Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler, everybody! Just two buddies having a nice time together, creating a perfect GIF. Not a big deal, just living life. They open their eyes every morning the same way everybody else does: one eye at a time. Right? No? I DON’T KNOW, LET’S PLEASE JUST MOVE ON TO THE GIFS!

We finally found out why John Travolta wasn’t in Flight!

Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler took a selfie together at Wimbledon!

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t believe nature can hurt you!

Under the Dome was bad!

Rachel Leigh Cook decided that she suffers from face blindness!

And we made up rumors about Winona Ryder!

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  1. A week where I am not reminded of the John Travolta Christmas music video is a week wasted.

  2. I never realized that Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler were the same person before! I mean, they do look freakishly similar, right?

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