I don’t know what this has to do with Glamour Magazine, but their cover girl Anna Faris made a funny-cute video for them about how the recession is affecting Hollywood. It’s not full of LOLs, but it’s not terrible either, and if you like Anna Faris (and video co-stars Rose McGowan and Anna’s real-life boyfriend, Parks And Recreation‘s Chris Pratt), you’ll probably be so won over by her charm that you’ll forget for a second that the recession is really bad for many non-Hollywood regular people. I mean, that just has to be said.

A video with this premise was bound to get made anyway, so the fact that it was lovable Anna Faris instead of, say, Diddy makes it easier to swallow. It does kind of remind me a LITTLE of those internal videos they used to make for George W. Bush, though. (Via New York Mag’s Daily Intelligencer.)

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  1. I guess this and her role in Observe and Report add up to two points for Anna this year. She really is cute, too.

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    • You make me glad to be Canadian.

    • You know how Luigi’s superpower* is to

      the universe around him? Norm gets to do that too. Unfunny jokes are funny! Up is down! Offensive is charming!

      * I know I’m the only one here who knows what Luigi’s superpower is.

    • I don’t really understand your question. Funny jokes are funny, and offensive jokes are offensive. Sometimes offensive jokes are also funny, and sometimes they’re not funny at all. It depends on the joke. It’s not necessarily dependent on who is telling them or where they are being told, but just whether or not they’re funny (and/or offensive).

      The jokes that Norm MacDonald told weren’t offensive. They were jokes about Andy being a male prostitute, which makes them prostitute jokes. The nickel joke, for example, is gender-and-orientation-nonspecific.

      And I don’t remember anyone complaining about gay jokes in The Hangover.

      What are you even talking about?

      • Thank you, Gabe for your response and clarity.


        Also people on the internet where complaining about The Hangover having gay jokes and stuff. People on the internet you don’t know. But I do. We hang out all the time. Where are you at?

    • Seriously, we know you’re not serious and you’re just some bored, overacting hipster dbag.

      No one makes a quote that close to something from The Room on accident.

      I found you, you snake in the grass.

    • why is your comment on the anna f. page?

  3. PJ Beardsley  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2009 0

    I did it…..for America.

  4. Am I going crazy, or did Anna Faris have plastic surgery? Her lips look different?

  5. seeing anna faris be cute and charming and goofy so often, you just assume that it’s easy, but then you see rose mcgowan be a total bummer and you see that it isn’t easy to do, even in a low stakes mini-movie for glamour.

  6. Anna Faris is hot and funny, which makes her extra special hotter! She is the best, most consistent comedic actor around today. And “Smiley Face” was the BEST STONER MOVIE EVER! And she managed to survive the “Scary Movie” franchise.

  7. how do i know that “taylor schechter” guy….wait is that “little bit of luck”???

  8. Matt  |   Posted on Jun 13th, 2009 -5

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  9. chick  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2009 -1

    this is inane.

  10. Grammar Police  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2009 0

    Because you use two question marks when just one will suffice.

  11. even if i grant you that prostitution jokes are offensive (i remain unconvinced of this), they can still be funny – as norm showed us earlier today. and funny jokes that are offensive are still funny jokes – as in, we laugh at them. it’s kinda your call as to whether being funny justifies the existence of funny/offensive jokes. i think it does. cuz i liek to laff.

  12. They are GAY prostitute jokes. That’s the fuckin point I’m making.

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