• Please check out this John Travolta photoset. You will enjoy it! -Dlisted
  • It looks like now that Happy Endings is officially over, Damon Wayans Jr. might return to New Girl to reprise his Coach role. That would be good, I guess! I don’t know. New Girl is great.  -TVLine
  • Here’s an official image of Jamie Foxx as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Hahaha ahhhh. Looking good, Jamie Foxx! -AintItCool
  • Jesse Eisenberg wrote this, so it counts as something we can share with each other. -NewYorker
  • David Fincher has offered Ben Affleck the lead in Gone Girl. If you were David Fincher, would Ben Affleck have been your choice for the lead in Gone Girl? Just something to think about! -/Film
  • So far Grown Ups 2 has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes! Congratulations, Grown Ups 2 you did it just kidding you have a zero I’m so to break it to you this way! -FilmDrunk
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  1. More concerned about who gets cast as Amy. I want it to be DA Alex Cabot.

    • I pictured January Jones when I read it, but… yeah, it probably shouldn’t be January Jones.

      Mostly I’m kind of annoyed because I think Gillian Flynn’s other two books are a lot better, and I want movies of those instead.

      • I like your username and avatar!

        Potential spoilers, I guess:

        January Jones and Alex Cabot (too lazy to Google her real name, apparently) vaguely resemble each other, and the latter’s actually a little old to look as young as she’ll need to in all the pseudo-flashbacks, but I agree, Jones doesn’t really have it in her.

        I haven’t read her other books and was a bit put off by Gone Girl because I don’t typically read books where there are no truly likable/sympathetic protagonists. Do you still recommend the earlier ones?

        • I do–that was the one of the big problems I had with Gone Girl as well. The protags of Sharp Objects and Dark Places are complex and flawed (and Libby, the narrator of Dark Places, is kind of an asshole, but she’s funny and still relatable), but ultimately, I liked them and found them interesting. And both books were better-written than Gone Girl (IMHO, obviously).

  2. I liked Happy Endings! Hey Hollyweird, cancel more garbage reality TV shows and keep more really funny shows!!! I guess they have to pay the people making the funny shows. Ugh. :(

    • I did too! I guess they didn’t have a happy ending after all. R.I.P Happy Endings.

      • I fear I’ve contributed to the downfall of happy endings, but I won’t take all the blame. By the time I heard it was good, you couldn’t watch from the beginning on Hulu plus, so it kept falling off my radar while I waited for the first season to be on netflix or something. I’m a real weirdo about not coming in the middle of things. (I’m somewhere in early 2012 on Who Charted, and counting!) but if large swaths of America are anything like me, we would very much like to be able to catch up on the first season of relatively new shows! thanks!

  3. No offense, Rotten Tomatoes, but I’ll reserve judgement on Grown Ups 2 until Armond White tells me what to think of it, thank you very much.

  4. Ain’t it Cool News is still a website that exists?

  5. I haven’t read Gone Girl, but I was expecting a girl to get the lead.

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