How was your day today? I’m watching Orange Is the New Black, or, well, I just finished Orange Is the New Black, but there is a scene in it where the guard with the mustache (or a guard with a mustache, if you’re not watching) (why aren’t you watching?) (it’s great!) complains that no one ever asks him how his day was, and I’m just over here thinking, “Why don’t you read Videogum?” You know? If you read Videogum someone asks you how your day was at least once a week! Maybe then he wouldn’t have, SPOILER ALERT! Anyway, mine was fine. I had a sandwich and this morning I had some coffee. But no matter how many sandwiches and coffees we’ve had today, our day was certainly not as good as the day the babies and the parents who get to watch Yo Gabba Gabba! had, because LOOK WHO SHOWED UP! Hey, it’s Sawyer! From television’s The Lost! (Our day was also not as good as Josh Holloway’s, because of how he got to appear on Yo Gabba Gabba!, one of the best children’s shows to appear on if you are an adult.) Oh well. You win some, you Lost some. Let’s watch it, huh? While no one is around our computers, so no one can see we’re watching a show for actual babies?

Great. Thanks, Josh! Thanks, YGG! Thanks, Orange Is the New Black! HOW WAS YOUR DAY? (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. If he’s not calling someone Freckles in this, I’m not interested!

  2. koko good day. nice outside. saw dog shirt on. haha. dog silly

  3. I thought today was going to be awful and a nightmare because I had a hangover (who knew that drinking an entire bottle of wine and not eating dinner could have unpleasant consequences?) and it’s been busy at work lately. But then it turned out actually pretty ok! I felt a bit under the sea, but ibuprofen and electrolytes and a disgusting breakfast sandwich solved most of my problems. And work was not busy even though it should have been! Miracles are all around us.

    • Only 1 bottle? Pfft.

    • Egg McMuffin, or the equivalent at other places, is the cure-all.

      • Egg McMuffin < McGriffle < THIS THING

        Although I haven't tried it yet, but I am in love with the concept. There's also a point on that scale where Whataburger's honey butter chicken biscuit fits in, probably right at the top, but that's not available to most Monsters, so it just gets honorable mention instead.

        • This place: makes the best damn waffle sandwiches ever.

          • This looks fantastic, but it’s basically a bummer, because making waffles go beyond breakfast was MY idea, damnit! I have seriously been trying to sell people on the idea of savory waffles for OVER 10 YEARS, and my wife was the first person who ever agreed to try them! We make delicious waffles all the freakin’ time now! Last time we did bruschetta waffles!

          • But they only have gluten-free bread, whereas our waffles are ALWAYS gluten-free, and you cannot even tell. So I guess we’re still winning?

          • Hate to break it to you but they do gluten-free waffles. We had them cater and they had em. Your plans are foiled.

          • my grandpa always used to put a slice of american cheese on his waffles, and we’d all laugh at him like “haha, okaaay, grandpa!” but it turns out he’s just a trendsetter.

          • Well now I’m sitting here trying to think if any of my grandparents have weird food habits I can turn into a profitable food trend…

            My grandmother used to make us honey sandwiches? Is that enough of an idea to get a food truck started?

        • That looks like a food coma waiting to happen.

    • catweazle, you are in good company. I have it on good authority that a certain trivia-going trio also spent much of their morning hungover. I wish I’d had a greasy breakfast sandwich to make me feel better.

  4. My day was okay, ups and downs…I got a free lunch with a work meeting and then I had a meeting all afternoon which made the day go by faster. I am going to visit some friends before they leave town forever and they have a baby so I’ll see that baby (I haven’t seen the baby at all and it was born 2 months ago). I had on a cool outfit today, so that’s pretty nice. Also I was looking at the first emails exchanged between me and mr. truck and that’s fun cause we’re both clearly trying to be cute and charming and yet still totally being ourselves. Also my mom sent me some pictures of my niece and she’s 10 months old and looks so much like my brother which is weird and adorable.

  5. God damnit that is a good looking man. I miss Sawyer :(

    I have a new dog! And she is the tits and we’re in love! I had an interview today but it was moved to tomorrow so I took her to the beach and now my car is full of sand but I don’t even care because it was such a lovely day! And things didn’t work out with my gentleman caller, but I went to an auction last night (belt sander, ironing board, end table and corner cabinet for 11$!!) and met a guy there and he is a giant (6’7″!!) and took me to dinner after the auction and we smooched afterwards and have a date this weekend!

    So my day was pretty great!

