Why is everyone laughing at him? He’s just trying to eat dinner. How rude. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. My breakfast is Doritos and coffee. Goats should not be eating more balanced meals than I am.

  2. Goats! I love goats!

  3. That goat has terrible posture. Sit up straight, goat!!!

  4. Sometimes I also have to push myself up by the neck to keep my face out of my plate.

  5. This must have been shot on a Satyrday.

  6. I don’t like this still shot so I’m not gonna watch the video. CAUSE IT’S FRIDAY AND I DO WHAT I WANT!!!

  7. Now that I have a herding dog, I keep thinking how nice it would be to just get some goats, sell my lawnmower, and she can keep them all neatly tucked onto my property so no need for fencing. As long as the wolves don’t get them. But I really wasn’t thinking big enough with my “what can I do with goats” brainstorming ideas, clearly! This is how I would feed them every meal.

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