Oh, Bernie. Save that stuff for Monday, man! On Monday you’re allowed to use a bit of office time to fall on your bottom and hit your head, but on Tuesday? No way, Bern. C’mon, man. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Weekday At Bernie’s.

  2. He’ll never become CHAIRman of the board like that.


  3. Props to that other guy for not laughing hysterically right in his face.

  4. I don’t have a joke but I’m going to see Only God Forgives tonight and I am very excited great job everyone happy Tuesday please don’t kill yourselves because how is it only Tuesday oh god when will this week be over.

  5. I for one am impressed by Bernie. No whining. No demanding a cartoon Band-Aid for his owie. Nope. Dude gets up, checks his “suspect” chair and then cleans his remarkably clutter free work space. Bravo, Bernie.

  6. If Bernie were a scientist, there would be a broken jar of hydrochloric acid slowly eating through the floor. #BernieNye

  7. I’d call it a triple fail b/c where’s the trampoline? LAME.

  8. Why did I want so badly for there to be sound on that video? I turned my speakers all the way up just hoping to hear something. The internet makes me feel so weird sometimes.

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