    Here is dogman fatima (Noama Chompsky) pouting after Catticus stole her dinner

  6. You guys I got a bad computer virus the other day. The screen was taken over by a fake Department of Justice banner warning me that I had broken some federal computer law or other, and that my computer was locked. But conveniently I could get it unlocked if I paid $300 within 48 hours! It was a real pain to fix.

  7. I had a pretty decent day. It was 64 this morning which mean I wasn’t a sweaty gross mess after my bike commute to work. I was only half a sweaty gross mess. I got Saga vol 1&2 from amazon so I’m going to read the heck out of those tonight.

    Hey remember that time that I had a crappy review and it was crappy? Well I think my boss felt super guilty because she is letting me do awesome training in Final Cut and After Effects, which I’ve been begging for for at least a year. Also, I might get to do a two week stint in our London office in the fall. That is, if I’m still here and haven’t found a new job. Still, that is pretty neat.

    Also, some asshat on Wired wrote an article about why there shouldn’t be a Wonder Woman movie because something about bondage in the original comics. He is an ass, but I figured it related to the comments in the Batman/Superman post.

    • saga is so great!

    • update: I decided to water the plants when I got home and locked myself out! No cell phone or anything, plus my roommate had told she was working late. Our hide-a-key was inside because I forgot to put it back from last time.

      This all could’ve been a disaster, but I biked to my friend’s house and she was thankfully home. I couldn’t get on my gmail because of 2-step verification (terrible) so I emailed my roomie from my friend’s account. Then friend gave me a beer and some pie and not 10 min later roomie emailed back that she left early. So everything went well. Roomie made tacos while I built her new desk. Now on to Saga!

  8. My day started bad, because Facetaquito woke up at 6 and wanted to go to the bathroom, and then come back to our bed, which usually doesn’t work out because either he won’t sleep, or else he’ll kick me and steal my blanket. But this time, Mrs. Taco couldn’t get back to sleep, so she got up and there was enough room for Facetaquito and myself to not bother each other, and she got to have a peaceful relaxing morning by herself, and was so grateful that she let us sleep in while she made us a delicious breakfast. It was wonderful!

    Also, yesterday, my boss gave me a long lecture about how you should carefully proofread and go through things with a fine-toothed comb, to make sure everything looks professional, because the report I had done for the first time had a few cells with a different font and a few with border irregularities. Then he gave me the letter of recommendation I had asked him to write for my application to grad school, which I did not look at until after he was gone for the day. He spelled my name right, then in the VERY NEXT WORK it was spelled wrong. And then in the last sentence, it inexplicably referred to me as “Andrew.” So I got to throw the whole proofreading thing back in his face, in a very passive-aggressive manner, as is my wont.

  9. Guys, I am about to go out and eat this sandwich.

    If I don’t return, it was great knowing all of you.

  10. I woke up and got on the exercise bike and rode it and ate breakfast and went to work and now my legs are tired but not too tired but tired enough not to punctuate

  11. My apartment flooded a few days ago when my upstairs neighbor’s water heater burst while he was out of town, so I’m dealing with throwing out a lot of stuff and am not sure if I’ll be able to stay in my apartment depending on the water damage. I’m pretty stressed about it, my apartment is about $100 cheaper a month than my neighbors because I moved in right before they started remodeling, so if they ask me to switch apartments I won’t be able to afford it.

    My poor cat is pretty traumatized, he kept trying to hide under my bed which is where the guys kept trying to suck water from and aimed a bunch of industrial fans at. It took me about an hour to get him out, then I had to trick him into getting in a crate to take to my parents’ house where he’s only allowed in the basement.

    I’m trying to stay really positive, everyone keeps telling me how well I’m handling everything. I keep throwing out “At least we’re safe, that’s all that matters” and “I really needed to purge a lot anyway, I haven’t lost anything I can’t replace” but really I’m pretty :( .

    The good news is I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black. I really love it and it reminds me that things could be worse. I also got to explain to my grandmother what Netflix is today after she asked me where she could find a Blockbuster.

    • Oh wow poor thing!

      • ^Kate’s comment could apply to both you and your grandmother not knowing about Blockbuster’s demise.

        But for real, that stinks! I’m so sorry! I hope there’s not too much damage and that you can still live there!

    • If they try to move you, tell them you want your current lease to transfer to the new unit so your rent stays the same. It’s the building’s fault you have to move, not yours. If you’re a good tenant (you don’t complain a bunch and you pay on time every month) they should agree — tenants who pay on time every month are shockingly rare (at least in my building, but everyone there is highly defective). (Except me).

