Yesterday we had photos of Benedict Cumberbatch at the airport, arriving in Japan to promote his new movie Star Trek: Into Darkness and today there are more pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in Japan, so apparently none of you have Misery‘d him yet. This is good news for Benedict Cumberbatch, and bad news for all the ladies who just want to Misery him so bad. (Pro-Tip: One of the key parts of Miserying someone is “hobbling” them so that they cannot run off to press junkets in foreign countries for movies that came out two months ago.) Obviously, you ladies JUST got word that he was in Japan yesterday, so some of you might even still be on planes heading to Japan, but there have to be some of you who have already landed, and while I’m sure you’re tired, don’t you think Benedict Cumberbatch is tired? And yet look at him, smiling for the cameras and doing his best to promote a movie to people who don’t even speak the same language. It’s that level of professionalism and inexhaustible energy that drew you to him in the first place, and it’s only by you meeting him at his level that Miserying him even makes sense. Like, if you can’t keep up, what’s the point of Miserying him anyways? (Although if you ARE having trouble keeping up, but you are still determined to Misery him, remember that you will have some time to rest after the hobbling. See above.) Good luck, ladies. And good luck, Benedict Cumberbatch! We cannot wait to see The Fifth Estate!

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  1. Uuuh, Artdork is on a plane AS WE SPEAK, but she told me she was going to Tulsa. Is “Tulsa” code for Flying to Japan to Misery Benny Cumby???

    Also, I’m not sure if that woman to the left of BC actually has a head that’s attached to her body. Yikes.

    • shhhhh!!!! Don’t tell, you don’t want the Japanese authorities to be alerted to her plans.

      Also, that woman is like a human version of the video from this morning. And now I really will have nightmares

    • Thanks flanny, for ratting me out. And thanks cassie, for trying to keep my cover from being blown.

  2. “You do you, my love. But maybe you could do some promoting in Tulsa? Too much to ask? Maybe? Aaah, alright you win. I love you so!!!” –artdork.

  3. Every time I see him I think he’s Richard E. Grant. Then I start quoting W&I to myself and giggling. Then I forget what I was doing. Who am I? Oh, hey! It’s Richard E. Grant!

  4. I’m sorry but I don’t even see BC, because dude to his right? Stealing this scene. He’s so planet, he’s inter-planet.

  5. Coming in late to say… nothing. I can’t see enough of his outfit to critique it.

  6. I would like to kiss him on the mouth. That’s it.

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