How are you guys doing today? Personally, I am fine. Very standard-issue day over here. I had a salad for lunch. That’s like, the biggest news so far. Not bad! It literally could be worse! But I’m definitely not having as good of a day as Júlíus Pétur Guðjohnsen. That guy! You see, Ryan Gosling was recently in Iceland to work on post-production for his upcoming directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster. At first it seemed like your standard exciting visit of a major celebrity to a foreign country. But then something strange started happening. As Gawker reported this week, Iceland’s oldest newspaper, , published a story about Ryan Gosling’s car being rear-ended in Reykjavik, except it wasn’t Ryan Gosling at all, it was 27-year-old Júlíus Pétur Guðjohnsen. Who has since become a minor celebrity in the country, being dubbed Iceland’s Ryan Gosling. He’s doing great! Total game-changer! That guy is probably drowning in poutine. (I know poutine is a Canadian thing, but I don’t know enough about Iceland to make the joke I wanted to make, and I think you get the joke anyway because it is a VERY good joke.)

But what about you guys? How are your days going? Everyone answer at once.

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  1. I grilled myself a steak for lunch! On a Wednesday! Clearly, I am living the dream.

    And now I have to add a bunch of filler to my project to make it the minimum required length. Only 8 pages to go!

  2. EMERGENCY ALERT! Too hot of a day in NYC! Stay inside where the brews are!

  3. My ass has been sweaty since approximately 42 seconds after I showered. That’s how my day has been, Gabe.

  4. Ryan Gosling is in Iceland and Benedict Cumberbatch is in Japan. Any news on the whereabouts of Edris Elba?

  5. Work has been good today! Getting stuff done, staying busy. Half-listening to Reza Aslan’s new book in the background (it’s good!).

    But today also marked the beginning of my annual, season-long, low-heat panic attack when I realize that if I want to apply to graduate school I should start now, which means I have to think about what it is I want to DO with my life and then make like actual big-boy PLANS about said life, which is obviously the worst.

    Especially because if I let another year go by without making a decision (but then eventually do decide to go), I won’t start a program until I’m at least 28, gumming apple sauce at the window of my retirement home.

    I just want to be super rich and popularly held in high esteem for something I care about without having to do much work.

    Is that really too much to ask?

  6. So my choral group is singing the national anthem for the local Yankee franchise team “the Railriders” before tomorrow night’s game. Today we found out that a famous real Yankee will be playing in the game so now we’re singing for a sold out crowd. The pressure is on. (It’s “A-Rod”)

    • Would it help you to know that he is kind of a piece of human garbage?

      • I have heard that. Last week we had Derek Jeter, and he was very nice. People were saying thank God we got Jeter and not A rod, and now look what happened.

        • Look at it this way: A-Rod is someone’s grandchild. Pretend you’re his grandmother. Sure he’s a disappointment but he used to be SO CUTE!

          I should mention that I have no idea who A-Rod is.

  7. well, my dumb band broke up. so that hasn’t been fun, though it HAS been appropriately dumb.

    in the last week or so i have found roughly one spider per day in my house and my every waking moment has been a horrifying nightmare.

    my old, crappy computer finally died on me, and i’m using it as an excuse to finally upgrade to a proper workstation, so if any art/design monsters have any recommendations, they’d be greatly appreciated. i know basically nothing about computers.

    it’s been kind of a lousy couple of days, but i did just pick up some comics and a cheeseburger. so. #feelings

    • That’s terrible! Your guys’ album was so good. Please keep making music!

      • i will, probably! i think the singer and i are going to try and write some new stuff as a two-piece (under a different name). i also might be joining another friend’s band, and our singer and guitarist each have solo stuff and i’ll probably end up playing drums for at least one of them.

    • wait, was your dumb band the one I listened to? This is terrible.

      I’m a design monster that uses a mac, so I’m no help. Just get the shiniest one, that’s probably the best.

      • oh and what comics are you reading? I just subscribed to Saga and dropped Detective and Nightwing. They were boring me. I guess Hawkeye is good right now?

