Over the weekend, Geraldo Rivera posted a half-nude selfie on Twitter. He took it in the mirror, and he is wearing a towel, sort of, but he’s wearing it really low if you know what I mean. Do you know what the word low means? It’s a synonym for “nightmare.” Along with the selfie, Geraldo said “70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…).” At his age what? I think what he means is that at his age he doesn’t look like a distended sack of bones stuffed with oatmeal, so good for him, and God bless, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us are on-board. Good grief, will you listen to me carrying on and on? The whole point of this post was to regroup and ignore this whole incident together. There are other incidents! There is practically an infinite number of incidents for us to discuss other than the Geraldo Rivera half-nude selfie incident. For example: the duchess of Cambridge is in labor. Or just “kittens.” Really anything. Anything other than Geraldo’s unfortunate selfie. (And let me just clarify that I’m not saying Geraldo’s selfie is unfortunate and everyone else’s selfie is cool. Enough with the selfies across the board, you GOONS. But here I go again, harping on the very thing we all agreed not to harp on. Harp on anything else! That’s the whole point! The world is our harp oyster.)

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  1. I recently found a podcast called “Welcome to Night Vale,” and I am enjoying it! I would recommend it to all of you! If you hate it, please don’t punch me!

  2. I recommend @EmrgencyKittens … if you are on the Twitter. I spend a lot of time on social media every day because work and I have found that this account is really calming and soothing no matter what else is transpiring around me (virtually or otherwise).

  3. Oh here’s something we can talk about….I know we usually talk about this kind of stuff on Friday, but c’mon that’s so far away and I’m excited NOW!!!
    Let’s talk about the new Hunger Games trailer! Catching Fire!
    I am very excited about this because the 2nd was my favorite of the 3 books!

    The revolution stuff looks great (the use of red in the districts against the pale/bleak setting and costumes? great!) and the Finnick stuff looks great!
    We didn’t get to see Johanna!
    One thing that I was very VERY disappointed by was that the trailer revealed how her (spoiler) turned into a (spoiler) in front of everyone. That was a moment in the book that took me by surprise and was very powerful and I know the trailer doesn’t really give context but still…it’s cooler as a surprise I think.

    • Well they did show all the tributes together in that one shot, so MAYBE if you zoom in you can see Johanna?

    • Oh man, I forgot about Johanna. I think in my head I somehow combined Annie’s and Johanna’s plotlines. Guess I need to re-read the book, but it was the best one so I don’t mind.

    • That is a slick trailer. I am very excited for this movie. Also the website for Catching Fire or the Hunger Games in general is really neat. I’m now going to read its source code to see how they built it.

    • Also I just noticed something else: the tears on Katniss’ cheeks when she comes up into the playing field because of what happened right before!!! (serious spoiler that i won’t put here) OMG YOU GUYS!!!!!

  4. I finally got a haircut this weekend and I like it, but I think it makes me look older. So, mixed emotions? Also, I started see a new stylist and he is awesome. But he’s in Tulsa. So, ugh?

  5. Where are the kittens? I need some kittens. Something is up with my foot and WebMD has me convinced I’m dying :(

  6. How can I ignore it when he has a better body than me.

  7. Also! The Corpse Flower is blooming here!

  8. I’m still on cloud 9 after seeing Belle and Sebastian for the first time on Saturday. So everyone should just dance to B&S all day.

  9. I found out I was pregnant and got laid off from my teaching job on the very same day. Congratu-sorry to me!
    I have an interview at another school in a week and I’m terrified I won’t get it. I’m also terrified that I WILL get in and they’ll be super pissed when they find out I’m pregnant.
    But at least I’m not human-nightmare Geraldo, so I’ve got that going for me.

  10. Here is a picture of a dog that saved a kitten

    so remember – life isn’t just nightmares and human garbage. Sometimes puppies are cute.

  11. Off topic question, but does anyone know what settings to use in Spotify and Skype to keep them from loading every time I boot up my computer? I’m sick of them using up my precious RAM and spending 4 minutes every day trying to close them.

  12. Would you hit it?

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