• This is your Star Trek back tattoo. -FashionablyGeek
  • There has been a lot of outrage on the Internet in the past few days, but I don’t think there has been any greater than the outrage expressed by TMZ after learning that the baby Kris Jenner is holding in this photo is not actually the baby North West. Hahah, ugh, can you believe it?! Some people, I swear 2 god. -Dlisted
  • Here’s a clip from Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine featuring Louis C.K. -Vulture
  • Johnny Depp is going to star in the Alice in Wonderland sequel, uh-no doy. It’s almost as if this guy isn’t too choosy when it comes to movies in which he will star anymore, though really was he ever, plus we all need to put food on our families, #hollywood! -FilmDrunk
  • Two Veronica Mars books are going to follow the release of the Veronica Mars movie and pick up where the story leaves off. UGH. Reading?! First we had to pay for the movie, and now we have to READ? -THR
  • It looks like Marvel might want Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of Doctor Strange. -/Film
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  1. oh man, I wish that were my star trek back tattoo.

    • I wish ANY Star Trek back tattoo was my Star Trek back tattoo, other than the one I have. Mine has about 30 tribbles. Which is weird, because I just got it last week, and there was only one tribble at the time.

  2. You guys, I really like JGL. He’s a great actor who has maybe not always made the best choices in his roles, but overall he has made some very solid choices. I do NOT like Doctor Strange. He is silly and does not fit in with the rest of the Marvel Universe. So I’m torn on this one. Couldn’t they cast someone I hate for the part? I think Jonah Hill is available.

    • I too really like JGL. And as far as his bad choices in roles go, his ratio of quality roles to crappy ones is better than most.

      • I also am quite fond of JGL and really, really liked him as Kind of Robin Kind of Not in The Dark Knight Rises, which I’ve mentioned here before. I think he’d make a really good Dick Grayson/Tim Drake-style Robin in the Justice League movies, and he could fill a role in the Marvel universe for sure–but you are right! Doctor Strange is a VERY silly character that I try to forget exists. JGL can do funny, and he can do (kind of) sinister, but can he make someone so conceptually ridiculous read as anything but that? It’d be hard for anyone!

        • I would just like to say thank you for saying he played The Next Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. People always say that and I don’t get it! His name is Robin in the movie!

          • I meant thank you for NOT saying. NOT saying. Ugh.

          • Exactly! It’s like “Hey, guy (SPOILERS, DUH), here’s the Batcave! You can use it now, but also, you are so clearly not cut out for the whole Batman business. Not yet. Hey, did you grow up in the circus? Or on the street? Or some combination thereof?”

        • I actually have thought that he would be a fantastic Terry McGinnis, even though he’s probably too old for the part now. And if anybody could make Dr. Strange not awful, I guess it would be him? I dunno, I’d just sort of like to see Mark Wahlberg play Dr. Strange, and then have him be very silly and then die.

    • I don’t know why, because I don’t even like Superheroes but I have always been partial to Dr. Strange. Why? I can’t really say. It’s like they just put it in his name ‘oh this guy is Strange’. I think it was some video game I was playing where his ‘power’ was to levitate but it was a 2D game so it seemed so very pointless to me. Plus his cape is just the bomb. But MOSTLY I only like Dr. Strange because it annoys my husband that I like him. It’s very satisfying to have him try to explain all the other super heroes I should like more and see him get so flustered when I go ‘nah, going to stick with Dr. Strange.’

      • Oh, so this is like how I really like Draco Malfoy, then? It’s fun to like something to make another person mad. Especially someone you love.

        • I’m sorry but no, that is just unforgivable I must admit, I do not know the answer to this, but has Dr. Strange ever chosen the dark side and put our hero’s life in danger? Really I don’t know, and I’m certainty not going to research it . But you can add me to the list of people angered by your liking of Draco Malfoy :)

  3. Ooh, Louis C.K. AND Sally Hawkins? I might have a new dream couple.

  4. I’m glad the thisisawkward boyfriend has not jumped the shark on his nerd tattoos and done a Star Wars back scene yet. I’m not sure I could roll with Chewie staring dolefully back at me when we sleep.

    • Don’t worry, you won’t even notice that anymore once he follows through on his dream of an ALF Spider tattoo.

    • Mr. Citizen (Scott. His name is Scott, OK?) has no tattoos and will never get one. I assume if he changed his mind (he won’t), he’d get something Battlestar related, and not a portrait of anything or anyone, and I might be able to deal with that. He’s very understanding regarding my desire to eventually get a Harry Potter-related tattoo, so I could be understanding there.

      • I’m glad you two have such a kind understanding of each other’s nerd loves! :)

        Thisisawkward boyfriend (that is his birth name, what a coincidence) only has tattoos of the mechanical Star Wars things, and they’re quite well done, so I am totally in support of them. I’m fairly covered in tattoos, though none are nerdberger related yet (Alf spider was taken).

        • Excellent news, all! A friend of mine has nice Star Wars logo/insignia tattoos. Totally acceptable.

          • My next tattoo is absolutely going to be a Harry Potter tattoo, mostly because Harry Potter is perfect and a bunch of my friends made fun of me when I joked about getting a Harry Potter tattoo.

  5. Can we just never ever talk about anything Kardashian here? Please?

    • I would like to amend the above statement. The usage of the word “here” in the first sentence is incorrect. It should be replaced with the word “ever,” as that is more suitable because fuck that noise.

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