      • i had been using a rickety old pc, but i’m looking to switch to mac, since that seems to be the standard. but good gravy, they are expensive.

        today i picked up the second trades of revival and fatale, and i’ve been enjoying both of those a lot.

        • they are expensive but my tiny macbook survived 4 years of design school and then I handed to my sister and it’s been holding steady for 3 years after that. They do tend to last. I’m sure if you do the research you’ll find a PC that’s just as good and a helluva lot cheaper.

        • also, definitely check out the refurbed ones. they are much cheaper as last just as long. plus, i found out that after apple care runs out, if you find the right place you can still basically have anything replaced. mine is a macbook pro from 2006 andi just had the hard drive replaced and it’s like a whole new computer! for only $200! so there are definitely ways to make it work.

  8. I’ve had an eventful week which included seeing a bunch of monsters in NY! My day has been less eventful, mostly sitting in this “conference room” (it’s a storage room) my temporary employers have found for me. No one comes in here except on accident. It’s actually kind of great.

    Best news though! Gentlemansteph got a new job! We found out yesterday, and he’s letting his current employers know before the weekend. He’s worked big law for the last three years, and we are so excited he gets to leave. No more billable hours! Permission no longer required to leave town on a Saturday! More time with almost-wife and basset-son!

    • What’s the new job? Is he joining the circus as a piemaker?!

      • He’s still doing law, just in-house at a company. He’ll be one of four lawyers there, and it’s a real 9-6 kind of gig. The only downside is a sort of hellish commute, but he’ll have like an extra 4 hours every day. He’s even talked about going to the gym to avoid traffic. This boy has not been to the gym once in the six years I’ve known him…we’ll see how that one pans out, I guess. Maybe he’ll turn out a Wolverinish physique.

    • Steph I finished your book yesterday and I am so mad at you! Because there is no sequel yet and I just want to know things! Ugh!

      • Ahhh thanks! There is a sequel! It comes out in about a year. I owe my first draft September 1, two weeks before my wedding. I’m in full stress mode for the next two months.

        • Sweet booyah! Are you going to get extra super crunk at your wedding out of sheer relief?

          • Oh man, I need to set like a strict limit on my alcohol consumption at my wedding. I have gotten black-out drunk at half the weddings I’ve gone to, and I’d really prefer to remember mine. I would also rather not puke and pass out.

          • By the way do you guys remember someone told a story in some thread a while ago about a groom who got so drunk at his wedding that he grabbed the bride’s dress during pictures and ripped it or made her fall or something else terrible? And then passed out in the hotel room so the bride had to have her mom help her out of her dress or something? I think this was like a year ago at least, but that story really haunts me and I’d like to read it again.

          • Steph, it if makes you feel better, most of my friends who also had this fear said that they were too busy making conversation and doing wedding activities to even get drunk if they wanted to… including my friend who had us all carry mint as our bouquets so we could have mint juleps as drinks afterwards. Also: make sure to eat small things before the wedding (during hair and makeup and pre-whatever and the like) so if you do manage to have some drinks, you won’t get wasted. Tea sandwiches and snack fruits (grapes, apple slices, orange slices) were the best add-on that I have seen in the 8 weddings that I have been in over the past decade. Light, filling w/out bloat, easy to nibble on if you are nervous and won’t stain dresses/hands/clothes. Most caterers offer this as an option and every one of my friends that did it was more than happy to pay for a few trays of food bc they had better energy in the long run and it kept the bridesmaids from fainting/getting too drunk as well.

          • You what you should do? Take a bunch of heroin before the reception. People won’t even notice how much you drink!

    • Oh that’s wonderful news! Getting out of big law is a really big deal! Congrats to all of you!

    • Congrats to Gentlemansteph on the new job and congrats to you on the sequel, can’t wait for it!

    • Congrats!

  9. I have been bummed out all week for no discernible reason so I’m just going to classify it as temperature-related grouchiness. It’s sooooo hot outside but they always have the AC up super high in my office so I’m like, blowing on my hands to keep them warm and there was a point today where I seriously considered putting on my Snuggie.

