Recently I participated in a debate with friends about the future of Google Glass, with one friend in particular arguing that the product has such a future that in a few years we’ll all be embarrassed that we ever thought it wouldn’t find its place — that we’ll all be walking around wearing Google Glass, pretending that we always knew it would become ubiquitous. This friend argued that when smart phones were introduced, everyone thought smart phones were a silly fad, but NOW LOOK, everyone has smart phones! (This was a very interesting and novel discussion. Do you guys have friends? You should get some so you can have similar discussions!) It turned into one vs. the rest argument, which are never fun, and was called off soon after it began, and who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll all go as far as to have Google Glass implanted in our babies eyeballs at birth, and if that’s the case 4sure color me embarrassed, but I have to imagine that the argument to release this Jobs trailer — the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie, you remember — had to be something AT LEAST vaguely similar. “This is the future of advertising and we’ll be the first to do it! In the future no one will watch a trailer if it doesn’t last 15 seconds and isn’t released through a social media app!” Hahaha. AND THEY SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO DO IT! I can think of no better movie to release the first, AND HOPE2GOD ALSO THE LAST, movie trailer on Instagram than the movie Jobs. I will say that it is better than releasing a trailer on Vine, for sure, but it is also better than GOING 2 THE DENTIST, and I don’t want to go to the dentist either, sooo, what are we talking about?!, let’s watch this thing!

Hahaha. Okay. Cool trailer! “I can’t wait 3 see this movie.” -Gabe Delahaye. (Via Gizmodo.)

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  1. when are we gonna talk about Pacific Rim? I’m dying!

  2. Google Glass is our generation’s Bluetooth earpiece.

  3. I think the Cronuts movie trailer also needs to be on instragram.

  4. Also I don’t know this friend, but I don’t remember a single person thinking that smart phones were a fad AT ALL! All I’m saying is that I agree with you Kelly because while Google Glass may be very interesting and helpful, people are less likely to adopt something that changes how they look and that Google Glass has all the problems of 3D glasses and those are going away slowly but surely.

    • I disagree; people will ABSOLUTELY purchase something that changes how they look, if they think that change will improve their image. I hate to keep going back to Apple, but this is exactly why the iPhone is so popular. It’s a status symbol, and while it doesn’t directly change the way people look, they make damn sure that everyone knows they have one. If you don’t believe me, listen to how many people refer to it as “my iPhone,” instead of just saying “my phone.”

      • yeah but the iPhone doesn’t attach to your face. That’s what I mean by “changes how they look” that it will literally be a part of their face.

      • I often refer to mine as a digital cup on a string because it is terrible at taking phone calls. Or it at least gets the description “my goddamn” before it.

        Also: I use it for work. A lot.

  5. Google Glass could for sure have future uses! But they (it?) won’t! Because Google is very very good at making things that are very very good, but they don’t know how to market them! The whole reason smart phones got big is because they started with the iPhone, and Apple is kind of a reverse Google; they make pointless, unnecessary products but they’re also very good at marketing them to make people want to spend stupid amounts of money on these things (see also: iPod, iPad). Once they come out with iGlasses (which I will begrudgingly admit is a MUCH better name), people will spend craploads of money and they’ll take off. U

    • They should call it iSee and it will be a clip on thing to regular glasses. Please make the money out to cash, Apple development department.

    • Wait, how was the iPod a pointless product? In 2001, that firewire 5GB brick was better than anything out there for listening to music on the go. Which isn’t pointless.

      • But it wasn’t. There were so many equal or better MP3 players out there! The iPod just looked fancier, and also brought iTunes with it, thus tricking the public into paying for music once again.

        • Ehhh, “better” is very subjective here. The reason I preferred it is because it had a fast, intuitive interface that worked very well with software that I preferred. You could make an argument for preference, but you can’t call it “pointless” or even really a trick. It was a product that people who don’t have time to fiddle with technology could use to a relatively maximized effect. That’s not easy. Also, paying for music is a good thing.

  6. I’m pretty sure I saw someone a couple of weeks ago wearing Google Glass. This was midday on a beautiful summer weekend in a popular brunchy neighborhood where everyone could see him. Just walking around like it weren’t no thang. Wearing Google Glass. Like it’s something a human might actually do! It shook me to my core.

  7. Ashton Kutcher is pretty much a joke but he does bear a decent resemblance to a young Steve Jobs. I’m definitely not going to watch this movie, but I will share a handsome photo of Jobs here.

  8. Did you know until this very moment I was certain that this was a made-for-TV movie?

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