  12. my study plan of “fifteen minutes of reading for every fourty-five minutes of messing around on twitter/playing sonic dash” is not working out as i’d hoped.

    also, i screwed up my neck READING A BOOK, basically, and it hurts so much, and i can’t move, and now i’m just lying on the couch with my head at the one awkward angle that hurts the least and groaning tina belcher style, and i have to get up and get ready for work soon, and uuuuuuuugghhh.

    oh, but i bought a new (lightly used) laptop to replace my dead computer! now i just keep refreshing the shipment tracker every five minutes to see if it’s been delivered yet.

  13. So I’m back in Boston, and my two lovely nerdy ladies are also back in town, so now all’s right with the world. I was also handed a major project at work, which is super cool (even though they still aren’t paying me) and which I would enjoy if a certain person who had done the ground work had bothered to, you know, look things up or spell things correctly.

    This was pretty much me all day:

  14. mimosas on the beach

  15. My day was pretty boring, but at lunch time I talked to my new co-worker/future new roommate and discovered that she likes One Direction, so that was delightful. I also got tired of having to ask friends for stuff in Candy Crush, so I made two new Facebook profiles for myself that I use to give myself lives. I’m not sure if this strategy is brilliant or sad.

    You guys, my life is so boring.

    • I just started playing Candy Crush which was a horrible decision. It’s so crappy that you can only have five lives at a time! Lame! I want to be able to play endlessly, like with Snood or Peggle.

      • I seriously had to stop playing Candy Crush because it was ruining my life, but–if you set the time on your device a few hours ahead, you can keep getting more lives right away. It worked on my iPad, anyway.

      • I know!! And I refuse to pay money for games that I play on Facebook, so I just have to suck it up. The lives don’t bother me quite as much as when you have to get three friends to help you get to the next level. Why does Facebook insist on making me interact with people that I hated in high school and only remain friends with so I can make fun of them for getting fat?

        • Ugh, that’s the worst! Like, I’m not going to ask my friends for help when I’m playing It Girl because I don’t want my friends to know that I play It Girl because it is the stupidest game of all time but I really want access to that exclusive boutique in Paris!

      • I started playing too, thanks to you jerks. Which sucks because I picked Lumines back up a few days ago, and playing this simultaneously is MURDERING my brain.

    • Oh man this is brilliant. Candy Crush has been taking over my life. I spent all day on level 275 yesterday, which was so infuriating I considered quitting. Then I didn’t.

      • I started playing it a while ago and I liked it but then I decided to do something weird, which was just logging in to give everyone lives and extra moves. That way it says I’ve been “stuck on level 80″ or whatever for 64 days but people think I’m still playing. I don’t know it sounded like a funny weird thing to do at the time but I’m pretty sure everyone just thinks I am really dumb(er). Oh well.

      • damn, I’m only on like level 60 and its already way too hard. I’m scared to see what the higher levels look like.

    • Here’s the trick I learned: Manually move the date forward on your phone and BAM – 5 more lives! And then also you can just move it back and 6 minutes later – BOOM!!!

    • I’ve been stuck on the same level for 2 weeks, so I’m annoyed.

  16. My day was fine until about 20 minutes ago, when I had an unexpected, but very, erm, intense date with food poisoning! I’m fine now, but uggggggggh. I have no idea what caused it, either, because I haven’t eaten anything weird. Guys, what if food is turning against me? My greatest love!

  17. I work from home which means I spent the day annoying my cat by piling things on her favorite napping spot. She’s watching me right now with that “you’re an asshole” look.

  18. Who knew you could play an entire YGG! song with the G chord.

  19. I stayed up late reading a book about demonic possession (Come Closer by Sara Gran – very good!) but I slept in a little and everything was fine.

    Something happened to me yesterday that made me think, “Man I wish today were Wednesday so I could share this with my monster friends.” I was trying to remember what it was when his thread went up and it just came back to me, an hour later. Now I realize it was nothing important, but my brain did all this work so I’ll share anyway.

    Yesterday morning I got into work and had to poop pretty bad. I went to the women’s bathroom on our floor, and as soon as I walked in I realized I’d made a tactical error – two women were standing by the sinks, having just the most insipid conversation. I had to walk past them to go to a stall, and I thought they would disperse like normal people when there’s more than a 10% chance that someone in the room has to poop. Nope! I had to listen to them describe some other woman, likely famous, as “nothing objectionable but not really pretty,” then talk about hot guys on The Bachelorette. I had the most frustrating pee and went back to my desk for another half hour. Oh I was so mad! Between that and Candy Crush Level 275 I had an infuriating day.