    I ordered a stupidly expensive t-shirt (because I am stupid and have a clothes problem) and it came today. I was surprised to find that it has a gigantic safety pin randomly stuck in the side which, whatever, cool, I can get down with a safety pin, but it made me LOL because the shirt has built-in holes for it to go through which pretty much eliminates whatever element of coolness they were hoping to add. But whatevs, I’m still going to wear it and you can’t stop me!

    • I once bought a dress that was built around swaths of fabric held together by big safety pins. It showed a lot of skin, and for some reason, I thought I would wear it. NOPE. Nope nope nope.

  10. I am having people over tonight and drinking sangria. I made white sangria with peaches and cantelope.

    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since saturday night, which is terrible. My allergies are going crazy and benadryl wears off after 6 hours, so I end up waking up at 5am with a stuffed nose. Last night during the hour of sleep I got I dreamt that the characters of the Office were being held hostage and I was trying to steal Jim from Pam. Very weird, since I haven’t watched the Office in years.

    This weekend is Pitchfork. I’m really only excited for Belle and Sebastian, but I’m really really excited for them. 15 year-old me is freaking out.

    • ps-I listened to Finish Ticket and I can’t remember whose band it is! But it’s great stuff and I really like it. Come to Chicago and you will have at least one person show up who will dance a lot. And I’ll buy a round of beers.

    • I am going to Pitchfork on Friday even though music festivals are my personal nightmare and it’s going to be 1048 degrees. It is written in the Book of Catweazle that whenever Joanna Newsom comes to town I have to go see her even if it is awful or expensive because she is the best.

      • I am just showing up for Joanna on Friday, but I’ll stick around for Bjork because it’s Bjork.

        After how miserable last year was I’m going to take it slow and show up late every day.

      • Friday’s weather is totally going to suck. The good news is that, as far as I’m concerned (not passing judgment on anyone’s tastes or anything) Friday’s lineup kinda sucks. So I may ditch Friday, especially if my girlfriend decides to do the same thing. Saturday will be great, though, mostly because Parquet Courts are playing and I really can’t wait to see them play live. Also, the storm that is going to make Friday a nightmare will make Saturday and Sunday much cooler.

        I am, however, hitting up Foxygen at Schuba’s on Friday night, and I’m super jacked about that because I absolutely love that album and Schuba’s is LITERALLY a 500 foot walk from my apartment! For the record this will be my 9th consecutive Pitchfork Festival if one considers the original Intonation Festival to be a de facto Pitchfork Festival.

        • if it’s going to rain I might just skip friday. Riding my bike through sever thunderstorms is awful.

          I’ve been twice before this year- last year and 2008. 2008 was the best- public enemy, mission of burma, vampire weekend, fleet foxes, dodos, hold steady, !!!, bon iver, animal collective, and a million others. I feel like lolla has stolen a lot of Pitchfork’s acts.

    • That sounds delish! Sangria is my summer drink specialty. In winter, it’s hot buttered rum. I’m an all-season alcoholic!

  11. I finished the last three episodes of Orange is the New Black early this morning, and it was a very good time. Then I slept, as one does, waking up and immediately heading to the comic book store, buying my books, and then reading them with glee.

    Every comic book day I always arrange my weeklies into an order I feel will be the best combination of story chapters to read. If one book is known for having good cliffhangers or another is the final chapter of a story arc, they go to the end. Middle chapters go to the front or middle, depending on how heavy I anticipate the issue to be, and position them next to other comics that I know will have a completely different mood or if there is a similar theme between the two. The first comic in the order is usually lighter fare to capitalize on the fun of reading comics, or, in a complete reversal, comics I cannot wait to read sometimes come first because I’m impatient. If a completely new book is in the mix, it usually gets tucked in between two staples as a palette cleanser, like a new show debuting after a popular show serves as its lead-in.

    Today was a good day. I was really happy with the order I chose. A great cliffhanger in Walking Dead and then a great conclusion to the Conan story arc The Nightmare of the Shallows.

    • You’ve clearly given this a lot of thought! Well done.

