• Want this stupid boat car from James Bond? You can have it! -NextMovie
  • Oh no, did you hear about Henry and Kaley? Mmmhm. Already. I know. Two weeks. We all knew it would happen, and now it’s like, what? We just go back to hanging out with them like nothing happened? Or are WE supposed to alter our behavior? Well, I’m not. Seriously. -AtlanticWire
  • Brian Grazer has confirmed that Netflix is in talks for another season of Arrested Development. I will watch it for sure, but I honestly don’t think I can handle another Internet build-up to a season of Arrested Development. I’ll be in the graveyard! Water my plants! -/Film
  • This is just a very good clip from General Hospital. -Dlisted
  • Hey, Grown Ups 2 got a positive review! The sweet little movie that could, for sure. Congrats, boys. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Uh oh, so should I watch AD S4? I haven’t because… ugh! Do I have to go into it?

    • Season 4 is good! It’s not perfect, and the insane structure of it that was dictated by the production schedule takes a while to get into, but there’s still a lot of very, very funny stuff there. It’s not as perfect as the previous 3 seasons, but still better than 90% of other sitcoms.

      Hopefully the non-perfectness of Season 4 has tempered people’s expectations a bit so Season 5 won’t seem like a letdown (not having a seven year build up will hopefully help in that regard as well).

  2. Come chat. The 9th person to join GETS A BRAND NEW CAR*


    *car may or may not be entirely fictional.

  3. When i was a kid I had the 007 Lotus sub toy. It was die-cast metal, it had 4 red plastic missiles that shot out the back window, and if any girl had called it stupid she would have got a punch in the tits.

  4. I saw a Dolorean yesterday. It was very entertaining. Also: the conspiracy theories behind Superman and that annoying girl from the last season of Charmed were hilarious.

  5. That clip from General Hospital just made my day. “I’m going to call 911.” Why? It’s a doll on fire! Ahh…soaps. Don’t ever change.

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