After years of crunching numbers and writing equations out on library windows in white grease pencil, one brilliant minded reddit reader has finally debunked the pizza math from Home Alone. Finally.

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Obviously, this is powerful stuff to which we can no longer afford to turn our blind eyes. My only hope is that the nefarious fat cats in Big Pizza don’t turn this into an Edward Snowden type whistleblower manhunt situation. The truth is out there, sheeple. P for pizzavendetta.

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  1. Because the idea that a large group of people ordered more pizza than they could eat is just so incredibly insane lets not even mention it.

    • This kind of thinking enables the exact same math-fear that led the McAllister to not once, but twice, forget to count on of their children on vacation.

  2. But wasn’t the whole deal with Kevin not getting the pizza that somehow there was only a single slice of plain cheese and that was all he would eat but his jerky tarantula-owning brother ate it right in front of his face? I haven’t seen the movie in a very long time but that part really resonated with me because I only liked plain cheese pizza as a kid and my heart really went out to him in that moment.

  3. I think I_comment_ergo_I_am is missing the point here. Never mind that Winnetka is one of the most affluent Chicago suburbs and the family had money and a family reunion that very well might have called for the trendiest, most expensive pizza in town. The point is, the pizza was merely a symbol of adulthood.
    As outlined in this geocities page, Kevin is unfairly punished over pizza. He can’t do anything about it because he is a kid. Years later riding in a limo with a whole pizza to himself seems like the definition of “making it” as an adult. So the amount of money is meant to seem astronomically large to a kid. It’s meant to represent the helplessness that Kevin feels throughout the film.

    • The macaroni scenes are also important to this theme. The purchase of the macaroni dinner signals Kevin’s attempt to inhabit the adult world, but later he is interrupted before getting a chance to enjoy the meal by Harry and Marv, foreshadowing Kevin’s ultimate requirement to be rescued by a “real” adult (the shoveler).

      • What about the ADA approved toothbrush scene?

        • That one is significant in terms of Kevin’s desire to accord with his society’s laws, norms, and regulations. His insistence on whether the toothbrush is ADA-approved signals his own desire to be “approved” by the social body, especially considering his position of isolation within the narrative of abandonment. Ironically, he fails in this attempt, inadvertently breaking the law due to private fears.

    • SMDH if you’ve never rented a limo so you could eat a whole pizza inside as an adult.

    • I find it insane to believe anyone in the Chicago area would buy New York style pizza.


    • Your link is the most glorious thing I have ever laid eyes upon.

      • Yes. It’s like it’s written from the perspective of people at the dawn of movies who believe they are looking through a window at concurrent reality. And the link at the end to books on disturbed children which just links to a mostly empty wordpress site with one line of Japanese? Icing. Icing on the pizza.

  4. Have you seen the actor that plays Buzz lately:

    Yeah, I think we can close the books on this case. Tell Aceveda he can get off my ass about bringing the numbers down.

  5. Now I want pizza.

  6. Way to make pizza not fun, reddit dude.

  7. If Fuller drinks 8 cans of Pepsi in 100 minutes…

  8. I have nothing to add – just wanted to say how heartily I approve of the work the Reddit guy, Gabe, and all of the commenters are doing on this.

  9. Like that reddit nerd has never eaten a whole pizza before.

  10. Logistical flaws: 1) pizza price inflation has been staggeringly under-performing in regards to regular inflation. $12 a pie would have been pretty perfect in ’93 or whenever. In an urban area for an extra large pie with a meat topping I can pay around 18 dollars plus delivery charge and tax, so fulfilling the pizza topping desires of a family full of probably picky children would add pizza need.

    2) There are at least three teenagers. Anyone who has gone through adolescent hormones and growth spurts and not been able to, neigh felt the need to, eat more that half a pizza to themselves should see a physician.

    3) Comically absurd fat bully character. That is at least one whole pizza GONE. In any narrative.

  11. This is what happens when you don’t avoid the Noid.

  12. I don’t really see where he’s going with all of this. What’s the ultimate problem? That there’s too much pizza? That happens ALL THE TIME. IS it that Kevin didn’t get any cheese pizza, because Buzz ate the last slice? These calculations in no way figure the division of toppings among the pizzas! I can definitely see issues with that last bit, as any large pizza order should probably be about half plain cheese, because that’s the one topping everyone can agree on. But that doesn’t involve math! That’s simple logic!

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