You: Did you watch my video?
Your Friend: Yeah.
You: Can you believe it?!
Your Friend: Can I believe what?
You: That pretty much no one would take the money! FREE MONEY and they wouldn’t take it.
Your Friend: Well, right. You were just shouting at people.
You: Yeah, shouting “FREE MONEY, NO CATCH!”
Your Friend: Hah, yes. It definitely seemed like there was going to be a catch? I mean, you know what it seemed like.
You: Yeah, it seemed like a guy was trying to give away money and no one would take it!
Your Friend: That’s not what it seemed like.
You: What do you think it says about people? That they won’t take free money if a person is trying to give it to them?
Your Friend: What? It means nothing. It means people aren’t going to talk to some stranger who is shouting weird shit at them.
You: I don’t know, man.
Your Friend: You don’t know what?!

You: I think it says a lot.
Your Friend: I promise you that it doesn’t.

(Via ViralViral.)

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  1. “$1 is not worth the annoyance of talking to some dude on the street” is what I took from this. This experiment is a resounding success!

    • Ew it’s only a dollar? That’s just giving someone a dollar bill’s worth of germs for free. “Free dollar-bill sized sheet of germs here! You can also use it to buy 3/4 of a Snickers!” NO THANK YOU, SIR.


    Yeah, no, fuck you, I don’t want your $1 bill and then feel obligated to make small talk. Make it a benji and then get out of my fucking face.

    (I think Gabe’s grumpiness is rubbing off on me.)

  3. Well he was mean to the one lady who took the dollar! He told her “now get out of here”. :(

  4. I question my friend’s taste in friends, if he or she is friends with a douchebag like me, in this scenario. You can do better, friend!

  5. Video’s title got cut off. it’s called:
    “Nobody in Boston Wants Free Money, Except For the Homeless People Who Hang Out By The Train Station But I Couldn’t Make A Snarky Point Just Giving Out Free Money To Homeless People And Also, To A Finer Point, Who’d Of Thunk That Maybe The People Of Boston Might Be Wary Of Someone Acting Strangely Not Three Months Removed From a Huge Act Of Terror But Let’s Ignore This Because I Have A Point To Make And One Can’t Become A Huge Viral Star And Look At The Bigger Picture At The Same Time LOL”

  6. My reaction to anybody trying to talk to me on the street is to look straight ahead, keep walking and pretend they don’t exist. This goes double for people holding clipboards.

    • Once a guy holding a clipboard was trying to get me to talk to him, and sadly I was stuck at a crosswalk. So he kept saying, “Hey, there, come over here. I want to talk to you. You’re so pretty.” And then the walk sign lit up and I turned my head and said, “Meh, you’re okay ” before walking off. My time will not be bought with empty compliments, sir!!!

      • You just reminded me of the best story ever. So this one time, before I met my wife, she was at a bar and some guy was trying to get her to go into the bathroom and get squishy. After he bothered her enough, she finally went in there with him, let him expose himself, then giggled and walked out. She’s the best.

  7. Maybe he would have had more success if he dressed for the occasion.

  8. I hate clipboard people, so, so, so much.

    My two favorite interactions were when a guy in Boston pointed at me and said “You look like someone who wants to save monkeys.” I just responded, really seriously, “I’d eat a monkey if I got a chance.” Then I went on to describe the scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and how excited I’d be to be at that dinner.

    I also, in a very pissed off mood, once told a clibboarder who shouted to me that if someone has their head down, is walking very quickly at an angle away from you, they probably don’t want to talk to you.

    Yesterday, some girl apologized for interrupting my reading, started her pitch, before I quickly cut her off, telling that I was busy reading.

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