    • Being a lady is hard :(

    • Uggggg, bathroom convos are the worst! Can we get a reading on how the room feels about convos while you’re on the toilet? That happened to me today, where I walked into the bathroom along with a coworker and when we had gotten in our separate stalls, she was like, “This is a long day, huh?” Please do not talk to me when I am on the toilet! I am probably just waiting for you to leave so I can take a dump in peace! I do not want to extend our interaction with conversation!

      • Yea I mean it’s not like my mother ever taught me this etiquette, but it’s common sense, isn’t it? Do whatever you want when you have the bathroom to yourself, but when someone else comes in, get the fuck out if possible, without eye contact or conversation. If you’re just peeing or washing your hands and someone else comes in, expedite!

        • Judging by how many times I have been in this situation, it does not seem to be common sense! But I am also a very shy pee-er, so if there is even a smidge of noise in a public bathroom, my bladder clams up. So maybe I am on the far end of the spectrum on this topic.

      • UGH when I was in college there was a girl on my floor who straightened her hair in the dorm bathroom for like an hour at a time. She would also acknowledge you if you walked in while she was there, and everyone knows you can’t just say, “Hey Kim” then go take a noisy dump twenty feet from her head. One time I used the pee-and-return strategy then used the handicapped stall for a safe, anonymous poo. I totally forgot about the disabled girl on my floor, who came in one minute into my session. That was not a good day.

      • I don’t know, it depends on who I’m in the bathroom with? If it’s one of my really close friends, we’ll totally continue to talk while we’re in the stalls. If it’s someone I know less well then I’ll wait til we’re back out at the sinks to pick up the conversation!

    • Makes you feel a little bit of empathy for that phantom runner pooper. Not too much empathy because, come on lady find a gas station or something, but a modicum of empathy at least.

    • I have many feelings about this – yes, no one should ever be talking in the bathroom when people are trying to do their business! Not on the phone, not to each other, not when washing hands while someone is pooping, nothing, none of the above! When people are on the phone in the bathroom (especially if they’re going!) then I’m like gross and I pray I am able to fart super loud so the person on the other line hears it.
      I recommend trying to find a bathroom somewhere in the office that few people use – maybe in a small corner or hallway that isn’t frequented often or on another floor or something. For pooping, I mean.

  20. I was at a work retreat all day today and I will be all day tomorrow, so I picked at my nail polish a lot and now I have to redo it tonight so I have something to pick at tomorrow.
    The good news is that yesterday I worked really hard and I’m starting to finally feel above-water about this conference I’m working on that’s next week. I’m starting to look forward to the actual conference instead of looking forward to it just being done. Don’t get me wrong, I want it to be done, for sure. But I smiled at work yesterday–and not a crazy, insane person smile–but a genuine things-will-be-okay smile. And the conference itself should be pretty fun! Cross your fingers for me.
    Also, I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale! I’m two episodes in and I love it tons and tons! Thanks for the rec, everyone!!!

  21. You guys. I finally got my three letters of recommendation, and now have everything I need to move forward on my grad school app. But to do that, I have to finish these last two classes, which means homework today, which I do NOT want to do. Who wants to do homework to help secure my future?

  22. I MISS YOU, SAWYER. I need your face on my back on my television screen weekly. What’s up with that?

    My day was pretty good. Non-eventful but good!

    I got up and got ready early so I could go the store before work because I had no food for lunch. Then there was work which was fine. I got to speak to a crazy woman on the phone who calls herself the Mardi Gras Queen and she told me she loved me. So that was cool.

    I came home and now I’m bumming around on the Internet until it cools off enough to go for a run.

    I finished Orange is the New Black today as I was getting ready today too! It was good! I was very scared during the last scene! But I’m glad Piper SPOILERED SPOILER real good. So cathartic.

  23. I know this is probably not interesting to 99.9% of the population, but my very first legitimate Moog synthesizer arrived today. As a long-time synth nerd who has owned many non-Moog synths over the years, this is exceptionally exciting for me. It’s kind of like getting a brand new Cadillac after driving a Pinto for 20 years. Probably one of the most well-designed and manufactured products still legitimately Made in America. Of course I’m stuck at work for another 2 hours, so I’m just sitting here losing my mind right now light a little kid on Christmas eve.

  24. I went outside to read in one of the outside chairs for lunch and fell asleep, right on the patio at work. Conk! And I had a super weird dream that I was a butler, or had a butler, and there were Satanists trying to kill me in a vast dark house. It was vivid and I am not 100 percent recovered. Which is kind of cool! I like dreams.

    • I read that as “I was a butter” and was like “No! You, hotspur, are a margarine!”