    • Your system seems superior to mine, which involves reading half of every weekly and then moving on to another one, in fear of cliffhangers or emotional weight, and then leaving the whole pile somewhere weird and confusing (fridge? in a drawer in the bathroom) so it is very hard to reconstruct the plotline the next time comics appear.
      Planetary broke me, basically.

    • I only subscribe to 4 comics right now because money. My technique is to let them pile up at the comic store and then go pick up 15 issues at once. I’ve only just got into reading monthlies in the last year and I actually find it irritating. I think I like reading the full story once it’s done and bound in a nice book.

    • I don’t buy comics anymore because I live in a small town and we don’t have a comics store and even if we did I’d still be well below the poverty line. But your system makes a lot of sense and makes me wish I was buying comics just so I could put it into practice.

      I used to have a limited edition, autographed-by-Ben-Edlund copy of the Tick Omnibus which was the best thing I’ve ever owned – or ever will own – until I loaned it to some jackwad who stole it. His first name was Ken. I forget his last name. Roberts, maybe? Fuck that guy.

      Orange is the New Black was AWESOME! I burned through the last three or four episodes today as well. Amazing show. I was hoping that it was going to be a self-contained season, with no cliffhanger at the end, just because I’d grown to love the characters so much that I didn’t want them left in limbo for a year, but alas. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

      Unless what you need is the opposite of a cliffhanger. Then you don’t. At least in the case of Orange is the New Black. Get what you need, that is.

      • Yeah, that ending. WHoo-boy. Already knowing a second season was a-go didn’t make me as precious with how the ending might go (re: cliffhangery vs. non-c;iffhangery), but when it ended I was like, “Well, Weeds loved cliffhangering their seasons too.” CLIFFHANGERING. New word.

  12. I have been legitimately bummed all week about Cory Monteith dying. I know a lot of people think Glee is terrible, including me, but I loved that show. It was a huge influence on my life and it’s pretty much the reason I moved to LA to pursue my dreams. The last two seasons have been pretty unforgivably bad, so I already felt like I was losing something I love, but to have one of the actors actually die hit kinda hard. Luckily for my neighbors and roommate, my preferred method of dealing with my grief has been to sing sad Glee songs very loudly in my apartment, so that’s working out well.

    Other than that, today has been fine. There was a Farmer’s Market where I work and I got two mini-doughnuts, which were delicious. Also, the new One Direction song leaked and it is not very good, but I am okay with that BECAUSE NOT EVERY SONG CAN BE AMAZING. Lastly, I am going to Outfest tonight to try to get tickets to one of the Shorts programs because it has this AMAZING short in it that I saw last night and I just want to watch it a million times and give them all my money.

  13. The dog that I adopted had to go back to the shelter today. In 4 days she chewed through 3 window screens, escaped twice, scratched the fuck out of my doors and walls, ripped up her dog bed, almost chewed through her kennel wires, terrorized Catticus, and attacked another dog. So. But I spent 4 hours at the shelter taking other dogs out for walks and I’m pretty sure I’ve found The One! She is a corgi/chow mix with the colours of a rottweiler, sweet as pie, very gentle and loved me to bits. I spent almost 2 hours with her, and at the end we brought in a couple of shelter cats to see her reaction, and she sat patiently and waited for them to come to her, then the three of them cuddled together!! I’m trying to be cautious, but pretty sure we’re in love. I’m going to visit her a couple more times this week to be safe, and then probably bring her home this weekend. Expect lots o pics in next week’s petting zoo and open thread!

    • Aww, it makes me sad to think about what might have happened to her previously to cause those behavioral problems. Poor Anne Toast.

      • I have a dog that doesn’t so much have behavioral problems from her first owners, but definitely has some sort of issues because of them. She’s terrified of the most random household objects. She refuses to be anywhere near a remote control, and if you put her inside of a hula hoop, she will not move until it’s gone. I don’t know what they did to make her that afraid of them, even after 6 years.

