• New Breaking Bad images, everbody! Jesse has a gun and a beard! Whyyyy?! -Hitfix
  • In a Q&A with the New York Times, Woody Allen revealed that he’d like to work more with Louis C.K., and has been toying with the idea of returning to standup. -NYT
  • In honor (honor is the right word, right?) of SDCC 2013, Film.com has put together a list of the ten most memorable panels in Comic-Com history. -Film
  • The Duplass brothers got a series order from HBO for a half-hour comedy called Togetherness. -THR
  • Here is a supercut of people watching movies in movies. But when will we get a supercut of people watching supercuts in movies?! And then a supercut of people watching the movies supercuts supercut in a movie?! Are there supercuts in Heaven?! -BlameItOn
  • R.I.P.D. VS. M.I.B: Are they the same? (Spoiler alert: Yes.) (Also R.I.P.D. is very similar to Dead Like Me.) -FilmDrunk
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  1. Oh man, wearing that beard in New Mexico in the summer can’t be good for you. Think, Pinkman, Think.

  2. Oooh, I have a good Comic-Con story! (Full disclosure: I have never been to Comic-Con because what would I do there? There’s no 1D panel at Comic-Con.) Anyway, my old roommate, Katie, went to Comic-Con a couple of years ago. She’s big into Joss Whedon/Buffy in particular. And so she stood in line for a while to try to get into the Joss Whedon panel. She did not get in. So she was walking around the convention center all dejected when she discovered in the back of the room with Joss a slightly opened door with a barrier across it. And there was a sign or something telling people not to loiter there or not to lean into the room to watch or something. I dunno specifics. Anyway, Katie was like, “Screw that sign sort of!” So she went toward the open door and leaned into it just enough so that she could hear what was going on but not far enough that she could be accused of watching the panel. And so she was listening and out in the hallway she heard someone laughing at her. And she looked up. And it was Harrison Ford himself! He was there, I believe, to speak on the Cowboys & Aliens panel and he, a grown-ass man, was laughing at my friend outside of the Buffy panel.

    As usual, if you guys have some sort of info that would prove this story to be a lie, please don’t tell me, because I love this story so much!!!

  3. I have a problem with calling MIB and RIPD the same movie. MIB is a great movie! Weirdos and celebrities are actually aliens—that’s a funny gimmick! RIPD just rips off the premise of MIB for a much worse premise, looks like garbage, and inspired the worst prank of all time. Let’s not equate the two movies.

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