Just one week ago, we had no idea that the future held in store for us a Batman Vs. Superman movie. We went about our days as though we lived in a world where Superman and Batman had to stay in their own movies, and probably they didn’t even know each other? Or, if they did know each other, they were just acquaintances who each didn’t think much either way about the other one. (This may have been specifically my world.) But now we’re living in a world where Batman and Superman are not only going to share the screen, but might also share BEING VERY BEAUTIFUL?! From Cosmic Book News:

Regarding the new Batman, Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf, Lincoln Heights, 7th Heaven, Road To Perdition) is being heavily considered for the part and will be getting a screen test alongside Henry Cavill. Warner Bros. and Snyder are looking at somebody to play the new Batman with a reputation similar to Cavill’s, when Cavill was testing for Superman. It’s also said that better known actors could also be testing for the role. As filming is expected to begin in early 2014, screen tests should be happening soon.

Better known actors like who, Jesse Eisenberg? Louis C.K.? Zac Efron? The cast of Community? (Who are “better known actors”?) One thing the blurb fails to take into account is, even if they decided to cast someone who was ah-not so famous, whether or not America would be ready to handle two beautiful men pretending to be superheros at each other. CAN WE HANDLE IT?! Are both of them allowed to be so beautiful? To be honest, I didn’t even know Superman was allowed to be so beautiful. So. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD IN OUR POLL!

Is Tyler Hoechlin Too Beautiful, Or Just Beautiful Enough?

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  1. He is blandly handsome just like Henry Cavill, though heavier on the bland than Henry. They should balance out Superman’s looks with somebody really weird looking. #SteveBuscemiForBatman

  2. When this fucking Justice League movie comes out, can we seriously get the cast of Community to play all the parts?

    Jeff Winger: Flash
    Troy Barnes: Green Lantern
    Annie Addison: Wonder Woman
    Abed Nadir: Aquaman

    The rest can be villains.

  3. To know for sure, I’d need to see him brooding more. He needs to be more broody than in this photo. Don’t get me wrong, he’s pretty broody, but I gotta have more broody.

  4. Idris Elba for Batman or bust. Seriously. He’s got the body, the big-ass hands, the brooding, the smoothness, and tortured soul. He’s even got the mixture of big expressive eyes that can also squint in a way that alllmost knocks you unconscious. And his voice is pre-gravelly, so no weird Christian Bale artificial gravel!

    When I watched Luther S2:E1 and S2:E2 this was basically a Joker story, it sealed the deal for me. I’m inconsolable. Plus Alice~Catwoman and/or Poison Ivy, no? My only comfort in knowing this won’t happen until all the racists grandpas have gone to join their long-lost hunting dogs, is that he already kinda was Batman in Luther, just with better camera work, music, lighting, acting, etc…than a hollywood comic book adapt will most likely be able to achieve.

  5. I think better known actors would be those whose resume doesn’t prominently feature 7th Heaven.

  6. They both kind of look like the same (very handsome) person?

  7. Let’s give George Clooney another shot.

  8. Ugh, I can’t even believe we’re already having a “next” Batman conversation. I’m really exhausted by the prospect that every 5-10ish years for the rest of my life we’re going to get a new Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some kids to shoo away from my lawn.

  9. I sent this to my roommate who is both a comic book nerd and a HUGE Teen Wolf fan and her exact response was ” ERRRR MAHHHH GODDDDDD THIS WOULD MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST NERD EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

    For reals though, Tyler Hoechlin is so beautiful and I would watch him in anything that requires broodiness while shirtless. His abs hypnotize me.

  10. First time I’m meeting this Hoechlin chap, and I’m thinking maybe we should just leave both roles to Cavill?

    • Look into the abssssssss
      you are feeling sleepyyyyyyyyyyy
      reconsider your opinion about Tyler Hoechlinnnnnnnnn

      • Hmm. I’ll think about it.

        Yesterday I watched the video for Best Song Ever though, so all I can really see when I close my eyes is Girl Zayn.

        • OHHH MMYYYYY GOOODDDDDD THAT VIDEOOOO. Flanny and I were dorking out on Twitter about it.

          I have watched it like 15 times already and it still makes me laugh. Also, it’s really unfair that Zayn is a way prettier girl than me.

          • Yeah if I were Louis I’d be sacking the stylist though.

          • I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS THREAD. Dang work retreat!
            Um, it’s a wonderful video. I can’t get enough of it. I wish I was watching it right now. I think Girl Zayn might be better looking than Boy Zayn. And Boy Zayn is very good-looking!
            At the end of the video I might have clapped and squealed, “They’re doing all their favorite dances!” I was alone in my apartment at the time.
            Also, they had very good American accents. I was impressed with all of them! Except Liam, and I kind of can’t believe they would do Liam’s character when the group has such a big gay follow.
            And as for Louis’ styling, I’m just happy they’ve gone back to his weird comb-over swoop and abandoned the slicked-back thing that made his hair look thin and his face look eight feet long.
            Lordy, I’ve got a lot of opinions about this thing!!!! Lots of opinions and one fact: It’s perfect, mostly.

  11. Wait… THAT is the kid from Road to Perdition? The one whose eyes gave me the creeps?

    Excuse me while I facebook-friend every weirdo guy from high school.

  12. “Don’t you hate it when you’re fighting the Joker and your Batarang gets caught on your old man balls and you’re just like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFGH!”
    -Batman CK

  13. He looks like Mark Sanchez recalling the memory of the buttfumble.

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