but i guess i assumed that east coast folks had more sense…

  6. What the heck is cachaca?

  7. Capirinhas are delicious. They don’t really need to have any celebrity endorsement. Basically, they could just put up a screen that says “You should have a capirinha,” and I’ll realize that they are correct, because that’s never NOT correct.

  8. No cachaca, captcha, whatever it’s called for me. I call fake. There’s a group of guys on the beach and Travolta is not wearing a Speedo.

  9. Does Chewbacca drink Cachaca?

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