• Aubrey Plaza does a great job as Daria Morgendorffer in this Daria movie trailer. “You should watch it.” – Daria voice.  -CollegeHumor
  • Jason Sudeikis announced last night on Letterman that he has left Saturday Night Live. R.I.P. Jason Sudeikis on SNL. I kind of thought you had already left us. -AP
  • This tiny, dancing videobomber is adorable. She’s certainly more of a Friday videobomber than a Thursday videobomber, but I think you’ll agree that she is still more than welcome. -Dlisted
  • Aaron Paul appeared on Conan last night and discussed, among other things, which bitches were his favorites throughout the filming of Breaking Bad. (The first he lists is “Yeah bitch, magnets!” which is by far the worst, but it is just one more thing that we’ll get through and that will make our relationship stronger.) -Hypervocal
  • It’s been confirmed that Magic Mike is heading to Broadway. Can you imagine all the boring future bachelorette parties? -FilmDrunk
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  1. Wait, so are they really making a Daria movie?

  2. The Daria thing was fun but it slightly bothered me that Jodie didn’t make an appearance.


    “I am a resident of this domicile and I will not be harassed…bitch!” from that episode of season 3 when Hank finds the RV is the best bitch.

  4. nathan lane go gym work out

  5. I was really excited about this Daria movie until I watched the trailer and hated the casted for every character except Daria! We should VG thread re-cast this bitch.

    Lemme start with an easy one and my favorite characters, JANE:
    Thora Birtch
    Mae Whitman
    Scarlett Johanson (doesn’t seem obvious, but she’s so transformative and she’s already got a great Jane voice)
    Rooney Mara

    • I just don’t even know if there is a human man alive at this moment in time who is as foxy as Trent Lane.

      • Oh I hear you. I would go a young Johnny Depp for Trent….or maybe a young Skeet Ulrich….

        Could JGL do it? He’s not exactly tall enough, but I kind of think he could pull of the character.

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