• A new trailer was released from Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Gravity, and it is intense and neat and kind of makes you feel sick when you watch it. Ch-ch-check it out! -ComingSoon
  • Vulture rounded up a few things you might not know about the cast of Orange Is the New Black, which I finished last night. Have you finished it yet? Wasn’t it great?! -Vulture
  • CNN anchor Jonathan Mann said “dildo” by accident and it was very good. -Dlisted
  • Facebook released a statement about the technical error that caused Kirk Cameron’s new movie trailer to be blocked from the site for a brief period of time. “Technical error,” yeah, psh, right, uh-huh. -FilmDrunk
  • Over at /Film, Peter Sciretta put together a calendar of the sequels, reboots, and adaptations that are awaiting us in 2015. Ugh, 2015. Can you imagine how old we’re going to be then?! -/Film
  • The Tyler Perry movie title generator. -NateFernald
  • Here’s a supercut of every movie reference in the Simpsons, from seasons one through five. Do the Bart man! (Yeah?) -NextMovie
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  1. That movie name generator is perfect and I cannot wait for Tyler Perry’s Bad Things Don’t Do No Why.

  2. I haven’t finished Orange Is The New Black yet, but can we talk about it anyway? Because I was watching an episode yesterday, and it struck me how stupid they made Piper. I don’t just mean about jail stuff; that I could understand (although having characters always explain the way things work in jail would get old after the first season, at the latest). But just in general! Everybody has to explain everything to her all the time, and she has absolutely no concept of how human beings interact with each other! It’s pretty annoying, but I think it would be a bigger issue if the show just focused on her and didn’t give so much time to the other characters. But stories are spread out enough that stupid Piper’s stupidity isn’t totally killing it for me.

  3. Gravity looks amazing. I cannot wait for that movie to come out. If nothing else it looks like it will possibly be one of the most beautifully shot movies in a while. If it weren’t Alfonso Cuaron directing I would be a little skeptical, but the guy directed Children of Men so he has earned a Lifetime Pass regardless.

  4. Classic Bash!

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