• The first footage from Divergent, the Shailene Woodley-starring Hunger Games-like franchise that isn’t for us because we are adults, was released at Comic-Con. Want to watch it? No one will judge you because no one will know! -/Film 
  • Fisher Stevens says he’s been contacted to do a Short Circuit remake? Okay, Fisher Stevens! Anything is possible in this world, we have no reason not to believe him. -FilmDrunk
  • Did you know that it is Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday today? It is! Also, he spoke with Vulture about his Emmy nomination and about loving Matt Damon. HBDBC. -Vulture
  • Here’s the cast of The To Do List talking about what they learned while making the film. -NextMovie
  • Oh, man. You know how Kanye West always tells paparazzi to “never talk”? It’s the best. Everyone should follow his advice. Let’s all stop talking. -Dlisted
  • Finally, Nicolas Winding Refn talked to Slate about how he uses music in his films, and his favorite use of songs in film history. -Slate
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  1. It was my actual husband’s birthday yesterday and it’s my future husband’s birthday today? WHAT A WEEK, GUYS!

  2. “I don’t think enough people throughout the world are obsessed with me yet so I’m going to go officiate my gay friend’s wedding now. Laters!” – Benedict Cumberbatch

    • I love that Matt Damon is his hero, too. This is such a sweet little interview that makes him seem a bit more real. Because if there’s anything this guy seems, it’s unreal.

      • Wait, is he just trolling now? “I’d be a bit star struck [around Pacino and Douglas], but at least with Matt [Damon], I can kind of quiz him. And then cut to a hot night where we’re all getting drunk and dancing and having a good time!” – real quote from this interview

  3. Fisher Stevens once stood in line in front of me at a burrito place at O’Hare. #justlikeus #fridaystorytellingtime

  4. You GUYS. There is a live stream of a FUCKING DOOR IN THE DARK for people obsessed with the Royal Baby. It’s kind of the best. And the interviews with the fans WHILE A CAMERA IS FOCUSED ON A DOOR is so unintentionally funny.


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