We need this. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. This video has soothed my soul.

  2. Yes. This is good.

  3. I’m doing an expense report for my boss and for dinner one night she had chicken fingers and two glasses of wine. And I’m like, “That sounds so good right now.” It’s 9:45am on a Monday! That’s not a good sign! So what I’m saying is please give us more corgi videos. They’re like Monday morning wine.

    • as I was slowly reading this (monday, amirite??) I got to the phrase “chicken fingers and two glasses of wine” and thought, “that sounds delicious. even right now!” and then I read your next sentence and I was like “Oh yeah, of course.”

    • Is it possible I’ve been your boss this whole time? Because I’m pretty sure that was my dinner a few nights ago…

  4. Guys. I needed this this morning! Maybe most people need this kind of thing most Monday mornings, but I definitely needed it today. You know what else helped? That video of dogs riding with their heads out the window: http://bit.ly/10pfj8O
    Anyway, let’s all just try to give everyone at work a break and let’s try not to be too mad about other little things that we have no control over!
    Let’s just decide to be in a good mood.
    And if that doesn’t work, it’s going to be a Gin Monday.

  5. Oh, fun story. A bird flew into my office building and people with big sticks were trying to chase it out before it jumped into the main building or the elevators. #MondayFunday

  6. This video should be the theme for our VG pool party.

  7. If I were (was? I’m a copywriter/proofreader by trade, guys) single and living in a bigger place (highly improbable!), I would have a corgi so fast. I would name it Edwin.

  8. Pitbull named Batman.

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