        But it’s okay, because she’s kind of a jerk, anyway. She tried to wake me up the other day, and I told her to leave me alone because I still had 10 minutes before the alarm was going to go off. Then when it did and I went to turn it off, she slapped me in the back of the head. I’m going to blame that kind of behavior on the previous owners, too.

    • Also, I have a really exciting job interview tomorrow and I bought a new suit for it and I cut my hair and I am going to kick so much ass and get all the jobs, weeee!!!

      • I have an interview coming up soon! Maybe! I got notice that my application was passed on to the hiring person, and I would be contacted if an interview is required. IF! What does that even mean?! And the job indicated that I could work any shift, which means I could be contacted by any shift manager, which means I could get the info at literally any time of the day. Also, I should mention that this job would basically allow me to accomplish my biggest goal in life. I’ve almost broken my e-mail from the constant refreshing.

    • CORGI MIX. does that mean little legs? oh man, she sounds perfect.

      I hope the other puppy is placed somewhere good as well. It’s sad when things don’t work out.

      • Yes to the short legs! She looks like a teddy bear and her tongue has purple spots from the chow! Yeah, the worst part was that the shelter was full so they had to put Annie in one of the outdoor pens and every time I took one of the dogs out to test it I had to walk by her and she would get so sad, and I had to drive by her to leave and she was trying to come with me :( :( :(

    • I feel sad that Annie has to go back (I wonder what happened to her in the past that made her like that) but I am glad you are considering a corgi, one of the top 10 most intelligent and #1 cutest dog in the universe.

  14. This has basically been a crappy week for the world, I think. But I was looking at a page about information assurance a few days ago, and I left the tab open, and then noticed after a while that in the tab it was truncated to “Information ass.” So I’ve left it up all week, because it makes me giggle every single time. Information ass. Heh.

  15. I think I’m going to the ocean next weekend and am looking at places to stay. I’d like to do two nights and am wondering if I should do two cities or stay in one city and do a day trip to other coast cities.

    Does anyone have any favorite cities on the Oregon Coast? I like Cannon Beach, but would like to spend less than Cannon Beach weekend rates and also not drive four-six hours. If anyone has suggestions within the Northern half of the state that is walkable (once you finish the drive) and affordable and has silly stuff to do / taffy style tourism, I’d love to hear suggestions. Lincoln City and Seaside are too touristy for me and I don’t want a place that’s just a resort secluded in the woods next to the beach… right now Cannon sounds like the best bet?

    • Try Rockaway! Not much further south than Cannon Beach but smaller and less of a zoo in the summer. There are still regular folk amenities that aren’t all quaint overpriced tourist stuff. Several dive bars. A healthy townie presence. That’s my vote. I would also just like to say that I’ve been reading Videogum since the VERY BEGINNING and this is the first time ever that I have commented. To be a bossy know-it-all about the Oregon Coast. Have so much fun!

      • You mean…you read a website and just look at the content from the bloggers, and don’t waste all of your time in the comments section? WHO DOES THAT?!

        • I read Videogum for about two years before I started commenting and a lot of what I read was the comments section. I would read all the posts at the end of the day and it was like reading a long, on-going play with a wide variety of characters, plot lines and a unique dialogue. Its hard to describe, but everyone was so clever, witty and not-racist that it didn’t seem like a real internet comment section, more like a perfectly crafted comedy gem.

          • Please tell me you used that time to write Videogum commenter fanfiction.

          • “After his father dies, up and coming sock designer Werttrew is forced to go home and claim the body. On the trip, he meets sassy airlines stewardess ThisIsMyNightmare. Even though her best friend LilBobbyTales has warned ThisIsMyNightmare about getting involved with damaged avatars like Werttrew, the two embark on a love affair so unbearable that it’s almost offensive.”

            Videogumtown- coming to a WMOAT theater near you, Summer 2014. Soundtrack by the Shins

          • Yeah somehow from the beginning the community was able to materialize and grow in this really genuine and funny way that made the comment section as good as the original content. And it went beyond what sites like Gawker had in the mid-2000′s, with just a handful of sarcastic, smart people one-upping each other. Videogum was for the people!