    • with a dream like that you might enjoy the Edwige Fenech movie “All the Colors of the Dark” where a lot of satanists try to kill her in a vast dark house. She’s pretty. Only problem is the music is awful, gross hippie-ish and discordant. Fake funky. I had to mute some of the scenes because I hated that as incidental music, it ruined the tone. But its a fun jammer, not unlike a special “giallo” type shooter. F to the Y. I.

      • I love her another Martino film, Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key a.k.a. Gently Before She Dies. She’s also pretty and in peril in it. A good, under the radar Giallo. I kid of wish she was in Torso, too.

      • I will investigate this “giallo.” My local theater showed Torso and something else last night (Eyeball?) and I missed it, so I require a sacrifice.

        Preliminary googling supports your “she’s pretty” theory.

    • The only way to both be a butler and have a butler is if you are Higgins/Robin Masters.

      • I still refuse to believe they are the same person.

        • I actually can’t remember if that turned out to be true or not, but I have it stored in my brain as a fact and believe it with all my heart. Kind of like the myth about gum taking seven years to digest. #factsonly

          • In memory it was strongly implied, but the left it a little ambiguous. But, then I also have a vague memory of Orson Welles, or his voice playing Robin at one point?

  25. I had a dream recently I was watching a new Back to the Future movie. Christopher Lloyd was driving the flying time travel car. Suddenly he started experiencing engine failure and the delorean started to nose dive. The camera panned down to reveal that the engine had been replaced with a slab of meat! Chunky flaky sausage the size of a turkey, red and greasy looking.

  26. I spent six hours in a car today for a three hour work retreat at a farm. The highlight of the journey was a five minute stretch in which we drove past the high school where they filmed the original 90210 (West Beverly — Donna Martin graduates!) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s house. Plus I have a bag full of avocados and oranges that I picked off trees with my own two hands. Pretty good day today but I missed you guys.

  27. I just watched Pacific Rim! I loved it! My husband was very loud and involved in watching the movie and it made it extra fun! Here are my nominations for Pacific Rim:

    - Pacific Rim for best Independence Day
    - Idris Elba for best Independence Day end-of-the-world psych-em-up speech
    - Charlie Day for best Rick Moranis
    - Giant Russian Robot for best Punches In The Face
    - Flying Godzilla for Best Godzilla
    - Flying Godzilla for Most Surprising Godzilla Move

  28. Yesterday was okay except that I didn’t get a lot of sleep because I’m the Annie (Community reference!) of my group project. If I had to sum us up, my other 3 partners are Shirley and 2 Pierces. So the past 2 weeks have been a little frustrating.
    I still haven’t finished season 4 of Arrested Development because so hopefully I will finish the remaining 4 episodes by the weekend. I feel ashamed I haven’t finished it by now.

    Also the past few days I have been thinking about make important life decisions. Very adult of me, yes.

    Today I was woken up, so I’m a Grumpy Gus. I like the cool weather we’re having today, so that’s a plus.

    • K, listen up. I think I know why (and this goes for me too) it is so difficult to finish AD S4. For one thing, all the episodes intertwine, and it is a bit exhausting trying to keep up. If, say, you or I decided to binge watch the entire thing, I think we’d be exhausted by the end but it will have been done. But since you and I have been taking our sweet time with this season, it’s kind of a tough thing to know you are about to jump back in this potential head-ache causing thing. I’m six episodes away from finishing, and I watched episode nine two weeks ago.

      Anyway, you can get through it. It’s tough. Actually you probably shouldn’t even listen to me. I’m a terrible TV watcher. Currently I’m in the middle of several shows, old shows! Like The Killing Season 2, and The Wire Season 5, and Doctor Who Season 4. I have to force myself to sit down and continue what I started. It’s easy with DW, and less easy with The Wire. But man, the Killing got so boring for me. I just had to stop. I’m on episode 10 or 11 and I just don’t care to continue. I stopped back in July 2012! I just didn’t care anymore!

      • I think that’s why. Also, lately I’ve been too lazy to log in to Netflix. I check my email, surf a little, and do some homework. I think when classes are done or when I get a day with no homework (one professor has never given us even the weekend off between assignments or reviews), I can finish AD and start/finish the million other tv shows in my queue.

  29. Tired. Sleep has been crap for a while now. Kind of depressed as a result.

    I’m a joy to be around this week.

  30. I watched weird 1930s documentaries about sea creatures! the Seahorse was my favorite. Black and white film of tiny transparent seahorse hearts! Who knew early nature documentaries are so cool.

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