Guys, do you have the fever yet? The PR fever?! Everyone’s got the fever. An action movie with Charlie Day in it? Fever City. #Fever #PR #ToFightMonstersWeSomethingMonstersMonstersMonsters

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  1. I have an acute case of Charlie Hunnam fever and the only cure is more Charlie Hunnam.

  2. I hope this movie does well even if it’s not good (but I think it’ll be good!) because: original story, not a sequel or part of a franchise, diverse cast, etc. etc. More like this and less like pretty much everything else you churn out, Hollywood!

  3. I figured Kanye was Bound 2 give a good review.

    • I’m pretty sure you might send me into a Guilt Trip but I don’t think Yeezus is very good. I would Send it Up as Kanye’s worst album. Sure it’s brave and creative but ultimately not as well put together as his other albums.

      • I love Yeezus, but I can see that. I think the sloppiness is somewhat intentional, though. And On Sight is currently my go to morning get pumped up jam. I would have to submit for your consideration 808s & Heartbreaks as his worst album.

        • I think my vote might be a little bit reactionary. Both albums are very different. The thing is 808s got bad reviews and Yeezus got good ‘uns. In my opinion 808s is more groundbreaking even if–maybe specially because– the was using 808s and autotunes instead of synths and vocoders. Either way, neither are on par with the other 4, which are in my opinion 4 of the best albums of the new Willenium.

          • Are we still allowed to say new Millenium? I figure we can do this for the next 50 years and still technically be accurate, right?

          • right, i think we can say it up until 2150 if we really wanted to but also you said it correctly the first time, it’s the Willenium not Millenium

            also I agree with 808s being more groundbreaking, but I still feel like it’s still worse than Yeezus, it falls off at See You In My Nightmares and listening to the end is a chore, Yeezus is more on Graduation’s leve;

          • ehhh the use of the 808 drum machine in popular music was nothing groundbreaking at the time. His use of the autotune was groundbreaking though.

          • yeah, the singing and crying about relationships opened up a lane for other pop rappers like Drake and Kid Cudi

      • Lance, I’m with Sat on this one. Especially the part about “On Sight” being the best morning jam. I also knew I’d find Sat in this post’s comment thread ’cause we’re Kanye bros now. But more on Yeezus: After listening to that album 50+ times, I have to say the lyric I enjoy the most is: “She said ‘Can I get my friends in the club?’ / I said, ‘Can I get my Benz in the club?’ / If not, treat your friends like my Benz / Park they ass outside ’til the evening ends.” Which on its own is hilarious but then he says: “When I go hard, I like to leave it in.” I feel I don’t need to write anymore today. Thank you and have a nice afternoon, everybody!

  4. I’d be way more excited about this if Kanye hadn’t said this was the best song ever made.

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