Important announcement, ladies: Benedict Cumberbatch is in Japan. He’s there to promote Star Trek: Into Darkness. So if you want to catch him and Misery him, you are going to have to go to Japan. And then you are also going to have to figure out how to get him back home from all the way in Japan. Have you really thought this through, ladies? Going to Japan to Misery Benedict Cumberbatch sounds simple enough but really it is like when people say they’re going to build a time machine and go kill Hitler. There are some logistical questions to take under consideration! For example: how? Also, it’s important to have all the information. Here is some information: here is a picture of him and here is another picture of him. Do you like those pictures of him? Do you still want to Misery him? We will continue to bring you important updates on Where in the World Is Carmen Benedict Cumberbatch. Strictly 3 tha ladies.

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  1. Artdork: would you be in tears at the physical sight of Benedict Cumberbatch like that young Asian woman on the floor, or would you be proper and hug him, kiss him, slap his butt and wipe your tear-y eyed face all over his vee-neck? Either way, tears be a-flowin’.

  2. I’m sorry, are we sure this isn’t a green screen? Maybe it’s that shirt of his, but he looks like he’s at the beach, not in a convention center-type setting.

  3. I LOL’d at those linked-to pictures. Is that second one a Benny Cumby blow-up doll? Asking for a friend (Artdork).

  4. Boyfriend, you are too old to wear jeans tucked into high tops. Everybody is too old for that, really. I’m ok with the denim on denim though so this is an improvement from yesterday.

  5. I am beginning to think Gabe has a thing for BC, and these weird photos are his clever plan to dissuade other VG’ers from trying to win his heart!

  6. I do enjoy that he is wearing different shades of blue. He can be monochromatic boy in my Justice League of Unimpressive Superheroes.

  7. I can’t wait til he goes to Korea and has a photo op with Hello Kitty.

  8. All of you just don’t understand how perfect he is! For me, I mean.

  9. Here we are:

  10. Why is he dressed like the awkward IT guy down the hall from my office? Brian? Is that you?

  11. This Japanese press tour is just full of delights!

    Like this video of him “conducting” his army of Japanese fangirls at the airport:

    Or these pictures of him biting off the head of a “John Harrison” cake topper!

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