Conan wasted no time in asking the king of late night interviews, Norm MacDonald, to appear on The Tonight Show, and he didn’t disappoint. Norm seems to be using these appearances to further refine his singular style of telling old jokes as if they were new, trashing other celebrities (like Winona Ryder) in a way that would never be tolerated in any other talk show guest, and now that Andy Richter is back in the studio with Conan, Norm can resume weaving the tapestry of lies that is Andy’s early Hollywood days as a male prostitute. Then, he showed some clips from his new potential reality show pilots, Rock Of Lust and Norm Plus One. Conan: “I don’t know what happened here tonight, but I enjoyed it.”

Norm reveals more stories from Andy Richter’s male prostitute phase:

Norm tells some potential Weekend Update jokes he’s thought of over the years, and shows his pilot clips:

There should be a new Tonight Show tradition where every guest has to say: “I can’t say fuck because it’s 11:30, right?”

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  1. He really is the King… reminds me of perhaps his greatest appearance ever:

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  3. Evan  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2009 +2

    the best.

  4. Norm MacDonald proves that Winona Rider jokes will never not be funny as long as they are told by Norm MacDonald.

  5. all signs point to 2009 as being Bruce Boxleitner’s year!

    plus…Norm is the best.

  6. I love that Norm is bringing Bruce Boxleitner into the realm of retro-punching bag. Excellent choice.

  7. I’m pretty sure Norm said “You notice how I didn’t say ‘assfuck’ because it’s 11:30?”

  8. square jordan  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2009 +1

    with andy taking the announcer spot, I was kind of hoping norm would be in a permanent cohost role, just trashing all the celebrity guests and wearing out the word “whore”

  9. norm macdonald is eternally ‘The Man’ to me

  10. what’s most amazing is that norm has NOTHING to promote. does he even have an agent or does conan just call him?

    • I think Norm just has cart blanche with Conan. It seems like he calls him up and is like, “I got some Winona Ryder jokes and a couple reality TV parodies, is Wednesday night cool?”

  11. I think my new favorite thing to tell people is “You’re the whoriest whore I’ve ever seen”. I would toootally watch Rock of Lust.

  12. Amazing. The “grandpa’s jokes” part killed me. I’m done.

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