            I’m sure it’s very easy to forget that the inside jokes and daily commenter back-and-forth is reaching a much larger audience than who seems to be actually engaged. But we silent types still love the puppy photos and work stories and nightmare dates! And of course, LAFFS. So please keep those coming, people. It’s just that regularly generating internet content with my name attached (even if its a fake one) gives me hives.

      • Oooh that is on the list, thanks! What about Manzanatas or however it is spelled or Tillamook? I’d prefer to drive on 30, then down the 101… but I could do the more southern spot at first and then drive back on my preferred route?

        Are any specifically great for hiking with dogs? I like to have the option, if possible, though the novelty of walking back and forth on a beach is pretty great, too.

        Cannon is what it is… but I like that I can walk around and have lots of stuff to look at and didn’t feel like I did the full tourist crap after a day and a half there last summer.

        • I am a PDX native who is the worst at travel tips and generally takes all of the natural beauty for granted, but Manzanita is quiet, lovely, and the beach has those dunes that you can creep up and hide in and read romance novels all day.

          Also, a friend of mine insists that the magical secret of the Oregon coast is that as long as you aren’t within the boundaries of an officially-named beach, you can pretty much camp anywhere and people can’t mess with you. A few years ago it got up to 107, so we drove out there and when every campsite was booked (as it was a weekend in late July) we just drove to a random sleepy spot and set up tents for 3 days with 2 dogs and several cases of cheap beer. It was really fun and no one bugged us. So there’s always that.

  16. There had been a lot of wedding planning stress in my week, in addition to some other personal stress that I won’t get into, but things are looking up. Future Mrs. Emu got a pretty awesome promotion today after a decent stretch of hating her job. We leave for vacation on Saturday, so now all I have to do is make it through two days of work without anything terrible happening and I get a week to clear my head.

    • That is such a good feeling, isn’t it?! My department was relocated last year, and I got stuck in a crappy enttry-level position after that happened. I got to keep my same pay, but the work was terrible! It took me 6 months and a big fight with HR before I got a better position. I’m happy for her!

      • It’s really great. She was literally in tears last night over her job. Her big company was bought by a giant company, and then everyone she was friends with got layed off and she was left with bosses that didn’t know her. This couldn’t have happened at a better time. I bought a nice bottle of wine to celebrate tonight but completely forgot that she was going to be home late, so here I am.
        Good on you for sticking up for yourself. That can be really hard to do with your employer.

        • *laid off. Idiot.

        • It helped that my supervisor was fully supportive of me wanting to get the hell out of her department. The only problem was HR, who told me that I had to stop applying for so many jobs. I had to tell them that hell no I don’t have to stop, and you can’t make me! It was hard to do, though! There are no laws out there that I could find that say that employers aren’t allowed to tell people not to apply for other positions. I even e-mailed my HR professor!

    • Oh! With all the drama I completely forgot to add that I get to go see Pearl Jam in Philly right after we get back from our honeymoon! BOOM! Fuck yeah!

  17. Despite all the shit going on in the world, some stuff in my life has been very great. Yesterday I found out one of my best friends is pregnant and I’m so excited for her!
    I think we got the green light for this thing at work that will upgrade everything about my job! Amazing.
    Friday I get to drive to visit my best friend for the weekend for her 30th birthday!!!
    Also, not to brag, but my husband is seriously amazing! Monday I got home and he had mowed the yard and made dinner, then tuesday he ordered us a dinner and handed me a drink when I walked in the door, then tonight I got home and he’s making a meal that is so awesome and one I’ve seen on Pinterest! (Tomato soup with grilled cheese roll-ups) I was like, how did you know about this?? He’s a great cook and a very sweet and generous person. Not just with me but with everyone and it’s so cool to be around someone so great.
    Also today I only wore a very tiny amount of makeup (just to cover my dark circles) and I think I looked the same so I’m excited about the idea of not wearing makeup except on my eyes. Oh yeah, i wear eyeliner too.

