I know we are living in a world in which we are constantly bombarded with information that is gross and sad and weird and above all none of our business, and it is damaging both to the human beings on which the information is focused and to us, the consumers of information that erodes our sense of what is decent and acceptable to know about, gawk at, and judge, but if you can pardon me just this one time I really feel like this is something we should talk about: WHAT ARE YOU HAVING FOR LUNCH TODAY? From Radar:

The 22-year-old was being treated for alcohol abuse at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, as we first revealed.

But the ex-MTV starlet is understood to have been such a destabilizing force, counsellors forced her to leave on Monday night — two days before she was expected to finish the course.
“She will still graduate from the program, but in less time than it typically takes because her behavior became challenging,” a source told Radar.

Among the issues: The single mother-of-one got involved in an argument with a nurse, tried to take photos of another patient, Tan Mom, during group therapy and upset fellow patients and counsellors, who complained to management that she acted like a bully.

Then, on Monday, Farrah caused yet another uproar when she supposedly invited a paparazzi photographer to the venue to take photos of herself, according to the insider. The man was ejected from the facility’s grounds

I had a bagel for breakfast so I’m not too hungry for a lunch, but am snacking on some guacamole and chips! Please, if you’re willing, share what you are having for lunch in the comments! I will totally understand if you believe sharing what you are having for lunch is an invasion of the small amount of privacy you are allotted in this life, even though you can argue that it is being taken away because of the slippery slope you began when you willingly gave away the majority of it (Instagram in your case, I guess? Not sure, I JUST WANNA TALK ABOUT LUNCH)! What are you having?!? CHIPOTLE?

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  1. I had Chipotle yesterday! Today I went out to sushi with a friend who now works in the same building as I do, so that was a pleasant escape from the horror that is my workday! Although, probably my workday isn’t as bad as the people who work in the Teen Mom/Tan Mom rehab facility. Doing God’s work, they are.

  2. I actually had to work through lunch so I just ate a bag of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn at my desk, it was good enough but I’m still hungry

  3. I had a salad again! This is what I eat almost every day! It’s rare that I eat anything else.
    And guys! The chicken was gross again today :(
    Also. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but the woman next to me made noises that made me not want to eat lunch EVER AGAIN!
    I should just not eat at my desk, but I do it so I can leave earlier…

  4. I usually get a vegetarian sandwich, but fuck it, today I went full French Dip. No regrets.

  5. I had a sandwich I made at home, and washed it down with a bottle of Smartwater I didn’t have sex with.

  6. I went for sushi with a co-worker. It was a nice treat and helpful for keepin’ on truckin’ towards the end of the week.

  7. I had a turkey sandwich on maybe the worst roll ever created. But then my boss left for the day so I watched the finale of Family Tree. It was pretty good, the show definitely got better as the season went on so hopefully there is a 2nd season.

  8. One of the universe’s perfect foods is the street taco – you know, those tiny tacos that have only three ingredients – carne asada, onions, and guacamole (maybe some cilantro too). Pour a little hot sauce on them and nom om nom nom. I had three.

  9. I had a some beany things and taboulehs and a smidge of summer ravioli dealies from the cold buffet at Whole Foods. It’s like you get small bits of foods but the minute you sit down and eat the thing you realize that everything shifted en route into one corner and became a superfood. I was going to eat the same not-so- healthy thing I have every day (because I forget to have lunch and make terrible choices when hungry), so it was a treat.

  10. I have a peanut butter and banana sandwich but I might get Starbucks too because today is shitty I want something delicious to make me happy again.

  11. I had some left over paella that I made yesterday and followed it with greek yogurt and mixed berries (black, blue, straw, and rasp) because I needed to reward myself for applying to a dream job that I’m technically qualified for but I feel must be out of my league because I’ve never had a job this great and it pays literally twice what my last two jobs paid, and that was a bit scary so I wanted to cheer myself up with some delicious veggies, seafood, and berries. Also, I hung bird feeders today but no birds have come yet, I should probably put it on twitter, GET IT??

  12. I had some cajun chicken pasta salad from Venice Cafe, because it’s a long walk and it was a nice day for a long walk. Also, I can get a crapload of it for like $8, so it’s basically lunch for two days for $4 per day. Pretty sweet deal.

  13. I ate a Clif Bar at noon and a Mojo Bar just now. That is the right fist and left fist of sad lunch fury. An apple lies in my future.

    I have a drawer full of such bars and a row of apples on my desk. I’m thinking about not replenishing the bars stock when it runs dry. They are starting to taste like sand.

  14. I had pizza with taco meat on it. Because pizza. And also tacos.

  15. I had one of those “I wish I had prepared something the night before but now I’m late for work and I just have to grab anything that’s not moldy in the fridge” kind of lunches. It ended up being an egg and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, a small can of lima beans, and cut up strawberries.

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