  18. Hi, I’m having a bad day. Thanks for asking.

  19. Mary Louise Parker is thinking of quitting acting because people are mean to her! Her day today was not very good! You guys, let’s all show her support and also remind her that my wife and I have an agreement if the other person is famous.

  20. I hate my job, what else is new. To the point where I am starting to be unable to hide my hatred around my coworkers. So today I took a mental health day because the big event that is ruining my worklife/lifelife is in two weeks so today is probably the last chance I’d be able to do such a thing.
    Today is my good friend’s birthday and so I met up with her for fancy drinks and her boyfriend told us all some woo-hoo spooky ghost stories. Now I think I’m going to watch The Mighty Boosh and try to stop myself from thinking about how I’ll be halfway to the office in twelve hours. Ugggg.

  21. I got Pearl Jam tickets for the Fall North American tour so I am doing wonderfully!!! And I might have convinced someone to pick up some special Pearl Jam merchandise for me at the Wrigley Field show, which would make this week even better. But now I have to go home and clean because my parents are coming into town this weekend and my apartment is really shitty so it has to be extra clean.

    • Sweet! Which show are you going to? I got tickets for the first Philly show (my 2nd choice, but whatever).

      • My tickets are for the 2nd night in LA! But I am hoping someone will take me to the first night, too, because I’m greedy. I got reserved seats, thank God; I’m too old to fight in the pit. Are you on the floor or reserved?

        • Haha, I am also too old for the pit. I only put in for reserved. I was hoping to get Baltimore too, but no dice.

          • This ticket lottery system is so stressful. I was sick with worry all day — the LA results didn’t come out until after 8:30 pm. I miss the days of sending in money orders for as many shows as I wanted. But now that I have the tickets and a new album is coming out, I am overjoyed.

          • Yeah, I didn’t get notified until 9pm EST. I was refreshing non-stop for 8 hours. I’ll be camping when the regular ticket sale starts so there was about a 0% of me getting tickets otherwise without getting ripped off on stubhub.

  22. My eye didn’t bleed today and I didn’t wake up with blood caked on my face, for the first time in almost a week, so this day goes in the win column.

  23. Good news/bad news on my cat. The vet couldn’t find any liver or kidney problems, but she’s not sure why Oreo is losing weight so quickly. So she’s checking for infectious diseases tomorrow, and if nothing shows up with that, we’ll need to investigate further. Oreo is such a little sweetie. I hate that she may be suffering.

  24. Flew to Tulsa today to check on the ‘rents. My dad is doing better, I just wish he could shake off the gloom. My stepmom did have to have her toes amputated, which sucks, but I swear to god, if her walker was a scooter, she be all over the damn place with it. She’s got a great attitude, and it makes me feel so much better to see them.

    Plus, I get to spend more time with 2 of my bff’s, which is awesome! AND I’m back in the land of central air conditioning! Hooray!

    • you can bling out her walker with awesome stuff! Like rhinestones and a grill (I think?). Also, does this mean she could get a service dog and then be able to take a puppy everywhere she goes. I assume she would want that, because who wouldn’t?

      I’m glad she’s taking it in stride, hope it rubs off on your dad.

      • Me too! My furry brother (beagle, btws) would certainly lead her to points of interest around town, if what she wanted to see what food is in dog accessible trash cans and squirrels. And we’ve joked that when she gets her prosthetic, we’re gonna put flame decals on the side and maybe some racing stripes.

        We are a terribly supportive family. I believe the first thing I said to her was, “Well, I guess you can’t wear flip flops now.” She’s a treat! And she won’t let dad be gloomy for too long. She just won’t put up with it.

  25. After months of forgetting because of stupid longterm brain injury memory problems, I finally remembered my videogum password yesterday! I’m a little rusty, but it still feels like a big win.

    Also, I got a haircut and the dude basically Home Alone-d my whole face/neck. It still hurts!

  26. I got new glasses today and they are very trendy. I keep catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and half the time I think they are awesome but the other half I think they are way too huge for my face. It doesn’t really matter because I wear contacts most of the time anyway, so the only person who is going to see them is my husband. If my hipster tendencies bothered him he would have stopped talking to me ten years ago when I wouldn’t shut up about The Strokes, so I think I’m safe with the glasses.

    Also, I’m kinda bummed because I found the perfect AC Slater picture to replace my avatar with, but I keep getting an error message when I try to replace it. Boo.

  27. I’ve probably had the best day in a while while. I slept until 2pm and then did 1 hour of work. My mom then brought me shopping and then i went out to eat with my bro, bro’s baby mama, my sister, her bf, and my nana and poppop ( i was the 7th wheel but who even cares). PopPop order me NUMEROUS wines because he drinks like don draper ( like i didnt understand him until i watched mad men? Manhattan’s made with Canada club and keep up coming). Then went late night swimming with my sister in my aunts pool next door and NOW I’m watching Sharknado with my dad and my dog. I could not ask for a better day.

  28. I’m really excited to let reading all these comments absorb my work day, I get bored here guys, f’real.

    My day (yesterday) wasn’t too bad, especially because it started out in a nice fluffy bed with air conditioning and tiny puppy dogs. A more well situated friend offered me an air conditioned place to sleep because I DONT HAVE AC and as you may have heard NYC is on fire like, all the time nowadays. Well that was very nice to not wake up in a pool of my own sweat, and to also have tiny tiny doggies greet me and guard the door while I brushed my teeth.

    Last night I went the Mayoral Forum on the Future of Food, that was great! Anthony Weiner was there, as were 5 of the other potentially less twitter sex crazed candidates, and they all did mostly a very impressive job talking about the food system. Except this one terrible guy, which if you are into NYC politics you know who I mean, he just answered every question with an ad for his grocery store. So I dunno, maybe good grocery store mayor, but probably not a good city mayor.

    • I love the title: Mayoral Forum on the Future of Food. Is there a lesser known Comptroller version?

      • Are you terribly interested in the Comptroller’s race?? Stringer has a great record with the food movement, and I think his only real challenger is Spitzer, so there’s not been much in the way of forums like this… I can’t tell if you are joking though….INTERNET!

  29. Yesterday my office got its ventilation working again, but it’s still 10-15 degrees hotter than everywhere else at work. They took away my fan, so I get a ton of cold drinks to even it out.

    This heatwave is slowly killing me.

    Today I got word my professor hates my group project because half the group writes in piss-poor English. She said that basically one of us has to edit their work because it reflect negatively on us, and the onus is shifted to me, because I am the best out of the four. So I had to submit a warning that I need to see things well in advance of the deadline, but 2 of the jerks in my group submit things ways too late or even after the deadline we placed on the group.
    I hate group projects so much right now, even more than usual.

    On the plus side, I’m having lunch with a friend today.

    • Although almost everyone that is efficient hates group projects, I totally recognize the validity in doing them, and the real life importance of being able to function in a group. That being said, I’ve got no pity for slackers! Is your professor amenable to grading you all as individuals despite putting forth a group project, based on performance in the group?

      • Nope. But we get graded on who participates more on the discussion board (it’s an online class) and we get to conduct evaluations at the end. 2 out of my 3 partners are overall godawful and unlike the one good partner and everyone on Videogum are horrible communicating with online.

        • Maybe the better answer to you’re question is Yes?

        • Does your evaluation of them effect their grades? I’ve had no shame in burning people down in reviews before, but I also did try to let them know they weren’t helping the group at all beforehand. You should try to keep your prof as abreast as possible about all the extra weight you’re carrying, I hope he/she doesn’t expect you to sink with the ship, that’s just silly and not real world applicable at all. Yes, some people are terrible and lazy and still have great jobs, but mostly if you don’t show up for work, or DO any work, you probably get fired.

          • All this exactly. We have a discussion board, so I subtly asked the question “Can the professor see everything in this?” to add some heat. I will totally burn those jerks come evaluation time. Statistically speaking, the 2 worst together (out of a grand total of the 4 of us )contribute less that 19% to the discussion.

    • I absolutely loathe group projects for this very reason. Hope you has something tasty for lunch.

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